4 minutes of heaven


My favourite scenes from “Requiem of Heaven and Earth 3.11″ (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

Rage, confusion, fear, hope; they’re packed in every and all of his movements.

And Skate Canada, please change your cameraman, this is not the way you capture a beautiful hydrobalde:

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Tythan 7 minutes? This is my first request! Your sleepover hc was just too damn adorable 💜💚

Aw thanks :3 

Ethan was…nervous when they had decided to play 7 minutes in heaven. He agreed reluctantly because everybody else seemed really into the idea, and Tyler seemed super excited about it. Ah, Tyler. He so cute… Ethan’s thoughts drifted off. They put all their names into some random hat and the first to draw was Mark. Of course, Mark just happened to pick Amy. So Amy and Mark went and did whatever in the closet. Ethan’s hands began sweating, it was his turn next. 

Mark and Amy came out of the closet when the timer went off, giggling and holding hands like high schoolers or something. Mark’s hair also seemed a little disheveled. Ethan’s heart was beating as fast as humanly possible when hee reached into the hat and pulled a name. He looked at it, and read it over and over but for some reason, his brain just wasn’t working right.

“Well? Who’d you get?” Mark asked, with a big dopey grin on his face. His question woke Ethan from his trance.

“Kathryn” Ethan responded, looking up to meet their waiting eyes. Marks face fell a little, and Tyler looked…upset. He couldn’t imagine why. 

The two went into the closet and just talked. Ethan confided to Kathryn that he had the hugest crush on Tyler. She told him that he should go for it, you never know ‘til you try. A couple minutes later the timer went off and they walked out of the closet. Ethan whispered a quick “Thank you.” before they sat back down.

Now it was Tyler’s turn. He would either pull himself, Mark, or Ethan. The thought that it could be him had Ethan nervous all over again. Tyler dramatically reached into the hat and pulled out a tiny slip of paper. He read it over, and a small smile formed on his lips like there was an inside joke only he knew about. 

Tyler looked up and said, “I got Ethan.” then glanced over to the blue haired boy and winked. He just fucking winked at me. I can’t believe this shit, Ethan thought. He stood up, offering a hand to Ethan to help him up. He politely refused, not wanting Tyler to know how badly his palms were sweating. He followed the older man into the closet, then Tyler pulled the door shut, enveloping them in a thin sort of darkness. 

Ethan could barely make out Tyler’s face, straining to see it. Tyler just stared down at him. In a glossy sort of tone, Tyler bent down in whispered, “I am so happy I picked your name.” He didn’t move back when he was done either. He just hovered by Ethan’s ear, driving him absolutely insane.

“O-oh really? Why’s that?” Ethan stuttered out, his voice cracking at the end.

“Well for starters, I can’t do this to Mark.” He said, then leaned forward and began kissing right below his ear on his neck. Ethna involuntarily let out a little whimper. He could feel Tyler smile against his neck. “And I’ve wanted to do that for so damn long,” he continued as he pulled away.

Ethan was speechless. He wasn’t sure how long they had been in there, but it had already felt like an eternity, but honestly, an eternity wouldn’t have been long enough. He could’ve stayed there forever. Ethan stood up on his tip-toes, resting his hands on Tyler’s shoulders for balance, and gently put his lips against the others. Tyler’s mouth eagerly responded, happy to know that his feelings were reciprocated. 

The blue boy’s hand wandered up into Ty’s locks of curly hair and grabbed a fistful, pulling him closer, as close as he could. They kissed until they had to come up for air. Ethan rested his head on Tyler’s chest. He sighed, saying, “I like you a lot.” as he did. 

Tyler rested his head on top of the mess of blue, responding, “Do you? I couldn’t tell.” causing them both to laugh and soon after the timer went off and they came out of the closet. Together.


HAHHAHHHAHA you like what I did there at the end? yeah? me tooo.


