4 in 1 challenge


Ден: Кхм.. Наона, слушай. Мы переезжаем
Наона: Что?! Так быстро.. Когда?
Тейлор: Где-то через недельки две. Мебель уже завозят. Такой большой и уютный дом.
Наона: Эм.. А почему мы переезжаем?
Ден: КХЕМ.. ЭМ НУ..
Тейлор: У нас.. с папой.. не большие планыыы…
Наона: *приглядывается* Знаю я ваши “планы”.. ОКЕЙ, я не.. не против..
Тейлор и Ден: *смотрят друг на друга*
Тейлор: Но.. Не знаю рада ты или нет, тебе придется перейти в другую школу..
Наона: А в какой район переезжаем?
Тейлор: Ну, почти в другой конец города
Наона: Ого! А школа какая?
Ден: Гимназия. Чтобы перейти нужно сдать экзамены, но думаю это не проблема.. Ты же умная девочка?
Наона: Ну, да. Я даже рада что перехожу. Кроме Питера и Эли я не с кем не дружу.. У нас класс разделен на группы, я бы рада подружиться но они только кричат, кривляются и т.д.

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И да, как вам обработка?


“Can you believe we’re getting married tomorrow?” Valerie smiled widely at Trevor, rubbing her stomach, “And soon we’ll have another bundle of joy in the house?”

Trevor grinned back, nodding quickly, “I know.” he said, “I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you, Valerie. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Trevor.”


Alex: I’m going to miss you both so much! We don’t normally get pre-eclampsia patients so I normally only get a couple of days with the couples! These past few weeks have been lovely, you have made my job so enjoyable with your kindness and positivity. And Melody, well done. Being in hospitals is never fun and neither is being induced, a lot of people would’ve begged for pain relief and broken down. But you did it all, drug free, and you were brilliant. Mr Masters, I hope you are going to wait on your wife hand-and-foot when you get home, because she deserves it.

Melody could feel her cheeks turning red as she smiled at the young woman; Alex really had saved her during the labour, she wasn’t sure what she would’ve done if Alex wasn’t there.

Avery: Oh don’t you worry, she won’t have to raise a finger! She can just relax with our baby girl, resting, as per doctor’s orders!

Melody: Thank you Alex, you really did make this whole experience a lot less scary.

Alex: You are very welcome Melody. Now, do come back next time if you have more kids! Which I hope you do since Poppy is ADORABLE! And also, don’t worry about complications in the next pregnancy, now it is in your notes that you had pre-eclampsia, you can be prescribed drugs early on which can prevent a long hospital stay like this. So you can spend all 9 months in the comfort of your own home.

Avery: That’s really good to know, thank you. 

So the couple headed back to their apartment, still in shock. They had a daughter, a beautiful baby girl. Their lives finally felt complete. They were parents. They were going to raise a little girl, together. Life was perfect again.


The twins, although identical in appearance, had different approaches to getting work done. Oren, was a spitfire, privy to fits and tantrums, but at the same time filled with positive energy. Omer, on the other hand, enjoyed silly games, laughed at minor things and remained the louder of the two. 

Oren | Wild

Omer | Silly


gemini: cat???!!!!! in this house??????/ NO. this is a CAT FREE HOUSEHOLD

gemini: my ENTIRE FAMILY was MURDERED by a CAT

julia: gem…


julia: dont you think you’re being a bit dramatic––


julia: we dont even have working cars in this game, darling :-)

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