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Help! My Ball Python won’t Eat!

Time and again we hear about ball pythons going on feeding strikes, being picky eaters, or missing a meal. They can be a bit of a challenge, and when they do refuse a meal it can be quite concerning. But, what is normal? When does it become a problem? When do we draw the line and say “okay, vet time?”

If you ask most people, they will say “it’s a normal thing for them to stop eating, don’t worry about it” but what most people don’t consider is the age and health of the ball python. For healthy, breeding-sized adults, feeding strikes can and do happen. However, if hatchlings and underweight ball pythons begin to miss consecutive meals, it is a concerning matter, as they should not skip out on eating multiple meals in a row. This guide was created to help you determine why your snake has stopped eating, or perhaps, why it is not eating consistently. This resource was intended for those whose snakes have missed multiple meals in a row or do not eat regularly. While a single skipped meal can cause panic in many new owners, it will not affect the snake negatively and is not of great concern. When many meals are missed, it becomes a problem.

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I would like you to love me
the way I love hearing the rain trickle down my window pane at 4 in the morning

The only time I am not upset to be woken before my alarm
When I have to claw my way out of bed and paint myself ready for the world

I want you to love me bare faced
Every wrinkle and imperfection in my body
I want you to love me fondly,
Perfectly chaotic.

Do not try to fix me.
I may seem broken at first, but darling, I am merely sewn from a different fabric
I am not the girl your mother warned you about
I will not crack you open like a coroner
Reach gloved fingers inside your chest cavity and remove your pieces one by one
I am the girl who will litter your front porch with flowers
I will make you pancakes shaped like animals, and
Leave love notes on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick


“Barefaced” | E. Day, 2017





Ma olen saanud retsilt DM’e instas, kuidas ma kodus ise pitsat teen. see on ülilihtne ja üks hetk meil oli lausa traditsioon 2 nädalat järjest tegime pühapäeviti eriku ja markoga pitsat.



- täiesti netist maha tõmmatud ülilihtne mix, paned kokku 4 grammi kuivpärmi, 160 ml vett, 250 grammi nisujahu. 

- Lisa pärm leigele veele, sega kahvliga läbi ning jäta mõneks minutiks seisma. Lisa seisnud pärmi-veesegu kaussi (kus on juba jahu) ning sega kuni kõik on segunenud. Sõtku tainast ning lase seejärel vähese jahuga ülepuistatult rätiku alla soojas 15 minutit kerkida. nats soola võib ka panna ju.


- osta poest enda öko fit taseme järgi tomatipasta. müüakse eriti odavaid, aga on ka nats kallimaid, kus on vähe soola ja muud kraami. (eelista neid)


-vali oma lemmikud toppingud. siin on võimalik hiilata oma tervislikkusega, sest pitsa peale saab juurikaid panna.

- minule meeldib brokkoli, seened, sibul, kirsstomatid, paprika


-lisa vegan juustu, kuhu paki peale peab olema 100% kirjutatud PIZZA. see tähendab, et juust sulab ahjus ja ma garanteerin, et see maitseb nagu tavaline juust. mina olen kasutanud mozarella maitselist vegan juustu (üleval pildil ka) ja see on legit the shit. (nagu 10/10 hea shit)

- oleneb kui palju booty gainse tahad- kui rohkem, siis lisa rohkem juustu, kui vähem, siis vähem juustu.


-pane pitsa peale rukkolat või


anonymous asked:

Oggi è stata un’abbuffata continua!! Ho mangiato al mc 6 nuggets e le patatine fritte aiuto!! Poi una mia amica mi ha offerto una cioccolata calda e a cena ho mangiato 4 fettine di pane integrale con fesa di tacchino, voglio morire aiuto!!!! Come faccio ora? Ingrasso? Sono più di 1000 calorie in totale, non ce la faccio più.

Tesoro se sgarri solo una volta non ti farà ingrassare, tranquilla

xf wip: a thousand panes of glass (4/?)

Title: A Thousand Panes of Glass
Author: dashakay
Summary: Another impossible miracle.
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,000 for this chapter.
Thanks: To my wonderful squad, who wouldn’t let me forget this fic and encouraged me when I was feeling down. And to leiascully and scienceandmysticism for amazing insta-beta.
Feedback: Very much appreciated and loved. Feel free to message me.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The drive home from the hospital at dusk is quiet, Mulder piloting the car northwest on 64. Scully rests her head on the passenger window and closes her eyes. She listens to the spatter of light September rain and the swish-swish of the windshield wipers. Mulder switches on the radio and she hears the hosts of All Things Considered chat about the news of the day in soft, smug tones.

This reminds her of car trips with her family, squished between Bill and Melissa in the back seat of the Buick, driving halfway across the country to visit her grandparents in Iowa. She remembers driving at night, everyone half-asleep but her father, who sat in the driver’s seat at rigid Navy attention, steering their boat through dark waters.

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