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Who do you belong to? *


Bucky Barnes Drabble *

Caffeinated Love*

Silver or Blue 1 2 3 4  (ON HOLD)

Times Like This*

I Think I’m In Love With You*


Truth Or Dare *

Slumber Party *


Seven Minutes In Heaven* 1 2 3 4 5 

Kiss Prompts (Any Fandom)

@jenniferjuni-per reblogged some really good ones, so I thought I’d have some fun and come up with my own. They’re not the best – I just took a few minutes to think some up – but hopefully they’ll get around and someone will have fun with them. ☺️

1. A kiss that shouldn’t have happened, but neither regrets it.
2. A kiss even though “we’re just friends” (a “platonic” kiss that is anything but).
3. A kiss during Spin the Bottle that means more than it should.
4. A kiss that’s only the beginning of 7 Minutes of Heaven.
5. A kiss that blocks out the rest of the world for minutes.
6. A first kiss.
7. A first kiss after a date.
8. A kiss while intoxicated.
9. A kiss at a party.

10. A kiss after a party.
11. A kiss in someone else’s bed.
12. A kiss one or both doesn’t/don’t remember(s) in the morning, then remember(s) later.
13. A kiss after yearning for it for far too long.



1. Teasing Ashton before family arrive

2. Ashton and Luke threesome

3. You, Luke, and the backseat of a car

4. Seven minutes in heaven with Calum

5. Michael wants to celebrate your birthday

6. Accidentally calling Ashton ‘daddy’

7. Daddy Michael

8. Luke and over stimulation

9. Dominant Michael

10. Watching Ashton drum turns you on

11. Luke's a virgin but you’re not

12. You and Luke occupy the bathroom minutes before he’s on stage

13. Your friend Luke is experienced but you aren’t

14. Michael teaches you how to masturbate

15. When Michael dyes his hair

16. Jealous rough daddy kink Luke

17. Luke overhears you talking about your 'vanilla’ sex life

18. Ashton blindfolds you

19. Riding Ashton’s thigh



1. Spending Christmas with best friend Luke

2. Ashton finds out you’ve been violated in the past

3. Ashton hits you

4. Ashton finds out about your self harm

5. You find out that Ashton used to self harm

6. You are Ashton's celebrity crush

7. You hate each other

8. Ashton makes you cry during a fight

9. Ashton attempts suicide

10. You relapse and Luke finds out

11. Calum finds (y/n) in midst of suicide attempt - Part Two

12. Luke struggles after his girlfriends suicide



1. Watching a sad film together

2. You find the engagement ring

3. He breaks down whilst visiting his sister in hospital

4. You can’t have children

5. Cuddles and Kisses

6. You strip for their birthday Michael/Ashton Calum/Luke

7. You sit on their face Ashton Michael/Calum/Luke - Coming Soon

8. How he comforts you when you miss him

9. First dates


Don’t Stop EP Preferences

Album Preferences - Coming Soon


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this town + pop punk bands lamenting about their personal experiences living in the suburbs (all songs contain the phrase “this town” at least once) [LISTEN]

1. ”runaways” by all time low // 2. ”for the win” by we are the in crowd // 3. ”hoodie weather” by the wonder years // 4. ”jet lag” by simple plan feat. natasha bedingfield // 5. ”7 minutes in heaven” by man overboard // 6. ”beatdown in the key of happiness” by four year strong  // 7. ”the (shipped) gold standard” by fall out boy // 8. “i couldn’t wait to leave 6 months ago ” by neck deep // 9. ”sorry, not sorry” by mayday parade // 10. ”the ballad of mona lisa” by panic! at the disco // 11. ”come one, come all” by all time low // 12. ”ready, aim, fire!” by new found glory // 13. ”monday” by real friends // 14. ”ocean avenue” by yellowcard // 15. ”bulletproof heart” by my chemical romance // 16. ”grand theft autumn/ where is your boy” by fall out boy // 17. ”heartbeat slowing down” by the all-american rejects // 18. ”cheap talk and eager lies” by real friends // 19. ”are we the waiting” by green day

Riarkle Drabble Week: Day 4

8 Fall Out Boy songs + Riley and Farkle finding their way to each other

Series Info: Riarkle, T, also posted on my ao3

Day 1  Day 2  Day 3

7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)
I’m sitting out dances on the wall, trying to forget everything that isn’t you.

