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Bounty Hunters Then and Now: A Guide

Legends Boba Fett: Unbeatable, unkillable, unstoppable Whitey McStubble, man of mystery, keeps killing people to upgrade his armor, trains Jaina Solo to fight Sith Lords because he’s so awesome, rules Mandalore because he’s so awesome, loves the ladies but is a Gentleman about it, once wiped out an entire Imperial base by himself, has armor with infinite gadgets, master of disguise, doesn’t play well with others.

Canon Boba Fett: He had good genes from his dad Temuera Morrison, then his dad died so he decided Revenge sounded fun, Revenge was not fun, he was raised by bounty hunters so bounty-hunting was really the Only Thing He Knew, probably gay like his father, always needs to hang out with partners because he needs someone to witness his drama, rolled a Nat 1 and fell in a giant mouth (it was a mouth), got out and is now thinking about his place in the universe.

Legends Bossk: Sworn enemy of Boba Fett (Boba Fett has no idea who he is), hates Wookiees, can’t keep his ship together, blames Boba Fett, is constantly angry at being Number Two, has Daddy Issues, takes them out on Boba Fett, skins people, wants to skin Chewbacca and Boba Fett, just can’t, perpetually frustrated.

Canon Bossk: Friend to all the children, protects Tiny Boba, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, Space John Wayne, keeps his ship together for decades because he is Good at His Job, will fight everyone in the room whose head is above his waist.

Legends Dengar: Hates Han Solo because he ruined his face and now he has to wear bandages, has no positive emotions until he meets the One Woman who doesn’t flinch from his bestial face, really wants validation so he sticks around with Boba Fett.

Canon Dengar: Um he doesn’t really CARE about Han Solo, this is a headscarf? come on guys? he just wants to do his job he’ll take the job yes his ship looks like a toilet seat why are you laughing come on please respect him he’s from Space Australia come on kids show your elders the proper respect.

Legends IG-88: Evil robot who wants to lead the droid uprising and take over the galaxy, he has some robot clones of himself to help him with that, none of them can do their job, also he becomes the Death Star.

Canon IG-88: Probably just an assassin droid Boba Fett hired to help him out with the Hoth job. He does his work. He’s a droid. Beep-boop.

Legends Zuckuss: Force-sensitive hunter who had a bad accident and now has to live with crippling asthma, hangs out with 4-LOM because Zuckuss needs help or whatever, talks in third-person.

Canon Zuckuss: 4-LOM’s husband. 

Legends 4-LOM: Protocol droid who learned to take pleasure in stealing things and began to find other emotions, hangs out with Zuckuss because he wants to know what love is, he wants him to show him, also he wants to see if he can use the Force.

Canon 4-LOM: Zuckuss’s husband.

Reasons why we need to have a Bounty Hunter arc in Rebels:

1. Sabine Wren vs. Boba Fett. Obviously.

2. Bossk can meet up with Ezra again. Ezra can be all “Mister Bossk! Remember me?” and Bossk has NO IDEA who this is because that was years ago and the kid on Lothal wasn’t wielding a lightsaber and had long hair also he’s bad at telling human kids apart, meanwhile Ezra’s spaceparents are staring at him because when did he get off the Ghost and meet this one Hondo was bad enough, and then Ezra can say “You pretended you were blind, I drove the speeder bike, you fought all those big guys in the gladiator ring…?”, and to the uninitiated this would sound like a Noodle Incident, but to those who did the reading this is all familiar ground, and then Bossk goes, “Oh, yeahhhh! I remember you! You were great!” and then shoots at Ezra anyway because he has a Job.

3. Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and IG-88 can finally get involved in the New Canon.

4. You can even feature Greedo, if you want. He might not be in with the group, but you have the chance to use Greedo, don’t waste that shot.

5. Simon Pegg as Dengar

6. Dee Bradley Baker as Boba Fett and Bossk OR

7. Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett

8. All of the spaceships

therealsteeldiver  asked:

Star Wars Celebration was this weekend and I continue to have a sinking feeling about the influx of new fans. Fandoms have always been built off of a commercial products fan stuff feels more artificial. Do you know what I mean by that or am I just insane. Why does it bother me someone says they are a fan even though they don't know who Muftak is or the story of the 4-Lom and Zuckuss figures. Where were these fans when I loved it despite no new movies and general hate of the series was accepted

I have no clue what you are asking me here

Star Wars Hotties Numbers One Hundred And One, One Hundred And Two, One Hundred And Three, One Hundred And Four, And One Hundred And Five: Dengar, IG-88, Boba Fett, Bossk, And 4-LOM From Star Wars Episode Five The Empire Strikes Back


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