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Harry Potter Art Challenge- Day Eight : Favorite Quote

This is a quote from Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire. I thought it fit every character in the book so..

I’m sorry I’m rushing this so much but I have no time

Commission Me


Last version before I paint! Who to pick for the last spot though hmmm🤔

Maybe The doctor, linn or Elias?

Top to bottom: 1. My minibook project. A handmade sketchbook where I practice my watercolour painting and play around with text 2. My year long bullet journal / diary 3. My crappy moleskine classic that I got from a friend - mainly used for collage work 4. My most recently finished art journal - April to July 😀


Miranda July’s Joanie 4 Jackie

In the years after the Riot Grrrl movement but before YouTube, feminist artist, writer, filmmaker, and one-time Rihanna interviewer Miranda July began working on a video project named Joanie 4 Jackie. Based in feminist resistance against the male-dominated world of film, July conceptualized a “chain letter” tape made by girls experimenting with film, and sharing their diverse voices, vulnerabilities, and experiences.  

With a DIY attitude, she handed out promotional pamphlets at community centers, colleges, and grocery stores aiming to inspire girls to make films for the first time. She even gave boxes of pamphlets to bands like Bikini Kill so her message could be spread throughout the country. These pamphlets read: 

A Challenge and A Promise: Lady, u send me yr movie + $5.00 & I’ll send you the latest Big Miss Moviola compilation (that’s 10 lady-made movies including yrs.)

The Getty Research Institute has just acquired the Joanie 4 Jackie archive. It joins other archives of feminist and queer artists such as the Guerrilla Girls and Robert Mapplethorpe. July has also launched Joanie4Jackie.com—an online record of the project including original recordings, press, and supplemental ephemera surrounding the work.

1. Miranda July in 1996, in her Portland apartment, by Heide Foley. 2. Excerpt from BMM booklet: Lady Glitterati, compiled by Miranda July. 3. Dumba calendar featuring Big Miss Moviola screening, Sept-Oct 1997. 4. Ophelia’s Opera by Abiola Abrams included in The Chain of Love Letter compiled by Miranda July (2003) 5. Untitled video by Sujin Lee included in The Chain of Love Letter compiled by Miranda July (2003)  

I’m Mahdi right now

I can’t stop smiling…

Calling all ShieldShock Fanfic Authors-


ShieldShock Fanfiction PROMPT:  

It’s canon fact that Steve Rogers’ birthday is July 4.  Chris Evans and Kat Dennings both celebrate their birthdays on the same day, June 13.

So, let’s give Darcy Lewis the most patriotic of birthday dates and have some shared July 4/Patriotic ShieldShock Birthday stories, art, etc.!   Bring it on!

Fallout 4 Charms !!

Heyyy, I finished these up today and drew a mock up of what they’ll potentially look like!

- 1.5 inch White Acrylic Charms (Single Sided)
- Come with a cute gold star charm, clear plastic dust plug (3.5mm) to attach charm to your phone, as well as a white phone strap attached with a gold lobster clasp for easy removal! 
- They will come individually packaged on backing card in a clear plastic sleeve for safer transport. (And so you don’t lose them)

Each charm will cost 8USD + Shipping (Approx $3?? to US and $2 to Canada)
- I will also ship overseas, don’t worry!
- Note; Shipping charges are subject to changes

- I will be taking pre-orders since I had a good response to the sketches!
- All orders will be taken via Paypal.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering, please send an email to Crystal_chantel@hotmail.com with which one(s) you want, your name, the country it will be shipped to, your tumblr URL and your paypal email address!
I will not be billing anyone until I have the actual charms in my hands. A which point I will email you a picture of the actual thing and you can confirm your purchase. (Subject to change depending on the amount of pre-orders I get, if I get many pre-orders, I will be billing people ahead of time to help cover production costs, you will be notified)

Order confirmation will happen Mid June.
Orders will be sent out first week of July.