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The Advocate's Handwriting - by Bex-Chan

√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ Setting: 6 years later
√ 1 chapter
√ My score: ❤❤❤❤ (very nice)
√ Rating: M
√ Language: ***** (close to no mistakes)

Seven years later, and she’s there. Right there. Seven years of questions and scribbling her name onto parchment, and she’s close enough to touch, close enough to grab her hand, like he should have the first time.

My notes: Secretly good guy Draco gets saved by Hermione & friends. Oh that ending, I hate the suspense! One very long one-shot with a very unsatisfying end.

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Does Gameplay Still Matter?
A lot of people seem to think gameplay doesn’t matter in games anymore. Let’s talk about it. Hello! My name is Captain Studley, and I'm a filthy casual gamer...

Does gameplay matter in games anymore? let’s break it down.


I saw this at the lfl at the park about two weeks ago but I have Kaling’s books on my library wish list so I decided to leave it for someone else but it was still there today so I took it.

When I got home I opened it and found a really long inscription from a mother to a daughter on her 22nd birthday that mentioned God at least four times. I was exhausted after reading it. ( not the book the inscription)


Gee: so stevie, eli looked pretty smitten back there, huh?

Chantry: no, absolutely not. and don’t go back to calling me stevie like we’re sixteen again!

Gee: you’re right, she doesn’t even spell nix the right way. okay chantilly, come on, i’ll make us dinner.

Chantry: what did i do to deserve this life

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Name: Victoria

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Favourite Colour: black

Favourite Animal: dragons

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: GIMME THE HOT COCOA

Average Hours of sleep: 5-8

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finally, the family AU backstory!!!

i’m SO unsatisfied with this lmao,, this is gonna be so cliché/cheesy…. //cries. also fast storyline bc i want to make this quite short. i think it’s going to be in 5 parts but i’m not sure yet! twitter


A bit of fluff + a bit of angst (◡‿◡✿)

Almost there! Answering the so-asked question of what happENS WITH VIKTOR’S HAIRCOLOR- Well, it gets just a bit darker because of aesthetic purposes ★⌒(●ゝω・)bAlso gave him a proper mirror-slashed haircut for the moment!

Part 0 - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5AU Tag - DO NOT repost anywhere!


Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood



Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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