4 more days to go!

Adventure in Academia: Burnout Edition

You might be burned out if

You see several spiders and are too exhausted for arachnophobia to kick in.

… I should take an actual vacation some day, in which I do nothing but sleep and relax and watch Netflix (or sit on a beach or something) for a week.

Because I don’t think I’ve had an actual vacation that wasn’t combined with a work trip or that lasted more than 4 days (with 2 of them entirely devoted to travel) in going on six years. This is getting ridiculous.

Ok, whine over. Time to go attack my ever-growing to do list.

Embarrassed, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Lin is a fan of the Reader, who sees Hamilton with the insistence of her friend.

Words: 1122

Author’s Note: I was supposed to post a Daveed fic today but I was too tired to write it so I’ll let you guys have this fic I wrote a little while ago and have been saving! Day 4 done, 3 more to go!

Warnings: Cursing? I usually curse in a fic, so probably cursing.

Askbox | Masterlist

It had started innocently enough - a friend had recommended the album to you, you usually trusted her judgement, so you listened to it in your spare time.

Not that you had much spare time, but it basically consumed it.

You insisted on having it on full blast whenever you could - during photo shoots, while in hair or makeup, whenever you were walking around on set. Someone was bound to say something about it.

After nearly a month of the Hamilton album playing as constant background noise, you decided to fully dive in and see the show.

The alternate was announced to be playing Alexander Hamilton for your night. You allowed yourself a second of disappointment before he took the stage. He was phenomenal, and the voice you had heard for a month was pushed away.

You frantically started following them all on any social media during intermission. You were invited backstage after the performance, where you gushed over anyone and everyone you saw.

You practically hung off of Phillipa Soo - who insisted you call her Pippa - for as long as you could. Javier Munoz, who was your Hamilton, boasted about performing for you.

“Lin will be jealous.” He promised while posing for a picture, “He’s such fan of your work!” You were given a quick tour and ushered to the ‘Hamilton’. Pippa whispered the word ominously, but it simply turned out to be a cardboard cutout of the real Hamilton, which acted as a guestbook for celebrities.

You were quickly handed a pen by your friend, who already had her phone out to take pictures. You thought for a second before quickly scribbling:


Thank you for sharing your gifts and your story.


What the fuck did I just watch?

Everyone around you laughed as you posed next to it. Jonathan, who played the King, called dibs on sending the picture to Lin. His phone dinged within seconds, he read the text quickly before letting out one loud laugh, offering it to you.

Lin, 9:59pm:

I’m on my way. Give me 10 minutes. NOBODY SAY ANYTHING EMBARRASSING.

Oooh, what dirt do you have on him?” You winked, joking. Jonathan immediately dived into stories off the top of his head, all while ushering you to his and Lin’s dressing room.

“You can’t tell anyone.” He whispered, just as the door swung open, Lin stumbling in.

He took a second to compose himself before attempting a casual lean against the door frame.

“What’s up?” His voice came out nervous and squeaky. He immediately cleared his throat, his cheeks burning a dangerously adorable red.

“That’s my queue.” Jonathan sent you one last smile before taking his leave, patting Lin once on the back for encouragement. The sudden force made him stumble forward, nearly making him trip into you.

“Hi.” He said, breathless.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

“Totally.” He squeaked, “Not to sound super creepy or anything, but I watch you every week.” His eyes widened when he realized what he said, “Your show, I mean! I watch your show every week.” He let out a grunt of embarrassment before flopping himself onto the couch in exhaustion, “I’m dumb.” He grumbled.

“If it makes you feel any better; when I met Tom Hanks I told him I dreamed about him.” Lin shot up, happy to share in your embarrassment, “I meant to say that I dreamed to be like him. I’m pretty sure there’s a restraining order out there somewhere. Good thing I didn’t tell him about all the lurking I do in his bushes.” You winked.

Lin giggled, happy you were just as comfortable making a fool of yourself as he was.

You parted with each other’s numbers, and a promise to keep in touch whenever either or you did something unbearably embarrassing.

You texted everyday. It started simple enough.

You’d send a picture of a magazine cover you happened to walk by on your morning coffee run with the message, “That’s you!”

He’d send a picture of himself watching your show with the message, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?”

Eventually, your relationship became rather public. Random sightings of the two of you out to lunch together. You returned to the show to see him perform, he’d visit you on set. You started tweeting each other and people quickly began commenting.

You started getting questions about him in interviews, always theorizing just how friendly you were to each other.

“We’re friends, I’m a big fan of his.” You’d answer.

As time went on, the questions died down, but the thought never did: ‘Why aren’t you dating?’

