4 of june


Romance Guru: “Come here, child. Don’t be shy.. Give me your hand.”

Nina walked up to the Romance Guru, giving Hazel the stinky eye. Hazel only smiled broadly at Nina and beckoned her forward. Nina put her hand in palms of the Romance Guru and silently hoped she wouldn’t say anything weird..

Romance Guru: “Oh.. hmmm.. Interesting..”
June: “What is it?!”
Romance Guru: “I see.. I see a lot of men in your future.”
June and Hazel: *start snickering*
Romance Guru: “They will line up for you, waiting for their chance. But you will turn them down, one by one.. as none of them are up to your standards. You’re a picky one, aren’t you?”
June and Hazel: *laughing*
Romance Guru: “Don’t worry, child. You will find the person you’re looking for. You might have to wait a while to find them but all will be okay in the end. Be patient.. and you will find happiness.”

Calling All Romerica Shippers!!!

Last year we held the first ever Romerica week, do to popular request and me being out of school I will be holding another one from June 4-10 so get ready!!!!

Our themes this year were voted by you guys!!! So here they are…

June 4: Headcanons

June 5: Movie night

June 6: AU day

June 7: Meet the family

June 8: Aesthetic 

June 9: Angst

June 10: Childhood friends

To have your entries be featured on the blog please @ us so we can for sure see your entries. Also use the tag #romerica-week on your entries.

Reblogs appreciated so we can spread the word!!!

Have any questions??? Feel free to send us an ask and we’ll be happy to answer. I will also answer some FAQs under the cut, so please read them before you ask any questions, there’s a good chance it’s answered. 

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it’s not gay if you’re partners

This amazing picture was made my best bro @caimryo . I was blessed with the duty to spread it around. (I can’t remember clearly whose idea this was but what I do remember is that it was like 3am and we were 100 floors deep in Tartarus.)

“’Between ‘Star Wars’ and the sequel, I wanted to cover as many bases as possible, to establish my identity as an actor rather than as Han Solo.’ Yet it’s hard to escape the space swashbuckler’s image; the Solo figure is on thousands of lunch boxes and other merchandise. ‘Yeah, I’m on bedsheets now, too; It’s everywhere. I just walk past it. I really don’t relate to it. I’m a little spaced out,’ Ford added, ‘but wait until you talk to Carrie and Mark. They’re a couple of parlor comedians.’ He was right. ‘Parlor comedian?’ Fisher exclaimed. ‘Is that what he said? And Mark agreed? I’ll never work with them again.’“ - Chicago Tribune, June 4, 1978.


Like so many, we were saddened by the announcement of Jennifer Morrison’s departure following the s6 finale, and all of us at fyesthesavior wanted to do something really special to honor one of the most amazing female characters in television history that Jennifer brought to life. Emma meant a great deal to many and we wanted to do an appreciation meme that would highlight the six wonderful years we got to spend with Emma Swan.

The meme will span two weeks and each day will have a theme, with a final day following the two weeks as a free choice day. Feel free to participate in as many days as you would like–there is no obligation to do them all. We have tried to include categories that encompass all aspects of Emma’s character and we hope this will be a fun way for us to remember all of our favorite Emma moments and for us to come together in our appreciation for this amazing character.  The Emma Swan Appreciation Meme will begin on Sunday, May 28th:

-Day 1 (May 28): favorite s1 episode
-Day 2 (May 29): favorite persona
-Day 3 (May 30): favorite happy moment(s)
-Day 4 (May 31): favorite s2 episode
-Day 5 (June 1): favorite quote(s)
-Day 6 (June 2): favorite s3 episode
-Day 7 (June 3): favorite outfit(s)
-Day 8 (June 4): favorite s4 episode
-Day 9 (June 5): favorite familial relationship
-Day 10 (June 6): favorite s5 episode
-Day 11 (June 7): favorite badass moment(s)
-Day 12 (June 8): favorite s6 episode
-Day 13 (June 9): favorite character growth moment
-Day 14 (June 10): favorite dynamic/relationship(s)
-Day 15 (June 11): free choice

We will be using the tag #ESAM, so be sure to tag your gifs, graphics, edits, etc. with that tag in the first five tags to be sure we all get to see them! We will also be reblogging sets here on fyesthesavior.

We wish Jennifer the best of luck in what is sure to be an amazing future and we are so thankful to her and to all those at Once Upon a Time that brought Emma into our lives these past six years. We can’t wait to see all of your Emma creations!


Even though we might draw further or nearer from each other depending on circumstance… you and i are bound, somehow.

Kuro (Dark!Shiro) Week!

We are so very happy to bring to you Kuro Week 2017! A week dedicated to our lovely dark Shiro~ This event will take place June 18th-25th with a bonus day ;B 

For those of you who don’t know how Voltron weeks work: There is a prompt/theme for each day an you guys create content related to these themes and post them in the tag #kuroweek2k17 where we will reblog them onto this blog for all to see and enjoy! 


  • Day 1 (June 18th) - Madness
  • Day 2 (June 19th) - Identity/Memory
  • Day 3 (June 20th) - Reflection/Mirror
  • Day 4 (June 21th) - Betrayal/Deception
  • Day 5 (June 22th) - NIghtmares
  • Day 6 (June 23th) - Mind control
  • Day 7 (June 24th) - Scars/Injury

Bonus Day! (June 25th) - Free Day!


  1. You can make your content as dark or as lighthearted as you wish, feel free to interpret the themes as you want!
  2. However you must tag any NSFW and triggering material (blood, abuse, non/dub con, etc.)  List of triggers here.
  3. We will also be tagging the triggers as we reblog them. So feel free to talk to us about any triggers you would like to be tagged! List of triggers here.
  4. We accept any content: art, fics, drabbles, edits, playlists, headcanons, videos, cosplay, and anything else you can whip up that is related to the themes!
  5. AUs and ships are accepted! (Just make sure that they center around Kuro)
  6. Tag all works as #kuroweek2k17 or tag us!
  7. Submissions are allowed, but we strongly encourage you to post it yourself and tag it! So if anything were to happen to this blog all your work wouldn’t be lost. (Submissions will open June 3rd)
  8. No reposts will be accepted.
  9. And lastly no hate of any sort will be tolerated, all hate will be deleted and ignored. Just be nice jeez.

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to shoot us an ask or dm us! Its never a bother and we’d love to hear from you :D