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Help! My Ball Python won’t Eat!

Time and again we hear about ball pythons going on feeding strikes, being picky eaters, or missing a meal. They can be a bit of a challenge, and when they do refuse a meal it can be quite concerning. But, what is normal? When does it become a problem? When do we draw the line and say “okay, vet time?”

If you ask most people, they will say “it’s a normal thing for them to stop eating, don’t worry about it” but what most people don’t consider is the age and health of the ball python. For healthy, breeding-sized adults, feeding strikes can and do happen. However, if hatchlings and underweight ball pythons begin to miss consecutive meals, it is a concerning matter, as they should not skip out on eating multiple meals in a row. This guide was created to help you determine why your snake has stopped eating, or perhaps, why it is not eating consistently. This resource was intended for those whose snakes have missed multiple meals in a row or do not eat regularly. While a single skipped meal can cause panic in many new owners, it will not affect the snake negatively and is not of great concern. When many meals are missed, it becomes a problem.

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xf wip: a thousand panes of glass (4/?)

Title: A Thousand Panes of Glass
Author: dashakay
Summary: Another impossible miracle.
Pairing: Mulder/Scully
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,000 for this chapter.
Thanks: To my wonderful squad, who wouldn’t let me forget this fic and encouraged me when I was feeling down. And to leiascully and scienceandmysticism for amazing insta-beta.
Feedback: Very much appreciated and loved. Feel free to message me.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

The drive home from the hospital at dusk is quiet, Mulder piloting the car northwest on 64. Scully rests her head on the passenger window and closes her eyes. She listens to the spatter of light September rain and the swish-swish of the windshield wipers. Mulder switches on the radio and she hears the hosts of All Things Considered chat about the news of the day in soft, smug tones.

This reminds her of car trips with her family, squished between Bill and Melissa in the back seat of the Buick, driving halfway across the country to visit her grandparents in Iowa. She remembers driving at night, everyone half-asleep but her father, who sat in the driver’s seat at rigid Navy attention, steering their boat through dark waters.

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