4 knights of nandau


3 to a Theme Monday - 3) Soldier

  1. My female Shepard with her non regulation haircut for the first time in forever. My best friend is actually FINALLY playing Mass Effect, so I figured I’d draw her. Probably yellin at people down a hallway in some lull in a firefight, Idk. 
  2. My character Gar from an original story that I may or may not ever do. 
  3. A soldier, just as the theme asks. 
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Sorry if you’ve talked about this before, but I’m curious, does Gar’s species exhibit some form of sexual dimorphism? Or do the male’s of her species (Assuming there are male’s and females and not just one sex) look exactly like the females?

The males in Gar’s species are almost indistinguishable from the females except for maybe broader snouts and wider ears (they look somewhere in between Gar and Rijal; Gar is a Talwan and Rijal is a Datlok, but their races are pretty closely related so there are some small build similarities). 

Male Talwans hardly get as broad as RIjal is, though–bodily, they’re pretty similar to the females, they build muscles much more leanly than the mountain-dwelling Datloks. 

This, though, has caused some confusion with the Invers, the colonizing race; it’s difficult for a lot of them to tell the males and females apart without studying them for a while. 

The same goes for the Tree Giants, who have just the vaguest concept of gender and are in general so reclusive a race that they haven’t cared to learn too deeply about the differences between Talwan males and females. This plays a little bit of a role in the story between Gar and the tree giant Eskris, in their shared past and present. 

She said vaguely, as if she’s trying to keep from spoiling a story she might never properly tell hahaha