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《 Kim Seokjin 》

-Date of birth: December 4, 1992

-Occupation: Actor, Part time care taker (both for children and his friends)

[Male Lead] Crimson to Pink (Drama), [Male Lead] This is Where We Started (Drama), [Recurring Side Character] Reply (Drama), [Partner of Main Male Lead] Seoul Stray Dogs (Film), [Minor Cameo] You’re In Danger (Drama), [Secondary Lead] A Thousand Days (Film), [Male Lead] Butterfly On Your Shoulder (Short Film), etc

Lee Junghwan, Lee Jaehwan, Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Jisoo, Zhang Yixing

Park Jinyoung, Mark Tuan, Cha Sun-woo, Lee Ho-Dong

-Side Info-
•Lives in a decently sized, modern house with Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung.
•Work Hours: Monday-Saturday, 7 am-11 pm
*Break Time: 10-25 minutes, anytime around 12-3 pm
*Most of the time, work is extended, so sometimes Sunday won’t be off, or sometimes he’ll be working a full 24 hours for 2 to 3 days a week.
•Wakes Up 4-5 am to get ready
•Has his own room, occasionally going to Yoongi’s room (reasons being: He goes to him for comfort mostly, or it’s the closest room to the front door and he just wants to get to sleep quickly.)
•Always tries contact his other friends as much as he can outside of work.

Play Choices Ask Meme: Romance Edition!

People seemed to really like my last ask meme for just general Pixelberry questions so in honor of Dom gaining a new LI this week here’s a set of specifically romance related questions! Have fun!

1. Who do you ship with the MC of The Royal Romance?
2. Who do you ship with the Party Twin in RoE?
3. Mark, Leah, or Ben with the LoveHacks MC?
4. Do you ship Sam and Dave?
5. Favorite non-MC ships in Endless Summer?
6. Did your MC in Braidwood Manor end up with someone?
7. Which suitor did you choose for the MC in RoE?
8. Hottest Choices LI / LI that matches your personal tastes best / you would date if they existed IRL?
9. LI from The Freshman you will only ever see as a friend?
10. Kenna, Sei, Rose, or Jackson with Dom?
11. Favorite ship(s) in Choices that the game doesn’t allow you to ship?
12. Did you pair any of the other LoveHacks characters besides MC with their love interests? (Horatio, Cole, Felix, etc)
13. Did you make the brother and Elena in RoE date for real?
14. Who do you ship with Kenna?
15. Zig, Kaitlyn, James, Becca, or Chris?
16. Favorite Choices game in the Romance category?
17. Did you pair Audrey and Nerdy Twin?
18. Did you ship the MC of Endless Summer with anyone?
19. Least favorite Choices Ship(s)
20. If you could change one romance-related thing in the Choices app what would it be?


This is amazing for at least four reasons: 

1) The Hamilton Mixtape and LMM in general.
2) Immigrants is one of the best and important songs on the mixtape.
3) The video looks so good.
4) RIZ MC <3

i’m sure you can only grow these in the bae area though


Beautiful official art with the protags <3

V headcanons

becasue i am in love

  • he wants to love you, he really does
  • but with everything he’s been through, it’s not going to be easy for him at all
  • “i need time”
  • so you give him time
  • time to heal, time to get to know each other (probably a year of two)
  • during this time you convince him to get surgery for his eyes
  • its such a huge step for the two of you, and you both cry on the day of
  • when V sees you for the first time after his sight is restored, he loses it
  • he’s crying and smiling and touching your face and running his hands through your hair 
  • the two of your just hold hands and stare at each other crying
  • thats the first time he tells you he loves you
  • um, also! you and the RFA convince V to start therapy
  • he learns about how his relationship with Rika was toxic, abusive, and unhealthy on both parts
  • V, again, needs time. but he does eventually learn how he was wrong
  • but this just makes him more hesitant to enter a real relationship with you
  • “what if you end up like Rika? what if…what if i ruin you, too?”
  • “i love you, V. i want to be with you. i’m not Rika, i’m nothing like her. we can be together, V, we just have to trust each other”
  • V loves spending time with you, the first word that comes to his mind to describe you is sunshine
  • but he doesnt want to call you sunshine
  • he doesnt want to compare you to something like that
  • so he calls you his flower
  • museum dates
  • cafe dates
  • V is obsessed with taking polaroids
  • does cute artsy stuff in his apartment with them

  • it takes awhile for V to get comfortable with physical contact
  • but once he does, he loves it when you play with his hair
  • he’ll lay his head in your lap in the couch and just talk while you run your fingers through his hair
  • if you play with his hair while you two are watcing TV he’ll probably fall asleep
  • and when you spend the night, he’ll play with your hair until you fall asleep if you let him
  • lots of forehead and nose kisses
  • he’ll call and ask you to come over to his place even if he doesnt have anything to do. he just wants you around.
  • he just wants to look up from his book and see you sitting across the room from him (V loves reading!)
  • thats enough for him
  • but V can be silly, too!
  • he’ll ask you to help him cook dinner and put on his favorite music while you two cook
  • he sings along loudly even though he isnt very good and dances around a lot
  • V is also a big hugger!!
  • when you are out in public together expect random hugs all the time!!
  • you are so special to him

V x MC as gifs

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