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what’s up - 4 non blondes
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hi! re: your post kala x wolfgang soundtrack, do you know the songs from season 1? Thank you.

Hello! Here is a link to Sense8 season 1 tunefind (link) They have all the songs used in each episode listed! Also, last week they released the official soundtrack for season one, including some of the instrumental score (listen on spotify here). If you are looking for Kalagang specific songs in season 1, here they are:

  • 1x04: What’s Up - 4 Non Blondes (the song they sing to each other at karaoke)
  • 1x05: Crocodile Tamed - Xoe Wise (when wolfgang thinks he hears kala’s voice in the berlin club bathroom)

Hope this helps :)

Sense8 2x05 “Fear Never Fixed Anything” Part 2

-They’re in a fucking Guy Fawkes mask. What the fuck?
-How do they know about Nomi and her cluster?
-They’re saying everything with a “v” like V does in V for Vendetta.
-I don’t trust Lila.
-Oh shit, this detective again. 
-I’m not sure if Sun can trust this detective. 
-Holy shit, they did it. Nomi doesn’t have to hide anymore. 
-Lito really likes this bar, doesn’t he?
-Oh wow, the bartender got married. Awesome. 
-Come on, Lito. Go the parade. 
-Wait, so are they going to go look for other clusters?
-They’re playing that 4 Non Blondes song again!! 
-Riley’s DJing again. :D
-Whoa, that’s an intense tattoo on the back of your head. 
-Who is that guy? Wait, is he a Sensate?
-Shit, get Riley out of there. 
-Ha ha, fuck you Whispers. 


Courtney Love Spectacularly Cover Radiohead’s “Creep” (as Frances Bean looks on)

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  • a - age – 17
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  • c - current time – 9:44am
  • d - drink you had last – water
  • e - easiest person to talk to – my dad
  • f - favourite song – right now, what’s up by 4 non blondes
  • g - grossest memory – diving into a murky river full of sinking mud and possibly full of snakes and eels to escape a charging bull with my cousins
  • h - horror yes or no – no
  • i - in love? – no
  • j - jealous of people? – always
  • k - killed someone? – i wish
  • l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? – should i walk past again
  • m - middle name – isabella
  • n - number of siblings – 0
  • o - one wish – that my life will actually amount to something
  • p - person i called last – my mum
  • q - question you’re always asked – “how did you get your hair like that?”
  • r - reason to smile – i’ll get cake tomorrow for mothers day
  • s - song you last sanggold by chet faker
  • t - time you woke up – 9:30am
  • u - underwear color – white with navy dots
  • v - vacation – norway
  • w - worst habit – biting my lip, twising my hair and hating everything
  • x - xrays – my wrist once
  • y - your favorite food – pasta
  • z - zodiac sign – aquarius

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i’ve been binge watching sense8 and there’s this scene in episode 4 where all the sensates are singing what’s up by 4 non blondes so it got me thinking what if the pack also has such a strong bond that sometimes they just become one, you know?  

like what if after the events of the finale when they all think they’re on their own liam just pops in his headphones after getting home to avoid wolfing out in front of his parents and what’s up comes on shuffle and he just sits in a corner of his room listening to it and suddenly scott starts humming the melody as mama McCall cleans his wounds and mason finds himself singing it in the shower and stiles quietly mumbles “and I try, oh my god do I try; I try all the time” while sitting in the ambulance with his dad being taken to the hospital and malia just sits in her car outside the woods gently tapping her hands on the steering wheel thinking how in the world does she know that song and lydia lies unable to move next to the nemeton but she still absently whispers “what’s in my head” and then there’s kira trying to meditate to keep the fox entity under control and she just can’t help but slowly sway her head to the music playing in her mind

and maybe somewhere in france there’s a boy sitting on a balcony in the early hours of the morning just tapping his foot and singing “I said hey, what’s going on?” but isaac is confused as to why is that song stuck in his head right after waking up and then there’s jackson out doing his morning run through hyde park and the usual london traffic just fades as that stupid 4 non blondes song plays on a loop in his head since 6 in the morning and tbh i like to think ethan is somewhere in europe with danny who had enough credits and graduated last year and they’re having breakfast and singing what’s up because ethan hummed it all morning and danny just couldn’t help himself but join the little spontaneous musical moment  

I just have this massive headcanon of Enjolras falling in love with Grantaire during a Karaoke night.

R is singing “What’s up” from the 4 non Blondes and he sees Enjolras whispering the song under his breath and when he begins to sing the lines “and I try, oh my god do I try I try all the time, in this institution” he approaches to Enjolras and then he sings the next part right in front of his face

And I pray, oh my god do I pray
I pray every single day

and then he puts the microphone right in front of Enjolras’ mouth and the blond actually screams “For a revolution!” and Grantaire is grinning like a fool and there’s a lot of eye contact and little smiles while R keeps singing and Enjolras cheeks might be a little rosy but no one says a thing.

There’s a reason why Castiel avoids airports and flying in general, and this is it.

