4 into 1

Anyone else notice how every time they needed Regina to be a hero, Emma had to be incapacitated in some way?

Exhibit A: The season 3 finale, when Regina was “the holder of the strongest light magic” (yeah right) and defeated Zelena. However, earlier Emma had had her magic drained. 

Exhibit B: The season 4 finale, when Regina was ‘the Saviour’ and Henry could use her blood to rewrite the story.  However, Emmahad been “un-savioured” by Rumple and the Author.

Exhibit C: In Camelot, Regina was deemed as the Saviour and saved Robin. And once again, Emma had been un-savioured as she was the Dark One.

Exhibit D: Regina goes to save Emma from the Wish Realm. Meanwhile, Emma had been reduced to a whimpering damsel.

It says a lot about her redemption that it only works when Emma is unable to be a hero for whatever reason.


Harper: You’re taking FOREVER to eat. Jeeeze. 

Clementine: It’s too good I have to savor it. 

Harper: We can always come back here?  

Clementine: Please, I can’t afford this place all the time. 

Harper: Well…I can. 

Clementine: What? How? 

Harper: After we broke up I threw myself into my career. So I make good money now. 

Clementine: Wow You’re my sugar mama then. 

Harper: *laughing* eww don’t say that.