As their school’s spring formal approaches, everyone decides that it’s best if they all go as a group of friends instead of finding dates. They agree that there will be less drama that way. Farkle goes along with the plan despite wanting to ask Riley to go with him. He figures it’s for the best. He doesn’t want to get his hopes up any more than he already has after what happened at the movie theater.

On the night of the spring formal, Farkle, Lucas, and Zay arrive at the school together in their sleek, black suits and reserve a table in the corner of the auditorium. A big wave of people arrive through the double doors a few minutes later, and Maya and Riley are somewhere in the middle of the crowd. Farkle spots them when Maya’s bright yellow dress catches his eye. He looks at her, appreciating her beauty and quirky charm.

When his eyes shift to Riley, he takes in the sight of her in a royal blue, floor length gown that’s speckled with small jewels as if she’s the queen of the night’s starry sky. Her beauty is so overwhelming that Farkle needs to grip on to the chair next to him to steady his legs. As if that wasn’t enough, Riley’s eyes meet his in the sea of people and her smile is so bright that it shines all the way across the room.  

The DJ starts the music right as everyone enters, and Farkle laughs when he sees Maya practically drag Riley out to the dance floor. Once they start dancing, though, Riley looks like she’s genuinely enjoying it. Everyone is so preoccupied with excitement that they don’t seem to notice Farkle hanging back at their table. He doesn’t mind, though. Dancing has never been his thing, anyway.

After a few fast-paced songs, Maya and Riley take a break from dancing and start walking to the table. Maya, noticing Farkle sitting alone, stops them before they reach the table and tells Riley, “I’m going to get something to drink.” Maya pushes her toward the table and makes a run for it in the other direction. Only then does Riley notice Farkle.

“Farkle, have you been sitting here by yourself this whole time?” she asks in a saddened voice.

“Yeah, but it’s okay. I don’t like to dance, and even if I did, I don’t think I’m any good at it.”

“Well, let’s find out. Do you want to dance?”

“Me?” he asks in disbelief.

“Yes you, Farkle. Come on,” she laughs as she takes his hand and leads him toward the center of the room.

Riley stops when they get to the middle of the dance floor, and Farkle awkwardly points out, “But Riley, it’s a slow song.”

“It’s okay. It’s really just moving back and forth, anyway,” Riley explains, as if to convince herself.

In that moment, Farkle is painfully aware of how loud the music is, how hot it feels in the room with all the people around them, and how Maya’s eyes are on them both, as if she’s curious to see what will happen next. If that wasn’t enough pressure, Farkle sees Riley move in close to him and feels her arms wrap around his shoulders. He tries to push all of the distractions aside so he can just focus on the feeling of being with her. All of those other things just don’t seem important when Riley Matthews, stunning, gentle and magnificent, is dancing with you.

They sway back and forth to the music without saying anything for a while before Riley breaks the silence. “See, it’s not as bad as you though, right?” Her gaze is unwavering while waiting for his response.

“No, not at all. Bad is nowhere near the right word to describe this,” he says, adjusting his hands on her waist and trying to conceal his blush.

The song ends and they move away from each other in a sort of dazed state. Farkle is still lamenting the end of the moment as the next fast song starts playing, and Maya, Zay, and Lucas all suddenly run toward Riley and Farkle and join them on the dance floor. A few minutes ago, Farkle thought he would be sitting out all of the dancing at the table, but instead, he finds himself dancing with all of his friends and next to the most beautiful girl in the whole universe.


At the end of the night, they say their goodbyes outside of the school, and Maya give Riley a smirk before walking away with Lucas and Zay.

As Farkle watches them walk down the street, he asks Riley, “Where’s Maya going? Aren’t you guys going home together?”

“Not tonight,” Riley answers, looking down at the ground. She reaches out for his hand and adds, “Can you walk home with me?”

Farkle keeps his eyes fixed on their connected hands as he stammers, “S-sure.”

For Farkle, the journey back to Riley’s home is a combination of keeping his cool and making sure he isn’t holding her hand too tightly. It’s a cool, windy night, but Farkle doesn’t really feel cold. Walking next to Riley, he feels like her presence next to him is keeping him warm.

