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Based on a true story!

This happens when I was in 2nd grade elementary, and science subject happens to be my favorite - especially when its regarding animals! For a kid whose brains are thinking about fish 24/7, this is just inevitable.

Thankfully kids don’t make a big deal out of it. Thinking back it actually makes for an unforgettable memory ^_^

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Idk, sort of continue (?) of this one: http://gcqaiumi.tumblr.com/post/142017478495

Basic background was that Sanei moved her sweet little Vanilla Daddy on his own Ask Blog and idk but I felt like they all lived together in one house (lol).

I am sorry if I make Fell Sans a bit too jealous, I guess I will stop now with my little comics before I make these guys even more out of character. haha

Frisk, Sansy and Vanilla Daddy by Sanei/underfart-snas