You spent a week convincing yourself to march right up to his door, do something to show your interest, and march away with your head held high. You eagerly waited for the end of the week, when you knew he would have the day off.

You sat, lingering in the cab outside his house.

“Are you going to go in or…” Your driver trailed off, pointing to the meter, which was slowly increasing your fare.

“Sorry.” You handed him the appropriate amount with a hefty tip before forcing yourself out of the cab. The screeching of his tires down the road confirmed there was no turning back now.

The climb from the sidewalk to his front door felt longer than usual. You took a deep breath before knocking confidently three times. Your confidence quickly died down as you heard him shuffle to the door.

It swung open, revealing him in pajamas, hair a mess, eyes tired.

“Lin I-” Before you could get farther, he rushed forward, pressing his lips desperately to yours. You immediately reciprocated as he tugged you inside, slamming the door closed and backing you into it.

You pulled back with a gash, completely and utterly dumbstruck.

“Right. Well.” You stumbled, searching for any coherent thought to break the silence, “Thank you.” You finally settled on.

“You’re welcome?” He teased, glancing back down at your lips, wanting nothing more than to continue what he had started.

“You’re the worst.” You whined from embarrassment, refusing to meet his eyes. Your eyes glanced around the room before settling on his bedroom door. He followed your line of sight, gulping when he realized what was on your mind.

You smirked when you saw him falter. Knowing you still had an edge over him, you quickly stripped yourself of your jacket, draping it over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, you’re already dressed for bed.” You took a few steps in the direction of his room, “It’s only fair that I am too.” You made work of your dress, sauntering over to his room. He sprung into action, quickly dragging you to bed.

“If you insist.”


comfort object

2017 Resolutions

1. Celebrate the little things
2. Take it one day at a time
3. Read more
4. Go easy on yourself
5. Smile
6. Meditate more
7. Surround yourself with positive people
8. Every time you have a bad thought about yourself, counter it with a positive thought. Balance. It’s only fair.
9. Practice kindness
10. And patience
11. But don’t beat yourself up if you happen to lash out at someone or get flustered
12. Take more deep breaths
13. Instead of saying I’m sorry, say “thank you.” Example: instead of I’m sorry I’m late, thank you for waiting for me. Instead of I’m sorry for acting mopey today, thank you for appreciating me even when I’m feeling down. Puts a positive spin on everything.
14. Practice minimalism. It will help you let go of materialistic impulses
15. Don’t be so afraid of adventures
16. Do what you want to do. don’t be afraid to be yourself
17. Quiet confidence is so important
18. Spend more time with family
19. Write handwritten letters to the people you care about
20. Read all the lord of the rings books
21. Gather memories, not things

Hey everyone, a quick update on Eva! I called and bumped up her next chemotherapy appointment to today. She started “coughing” again, and her lymph nodes feel a bit swollen. Rather than make her wait in possible discomfort for 4 more days until her appointment, they are going to check her out today, and possibly switch her to a new treatment protocol. I don’t know how many more there are, to be honest. So far she’s gone through CHOP, MOPP, single-agent Doxorubicin, and now she might be done with DTIC (dacarbazine) too. They are also doing chest x-rays today to make sure that her lungs are clear. Keep her in your thoughts! This bill is going to be in the $1k range, so please boost her gofundme post if you can!! 🐶👍

we all know it’s 1000% fact that andrew has a sweet tooth

  • so imagine nicky hiding his secret stash of sweets in the highest row of cabinets in their kitchen 
  • ((i’m talking about the ones that you either climb the counter or you get a fucking ladder to reach))
  • of course andrew instantly finds out about it
  • and he just stands there, looking up at the cabinets with a bored look on his face
  • “no, i’m not pouting fuck off josten”
  • and as much fun neil’s having looking at andrew not mourning the loss of his chocolate, it’s also fact that he’s got it bad
  • so he climbs onto the counter and pretends he doesn’t see andrew shift closer to stand by him (because obviously he’s not worried about neil falling, he just wants his chocolate)
  • and he doesn’t move away until neil’s safely back on the ground
  • neil handing over the bag of sweets with a “guess we’re lucky i’m taller than you”
  • “……120%”
Im sleep deprived and stressed and cannot physically make it 4 more days of mid series hiatus. so I’ve decided Im going to just post really old Sherlock/Johnlock memes for the rest of the week. (back from before memes were even memes)

Ill still be posting metas and shit but I just kinda wanna build up the excitement even more by pointing out that us johnlockers have been here since the begining and you all called us crazy but look who was right. not you, thats who.