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Sam ~ Let us come with you. We’ll help.

John ~ No, Sam. Not yet. Just try to understand. This demon is a scary son of a bitch. I don’t want you caught in a crossfire. I don’t want you hurt.

Sam ~  Dad, you don’t have to worry about us.

John ~ Of course I do. I’m your father.

John Winchester ~ s1 e16 ~ ‘Shadow’

hey quick qu

hey quick question do any of yall here actually like use the random page bc if like no one does i might, idk, be more willing to post extra random stuff

cuz like i dont like clogging peoples dashes, but i realize that realistically i wouldnt really be making an impact

and i guess i could do like personal type ask meme type stuff but idk that feels sorta weird when i have like, 100000000000000 (base 2) followers but also like not interacting with anyone is sorta weird too

anyway im gay what do yall think?


Ogebi nodded. «Of course you are» >, she agreed. «So, how often would this be? Is it in the studio after class or is it a totally different time?», she asked.

Najiyah frowned, confused. «No, mommy», she responded. «Madame only has classes in the Bay. The girls take the train on Friday and come back Sunday night», she explained.

Ogebi could feel her knees get weaker. «Oh, I see», she mumbled. «Naji, did you wash your hands before dinner?», she changed the subject.

Najiyah sighed, shaking her head. «You should go wash your hands, then».

Great, this season’s finale is going just going to be a fucking repeat of last years’ piece of shit. I bet Regina will threaten to murder Emma’s loved ones again during another one of those whining-filled pity parties she throws herself!

This show really does need to end at this point. It’s become the Regina show and based on the ratings no one wants to watch that bullshit.