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…I’m Hunk

Happy holidays @whyarewehereman !! I’m ur secret santa for the @vldplatonicsecretsanta :D! Not holiday themed but I was psyched for a Lance and Hunk friendship pic so pls enjoy a little comic type thing abt their first meeting and all that destined to be bros 4 life garbage I adore

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Steph Jeans

Happy 2018 everybody! To celebrate my third year in this community as this month is my blog’s 3rd birthday I thought I would release some jeans I’ve been working on. Enjoy!!

  • Female teen to elder
  • Comes in 20 swatches of @catplnt​‘s retrospective palette. Plus one grey swatch.
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Big thanks to @aharris00britney for giving me a psd to some fabric rips. You’re a life saver! <3
  • Credits to @catplnt for his amazing jeans psd! <3

Download [simfileshare]

click preview for hq