Sure, he enjoys the view out of an airplane window, especially at night when one can see the glittering lights of the city they happen to be above, but it’s not worth having to wait nine hours in a crowded airport just because of some stupid thunderstorm.

Castiel already checked in his bags; in fact, he’s sitting on the floor, against the wall in the departure lounge praying he doesn’t finish his novel before it’s time to board the plane and using an old Duke University sweatshirt he had stored in his carry-on to battle the usual chill.

He called his brother Gabriel an hour ago to say he’ll be late for Thanksgiving. Apparently most of the Novaks have already gathered in the old country house that are used for holidays and family reunions, and Castiel’s really not missing anything other than the usual bickering between Michael and Luci, and Anna’s insistence to get on their father’s last nerve.

That alone makes Castiel want to turn around and take a cab back to his warm, cozy, and quiet apartment. Yet, he sticks it out and tries his best to read through Dark Places despite the sounds of babies crying and people trying to call their loved ones and inform them about the delayed flights.

He probably gets five pages in before the breathing starts.

It’s not anything at first, not really, just a few quickened breaths that Castiel hears right in his left ear. He hadn’t really given it much thought, just kept through his novel, but when the breathing becomes much heavier and much faster he glances to the side to see if anyone near him is dying or something.

It’s a man—not much older than Castiel, but that’s all he can really tell from his position. He’s basically huddled in an upright fetal-position, head in between his knees as if he’s about to puke.

“Uh…” Castiel begins to no one in particular. He’s not completely sure if he should say anything, but for all he knows the guy could be having a seizure or something. “Are you alright?”

When no response comes, Castiel tries for a gentle hand on his shoulder and quickly pulls away as the guy jumps violently at the touch. He looks up for a moment, turning wide and fearful green eyes at Castiel. He’s not sure what’s wrong, but he has the sudden and unbidden urge to wrap this stranger in his arms.

The man furrows his brow and Castiel realizes that he’s probably wondering why this random stranger is bothering him. He almost apologizes so he can go back to his book before a crack of lighting flashes bright in front of the wide window by the hangars and a roll of thunder follows. The man somehow flinches away from everything and curls back into himself.

Ah, astraphobia.

Castiel himself doesn’t mind storms. In fact, he finds a muse in them; he likes to sit on his window seat while rain drops glitter the glass pane and lightning flashes in the background. He takes those times to read, write, draw…he’s not especially good at the latter, but who cares when it’s a weather apocalypse outside?

It’s tentative, but Castiel reaches out to smooth his palm along the stranger’s back, rubbing small circles into the brown leather of his jacket. He doesn’t react like he did last time. His breathing slows down a bit and his movements are less jerky. Castiel doesn’t know how long he’s been doing it. Probably well past the line that strangers are not supposed to cross, but he feels good because the bouts of thunder and lightning aren’t seeming to affect the guy as bad as they had been.

Sooner than later, he lifts his head from his knees and his face is beet red. He only spares Castiel a cautious glance before muttering, “God, I’m such a wuss.”

Castiel drops his hand to his side before his motions get weird. “Tons of people are frightened of storms,” he assures him. “It’s very common, nothing to be embarrassed about.”

The stranger looks at him again, for longer this time, and seems to be studying Castiel. “You obviously aren’t.”

He shrugs. “I’m scared of other things. Spiders. Ghosts.”

The guy snorts. “Ghosts,” he repeats, and it’s not a question.

Castiel laughs and rubs a bleary hand over his eyes. He’s growing tired. “When I was three, my mother dressed up as a ghost to hand out candy for Halloween. It wasn’t exquisite, just a white sheet with holes, but looking back on it, it terrifies me.”

Because what’s the point of having a memory of his mother where he can’t even see what she looks like? But he doesn’t say that.

The small smile that had been forming on the stranger’s lips disappear and leave him with a sad expression that makes Castiel’s chest hurt. “When I was four, my mom died in a house fire caused by a lightning strike to a tree outside of my brother’s nursery.”

It’s an overshare by all societal standards, but Castiel doesn’t think about that. Instead, he focuses on trying to set his face into an expression that doesn’t reveal any sort of pity because, really, who likes being pitied? He’s afraid he’s failed horribly though, as the stranger takes another look at him and rolls his eyes.

“I—” Castiel begins, but is cut off by another thunder and lightning duo. The stranger’s breath hitches in his throat and he frustratedly buries his face in his hands. Castiel sighs and his hand returns to his back, rubbing wider and deeper circles there.

Castiel hums the tune of a song—What’s Up? by 4 Non Blondes—and he can see the tension relieve itself in the set of the stranger’s shoulders.

He comes back up moments later. “I’m Dean.”


And if Castiel accidentally falls asleep an hour later, using the layers upon layers of clothes lining Dean’s shoulder as a satisfactory pillow, and Dean finds the contact comforting? Then that’s alright.


Sense8 - S01E04 Song : 4 Non Blondes - What’s Up