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Howell Lanes Bowling Alley a Bowling Night NoCC Build by SimDoughnut

This is a fairly accurate recreation of my childhood bowling alley, Howell Lanes in Howell, NJ.  It’s where I had birthday parties as a kid, and later  bowled in a league as an adult before moving out West to Minnesota.  Howell Lanes is also where my childhood friend Parker Bohn III learned to bowl, and eventually went on to become a highly ranked professional bowler on the PBA tour.

Howell Lanes, wasn’t a very swanky Bowling alley, in fact looking back on it, it was a bit dodgy. That was okay though because we went there to bowl, not to be mesmerized by the aesthetics. Howell Lanes featured a small Cafe, a Bar, a Pro Shop, and a room where we could kids could play Pinball, and later video games.  I’ve included all of these features in this build.

The build sits on a 40x30 lot, is set as a Bar, and I originally built it in Newcrest. You can find the Howell Lanes Bowling Alley in my SimDoughnut gallery while in game.  This is a NoCC build, so just use the tags #bowling #howelllanes, or #bowlingnight to find it.

I hope you enjoy the build as much as I did creating it.  It brought back a lot of fond childhood memories, as well as happy memories spent there with my own children.

Have Fun :)!


Welp, here it is! A list of my writings for this blog! Newest works will be at the top of each category, and the list will be updated with each reaction or one-shot that’s posted ^.^

Companions react to…

having a movie night!

finding Sole listening to the ‘Hi Honey’ holotape

walking on thin ice

Sole singing You Are MY Sunshine

Sole getting their voice back

a makeover with Sole

Sole losing their voice

their first kiss with Sole

going on a road trip!

being encouraged to confess to Sole

crushing on Sole and making them laugh

Sole getting sick

kissing Sole

Sole being gravely injured

a shopping cart ride! (aka my most popular reaction)

Sole mumbling the companion’s name in their sleep

having a crush on Sole

Sole finding their childhood home

Sole looking nice for their first date

Sole adopting an orphan

a snow day

Deacon Vignettes 

Sole gets fresh and clean (written for my friend’s blog by me)

Thoughts on Deacon

Deacon and Anna find a jump rope

Sole pecks Deacon on the mouth

Sole brings home an orphan


Deacon catches flak for his relationship with Sole

Just For Funsies :3

Trash Jail

The Sad™ 

listen… I want greedy to be the next single as much as the next person, but I also don’t wanna see articles online like “death by ariana grande: first note of greedy catches local driver so off-guard that they cross 4 lanes of traffic and crash into an oncoming truck” so this is tough for me


Trip Down Memory Lane
Newcrest University Cafe, Newcrest

Niara impatient: Girl, I’m about to lose it. We cannot close the cafe until those two leave! And they don’t look like they’re going anywhere. 

Allison: Well technically there’s still a half hour until we can close, Nia.

Niara annoyed: Yeah but if anyone walks past and sees those two sitting there drinking coffee, they’re gonna think we’re still open and come in too and start ordering! And we won’t be outta here early like we wanted.  And we have a party tonight, Allie!

Allison laughs: Niara. We ARE still open. There’s nothing we can do but wait.


Act V of Episode 4 Is Live!

Atmosphere at its best from @pinkrabbitpro, looking in on Alex and Cat as well as Kara and her current nemesis, Zatanna. Share the love on tumblr or in the comments here

And now for the conclusion of Undertow by @spaceshipsarecool:

Zatanna turned over restlessly, but once again dreams and thoughts plagued her, that scream Supergirl had emitted near the end echoing over and over. As much as she didn’t want it to, the small seed of doubt was growing and she couldn’t escape it. This Supergirl was so convincing, and while that scream should have confirmed that she was right, that there was a deep rage inside of Supergirl, it had reminded Zatanna of another scream, one she herself had made when she had watched Lois fall to the ground.

Her Supergirl could have easily killed her that day, Zatanna hadn’t tried to hide or defend herself as she rushed out to cradle the lifeless body. But instead, Supergirl had laughed and walked away, because it brought her twisted mind some amusement to know that Zatanna was suffering.

As the years had passed, fight after fight that ended in Zatanna defeated, Supergirl had continued to walk away, and Zatanna realized that like Lois, she was just a pawn to the woman. Supergirl allowed her to live because she enjoyed the game, but eventually, she had tired of her.

That had almost been the end. A fight had come where Supergirl hadn’t bothered to play with her, where she was bored, and that meant Zatanna had outlived her use. The only reason she was still alive was because Astra had stepped in. Astra had said she would finish her off, and Supergirl just hadn’t cared enough anymore to bother with landing the final blow, nodding to her second and walking away for the last time.

Read Act V Now!