When they arrive at her front door, it’s very quiet in the hallway. With his hand still in hers, Farkle looks around at everything in the hall, intentionally avoiding her gaze. He finally realizes that he should say or do something when he feels Riley’s grip tighten on his hand. Looking directly at her, he takes in a sharp breath and is taken aback by her expression. He knows that look. It’s a look she used to give Lucas when they were still dating, but Farkle can’t understand why it’s directed at him.

“I had a really great time tonight, Farkle,” Riley says, lightly swinging their arms back and forth to defuse the nervous tension in the air.

“I did too,” he says softly.

“Well, I guess my parents are expecting me home soon. I should probably go inside.”

“Okay,” he replies. Farkle knows that was his cue to let go of her hand and say goodnight, but he doesn’t make a move, and to his surprise, neither does she.

The both let out a quiet chuckle before Riley speaks again. “I know it’s late, but do you want to come in? I could ask my mom to make us tea.”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Riley smiles, clearly satisfied with his response, and opens the door to the apartment. Cory and Topanga are sitting on the couch when they enter, and Cory’s look of confusion at the sight of Farkle quickly turns into a smile as he invites them both to sit down at the kitchen table.

Farkle finds it comforting to know that her parents don’t really think it’s weird that he came home from a dance, hand in hand, with their daughter. But the thing that Farkle takes away from this visit to the Matthew’s home the most is that Riley doesn’t seem to mind either.

Day 5


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First Time You Meet; Shots

First Date; Shots Part 2 *

It’ll Be Our Little Secret *

I’m Never Choosing A Phone Call Over You Again *

Birthday Boy *

I’ll Always Come Back To You (He’s Home)

The Red Carpet (REQUESTED)

Secrets are Meant to be Kept

Perfect (Song by One Direction)

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Getting Drunk Isn’t Always Bad (*), Getting Drunk Isn’t Always Bad 2 (REQUESTED)

It Only Took 5 Seconds (REQUESTED)

Not What You Thought (REQUESTED)

What Not to do When it Rains (REQUESTED)

Trusting Sucks (REQUESTED)

Heartbreak Girl (REQUESTED) (Song by 5 Seconds of Summer)

Wedding Receptions (REQUESTED)

Ticklish Spots (REQUESTED)

Started As Just Babysitting (REQUESTED)

From a Million Miles Away (REQUESTED)

Happy Thanksgiving! (REQUESTED)

Your Place (REQUESTED)

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Baby Please Come Home (For Christmas) (REQUESTED)


Seventeen Masterlist



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7 Minutes in Heaven





Preferences & Reactions

1) SVT wanting to ‘Netflix & Chill’ but you don’t want to

2) SVT getting jealous of a member flirting w/ their best friend

Fake Texts

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THE ULTIMATE RICHARD GANSEY III PLAYLIST: a fanmix in 5 parts (47 songs, 3 hours & 12 minutes); co-created with jehanthepoet; previously: [Ronan] [Adam]

part 1: blue

young blood (renholdër remix) the naked and famous // you keaton henson // glue me los campesinos! // jane ben folds five // peach the front bottoms // tear in my heart twenty one pilots // fidelity regina spektor // stole my heart little & ashley // summertime sadness lana del rey // you emeline easton // now is not the time chvrches

part 2: noah

world spins madly on the weepies // don’t change your plans ben folds five // i found amber run // we rule the school belle & sebastian // no widows the antlers // each coming night iron & wine // simple song the shins // glad girls guided by voices

part 3: ronan

twin size mattress the front bottoms // how to save a life the fray // hey jude the beatles // lifesize a fine frenzy // gentle folks hunter hunted // nine words oppenheimer // rivers and roads the head and the heart // oxford comma vampire weekend // 7 minutes in heaven fall out boy

part 4: adam

maps yeah yeah yeahs // transatlanticism death cab for cutie // the funeral band of horses // magic (cover) voices in your head // how to fight loneliness wilco // always love nada surf // spit on a stranger pavement // rewind goldspot

part 5: gansey

east sleeping at last // my back pages bob dylan // centuries fall out boy // death white lies // the end of all things panic! at the disco // the pros and cons of breathing fall out boy // do better say anything // dirty paws of monsters and men // think about you eliza gilkyson // landslide fleetwood mac // stoick’s ship john powell

