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(Texting prompts if you're still doing them ❤️) Patton's afraid of thunderstorms and won't leave his room when there is one, Roman manages to calm him some through texts

omg yes i love this! (i wrote it as platonic but can be read as romantic if ya want)


Patton 💜 12:06am
Roman are you awake?

Roman 🌟 12:06am
i am now. why are you texting me at 12am?

Patton 💜 12:07am
sorry!!! im just,,, scared. of the storm.

Roman 🌟 12:08am
oh. i didn’t even realize it was storming. has Logic ever figured out why we’re able to get storms???

Patton 💜 12:09am
i don’t know but make it go away!!

Roman 🌟 12:09am
oh dear heart im sorry, but i can’t. you just have to wait till it passes.

Patton 💜 12:10am
but it’s scary!

Roman 🌟 12:11am
why don’t you come down to the common room with me? ill keep you safe.

Patton 💜 12:12am
im too scared to leave my room,,,,

Patton 💜 12:13am
ahhhh did you heard that thunder?! what if it isn’t a storm?! what if it’s a monster!! a dragon witch!!

Roman 🌟 12:14am
Patton, dear. I assure you there is no monster lurking around here. Especially not any dragon witch. Well, there might be some monsters in Virgil’s realm.

Patton 💜 12:15am
oh no my poor kiddo! Roman you have to defeat the monsters!

Roman 🌟 12:16am
oh goodness. Patton i was only joking. im not 100% certain they are monsters in his realm.

Roman 🌟 12:17am
but anyway are you alright?

Patton 💜 12:18am

Roman 🌟 12:19am
ok dumb question. why don’t you do the breathing exercise Virgil showed us? it could calm you down.

Patton 💜 12:20am
can you do it with me?

Roman 🌟 12:20am
of course. be ready.

Roman 🌟12:21am
breathe in for 4 seconds, Patt.

Roman 🌟 12:21am
hold that for 7 seconds

Roman 🌟 12:21am
now out for 8 seconds

Roman 🌟 12:22am
you got it, Patt?

Patton 💜 12:22am
yeah i feel a lil better. still scared. but calmer.

Roman 🌟 12:23am
good. do you think you’ll be able to go back to sleep?

Patton 💜12:23am

Roman 🌟12:24am
how about i come get you so we can go to the commons together? that way you don’t have to be scared of leaving? we can watch all your favorite movies and drink hot chocolate until you pass out.

Patton 💜 12:25am
okay… thanks Roman. you’re my hero 💜

Roman 🌟 12:25am
don’t mention it, sweetheart. ill be there in a minute 💛

Patton 💜 12:26am
ok 😄💜


ahhh this isn’t as fluffy as i wanted it to be but hey man i tried xx

✨no more prompts pls✨

Quand j’ai ramené un peu trop de souvenirs de Suède.

j'ai passé 4 minutes a m'approcher tout doucement d'un gros chat blanc caché dans un buisson en l'appelant et en avançant presque a 4 pattes pour pas l'effrayer et en fait c'était juste un gros bout de polystyrène