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And i ve been counting , they spend 1 month and 3 weeks together. This year. OMG I spend more time with my sister. Any comment ?

I’m not good at keeping track of this kind of stuff and I’m terrible with numbers, so I asked one of my trusted followers to do a 2017 timeline for Sam and Mackenzie. Below are the dates and places we know Sam and Mackenzie saw each other in 2017 (based on IG pics, Tweets, video, sightings, etc.–actual PROOF, not the ES fabricated kind). This is only for 2017, Sam and Mackenzie spent a lot of time together in 2016 as well.

*****Sam and Mackenzie 2017*****

Starting January 1– Two weeks in Europe

February 16-19–Georgia for Mackenzie’s brother’s wedding

February 20-26–Los Angeles for Oscar week

March 3-5–Seattle Emerald City Con

April 15-May 7–South Africa for Sam’s birthday

June 19-25–Sam in NYC for Barbour, Mackenzie in Pennsylvania shooting TV show, they met up in NYC

July 21-25–San Diego Comic Con

July 27-Aug 11–Budapest

September 4 to present–NYC for Outlander Season 3 premiere events and now France on vacation

Sam and Mackenzie have spent some time together literally EVERY month of 2017. Now if that isn’t romantic and true love, I don’t know what is. THIS is the kind of relationship ES should be celebrating instead of the imaginary SamCait one.

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Meryl and Maks Schedule(confirmed May date for Meryl)

March 30: DWTS

Meryl: March 31: Meet with Ice Club in Anaheim(?)

Meryl: April 1: Anaheim Duck Hockey Game

Meryl: SOI Tour April 4: Anaheim, CA: 7:30 April 5: San Jose, CA: 4:00

April 6: DWTS

Meryl: SOI Tour April 10: Seattle, WA; 7:30

Meryl and Maks: April 13 10th Annual Harlem Skating with the Stars NYC

Meryl: April 19 85th Annual James E. Sullivan Award NYC: Do not know if they have won or are attending

Charlie and Tanith April 25: Wedding

Meryl: May 14: Wish Ball Grand Rapids

Meryl and Maks: June 5-6 Sway: Hammerstein Ballroom; NYC

Meryl: July 4: Sun Valley Idaho, Ice Show

Maks: Byrd and Bees Filming was to start in April in Scotland (per interview by Tracy Spiridakos). Not sure when Maks would be there.