10 songs I’ve been listening to lately

 tagged by my darling ghost friend @hostile-ghost  

1. the ripper - the used

2. anemophobia - deaf havana 

3. 7 minutes in heaven - fall out boy

4. help, i’m alive - metric (the last two are emily’s fault…)

5. meant to die - the used

6. nicotine and alcohol saved my life - deaf havana

7. coffee - james veck gilodi

8. using - sorority noise

9. haunting, haunted, haunts - against me

10. seventy times 7 - brand new (because i’m a child who loves the Beef)

i’m tagging anyone who wants to do it, the sloppiest of x’s and the tightest of o’s

Still not punk - link

1 Pity Party Melanie Martinez 2 The Run and Go twenty one pilots 3 I Constantly Thank God For Esteban Panic! At The Disco 4 7 Minutes In Heaven Fall Out Boy 5 Weighted frnkiero andthe cellabration 6 Zero Zero Gerard Way 7 Holiday Green Day 8 Desert Song My Chemical Romance 9 The Boy Who Could Fly Pierce The Veil 10 Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet Fall Out Boy 11 Polaroid Imagine Dragons 12 Guilt Tripping frnkiero andthe cellabration 13 Froot Marina and The Diamonds 14 Chemical Kids And Mechanical Brides Pierce The Veil 15 Bullshit Mindless Self Indulgence 16 Jesus of Suburbia/City Of The Damned/I Don’t Care/Dearly Beloved/Tales Of Another Broken Home Green Day 17 I Never Told You What I Do For A Living My Chemical Romance 18 Strawberry Avalanche Owl City 19 Build God, Then We’ll Talk Panic! At The Disco 20 Ride twenty one pilots 21 Witness Mindless Self Indulgence 22 Florida Plates Pencey Prep 23 Sex on Fire Kings of Leon 24 Untamed Hearts Chantal Claret 25 Autumn Leaves Ed Sheeran

7 minutes in heaven blurbs
Anonymous said: Can someone do 4/4 7 minutes in heaven pls

This is actually my first piece of writing that probably all of you have ever read. These are my actual favorites! I love blurbs :P

ashton Okay so playing 7 minutes in heaven with ash would be really cute.

You know that he would be pretty cautious with you. He knows that you’re pretty new to all of this kind of stuff, so he would be gentle.

He’d Ask before he touches you. Hold your jaw when you kiss. I could totally see him stopping when some douche bangs on the door to get you guys to stop ‘going at it’, he’d look at your lips, then into your eyes, smile that goofy smile that he does and say

“You’re so pretty.”

Luke I could see Luke being the type of person to seem extra cocky to impress his friends, but as soon as you two get into the closet, he’d tell you he doesn’t really mean it like that.

“I’m not that kind of guy y/n”

He’d look down at his legs, and you’ll start to kiss him. He’d let his hands roam, all through your hair and around your curves. He’d grab your bum as you lay back, and it’ll go on from there.

Michael; Miiiichael, my boy, would start to fuck with your emotions before you even closed the door. He wouldn’t even start with kisses. He’d suck from your jawbone to your neck all the way down to your collar bones, leaving little purplish/red blotches all down your body.

You could feel his hand in your shirt, caressing your boobs. He’d take your tiny, hard nipples between his fingers.

By then you’d feel his tongue battling with yours. Your moan through the kiss and look him in the eyes. He’d smirk and FUCK IM DONE HERE

Calum Calums the type to be shy with a game like this. He’d be with a group of friends, and they would suggest 7 minutes in heaven, and he’d roll his eyes and say “I’m not playing”

But he would be persuaded. Who wouldn’t want to get down and possibly dirty with a couple of hot chicks amirite?

You and him would go into a room, and he’d say something dumb like..
“I’m sorry I don’t do this much„ wanna fuck?”

You’d laugh and his eyes would light up. Kissing turns into touching and the next minute he’d probably end up fingering you and beg for another 7 minutes to finish up ;)

//sooo that’s how I write! I hope you liked it. That was fun haha. Feedback babes?