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Chapter 8: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die (Part IV)

‘He is not my boyfriend,’ she snorted, swallowing the pill and taking a long gulp of water. Her lips were cracked and she realised this was the first thing she had drunk today. No wonder she felt like falling over. ‘You were here before me so… What did they say? Will she be okay?’

He grimaced, taking her empty cup and sitting it on the end-table next to their sofa. ‘They said she should be dead. For a moment during the transfer they lost her, but then, all of the sudden she started breathing again. She lost a lot of blood and they don’t have much faith. I’m sorry.’

‘Yeah,’ she mumbled. ‘It’s my fault.’

‘Why would you say that? Of course, it’s not your fault.’

She shook her head. ‘I should’ve been there. When it happened. I should’ve been the one…’

‘Yeah. Great plan. If you were there, there would be two girls bleeding out in that emergency room instead of one.’

She snorted. If she was there she would be the only one bleeding out. Corinne, Pascal, Mari, they would all be safe. ‘Do you ever feel like your whole world, everything you know about life, is slipping from your fingers? Say there was this thing you could do… that if anyone else knew they would call you crazy, and then, one day you find out there is so much strangeness out in this world your weird thing looks like a suburban minivan in comparison to them.’

‘You got any special abilities?’

‘Yeah. I’m a mean cook.’

‘Ah, so. That really is weird.’

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I’m laying in bed, anxiety-filled, because I don’t want Skam to end. It has made my life & the lives of others so much better. It will be one of my all-time favorite shows for the rest of my life. I don’t think a day will pass without me thinking of it. I’m going to miss is so, so much.

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General Danvers, Better Late Than Never, for the meme :D

As far as second chances went, Astra felt she’d gotten her fair share. A second chance to save a planet – which had also not gone according to plan. A second chance to choose her family over her devotion to saving said planets, and this time she’d chosen to fight with Kara instead of against.

This time, she would do right by her niece. A belief that had led to a whirlwind of joining the DEO on a trial basis, having all of her actions watched under a microscope, and being put on something called “preliminary house arrest” wherein she was placed in the custody of Alex Danvers. The sister of her niece, who has intrigued Astra since the first moment they met.

A woman who also happens to be her soulbond, despite the fact that she doesn’t appear to know it, given that humans are so primitive a species, they have yet to evolve to have soulbond indicators. It’s all quite exasperating, really, but Astra has always been a quick study; surely she can learn how to court Alex in the manner of humans.

Alex, meanwhile, just wants to know why the hell she’s found a stack of romance novels hidden in the hall closet.

Send me a title and a pairing and I will give you the summary of a fic I will never write.


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