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Hey I'm in a bad financial/housing status right now and you could help me by getting a free dog walk

I walk dogs for work and if someone puts in my referral code for a free 20$ walk and actually do the walk, I get 25$ from that, and 25$ would really help me out right now. The app is called WAG, if they have it in your city you’ve probably already seen ads for it. You can download it and put in my promo code ( ANNA3809 ) for a free 20$ walk and somebody will come to your house and walk your dog/dogs for you. You can either be home and let them in at the door or if u have a lockbox or spare key use that to give the walker access if you get a walk for when you’re not home.

I only get the 25$ if the walk is completed, unfortunately I don’t get the money just from it being entered. Also you should be prepared to pay like $2-4 dollars for the tip even though the walks free.

I recently got cut off from my home and my family and I was not prepared financially for finding new housing and living independently. Every 25$ is super super important to me and I appreciate it so much

TLDR; I’m a poor lesbian trying to find housing, you can download the dog walking app WAG and get a free walk that I get a 25$ credit for if you use my promo code ANNA3809

Reblogs would be very appreciated thank you dears 💕💖💕💖🐶🌈

Dont forget about the PQ2 too.


❝No matter how many times I’m broken, extinguished or fallen, I’ll lead the way


so yeah this is the point my life has reached

anyway this is a gay fanmix feat. songs by lgbt artists that exclusively sound like they were recorded in an abandoned warehouse. fireball or “what i learned from tv” by spoonboy does say the f slur so heads up on that.

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