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I was talking with a friend about how we as a society need to prepare for when Machines Take The Jobs (FALC, or even just partially automated), and she said that the problem with that is that when humans don't have jobs they start to complain/dissent. The example she used was when employees don't have enough to do at their jobs so they sit around complaining about their bosses which isn't a good example imo but it's still something I would be concerned about. Any thoughts?

I really don’t understand the argument. Is she saying that “nothing to do” is a bad thing and that we’d just sit around complaining if we had 2-to-4-hour shifts? I just….I really just don’t understand these self-defeating “rebuttals” to FALC. I don’t see why people wouldn’t seek out stuff they find interesting, extra shifts to help out their community, spend time with friends/family, or just relax. Seriously, this idea that we need to constantly be doing something productive towards some future goal or something profitable for an unelected boss is a harmful capitalist notion that just needs to die – god forbid people just feel like lounging a lot more than they used to under capitalism! I ultimately think a FALC society would be more creative and sociable anyway, but I absolutely cannot blame people for wanting a society that greatly values leisure.

So my dog knows that when he sees me in my scrubs I’m going to be gone for 12 ½ hours. And I just came out of my rooms In my scrubs because I picked up a 4 hour shift. My dog looks at me a scruffs before walking away???? I think he thinks I’m not gonna be home for 12 hours. Doggy is going to be so surprised when I come back in 4 hours

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My coworker hurt her foot. She asked that while it heals be given a chair/stool or be scheduled for all 4 hour shifts (by doctor's orders she can Stand 5hrs a day, and walk 15 min). Instead, she gets scheduled 8 hr shifts of reshop and stocking the soda fridges and candy displys up front. While I'm there, I switch with her and have her work the register. Our supervisor yelled at us because she's a "stickler for people being where they should be". Bitch I'm a stickler for people not getting hurt.


Hi friends! I’m finished writing all of this series now so I’m just gonna post one part a day! 

As always, feedback is much appreciated 


Word Count: 2k

Warnings: sad reader, fluffy Hoseok, fluffy Taehyung

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15

The sound of your ringtone chiming in the distance brought you out of your slumber. Sitting up slowly, you rubbed your eyes and adjusted to the light tumbling through the curtains. Panic immediately flooded your system as you struggled to place where you were. You pulled the covers up over your chin and pulled your body close to you. A piece of paper placed on the pillow next to you had your name written in soft script, so you picked it up and began to read.

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Title: One Long Night (pt.1)

Words: 3,923
Rating: T for Teen (death mention, swearing)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: Life had seemed to change in the quiet little town of Possum Springs. To Mae Borowski, the changes in the town seemed to have been for the better, especially after that one night in the woods. She had just gotten a job over at Taco Buck, and her two friends Angus and Gregg seemed to have also move to settle down over in Bright Harbor as well. The only thing that hasn’t changed was her friend Bea, who still continued to work at the Ol’ Pickax. One visit however, would ultimately give Mae the impression that perhaps change was going through to her childhood friend as well…

Author’s comments: Gosh dang, it took me long enough to get back into writing… I’m going through an artist block anyway, so I thought I’d continue this story from where it was… I hope I can continue this one as well cause that would be really amazing, but lets see how it goes shall we?

Enjoy my friends~!!

[no secondary parts as of yet]

Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n​ (Who was my editor for the most part… Thank sis~!). @cryssalia​ (who is still an inspiration to me, and also I think that perhaps she would maybe like to read my stuff too ). And also @werelupewoods , cause like… I haven’t wrote in a while and I thought that maybe you could read this little thing im doing that is totally different from my neo stuff lol. (>w<)b

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Fool For Your Crown (ikon x bp)

a bestfriends!au nobody asked for. 

Staring: iKON x Blackpink

pairing: bobsoo

genre: romcom

link: aff, ao3

I suggest you guys to read it from the links bc I’m strugglying with my theme rn 

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Yesterday sucked

I worked at the store yesterday and I left in tears because I cry when I’m mad. I was scheduled 7-4, a 9 hour shift. During this shift I got sent to clean the bathroom twice. Both times a male co-worker was sent to clean the men’s room, but it was a different male each time. We had plenty of girls working so sending me back both times was kind of annoying and unfair. Then at 3, the other two girls that came in at 7 got off. When 4pm rolled around I was exhausted and ready to go. However, at my store, we have a rule that we can’t leave until someone comes to take over our register (there are a few special snowflakes this rule apparently doesn’t apply to, but I’m not one of them). I see our second shift people coming in and getting sent to various registers, but none were sent my way. Then my manager looks at me and says, “can you stay til like 4:15?” I told her I would, but made it obvious that I wasn’t happy. I didn’t clock out til about 4:20. Most of our other managers, when they know someone’s relief is running late, send one of the baggers over with a till to take over until that other person gets there, but this particular manager doesn’t really give a shit about any of us.

ADHD Steals My Free Time in a Subtle and Unexpected Way.

Through a chain of impulses and luck, I got a part time job not all that long ago. It’s nice because it isn’t too hard, and the work environment is full of nice understanding people. It’s nice too because I have money to spend on things I want to fill my free time with. I have more inspiration and means to pursue creative endeavors than I have very possibly ever before. 

I only work 4-6 hour shifts, leaving me with more than half of a waking day to do whatever I want. At least that’s what I mistakenly think each day. In truth, the part of my brain most interested in engaging in these activities (like animation, marker drawings, comic thumb-nailing, voice recording, and more than I can keep track of) can’t actually do much to focus on something with need for so much planning. Rather, not reliably without adhd meds. 

So sure, I should take my meds, no problem. However, stimulants are stimulants, and my ability to go to sleep at the “right” times is already hecked enough on its own. Thus, I try not to take it save for early in my day within a couple hours of waking up. Ok great, wake up, take meds, easy. That would work fine if my work shifts were near the end of my day. Unfortunately though, no matter how I do it, it seems like I’m doomed to stay up progressively later each night until I hit one of two points. In one, I’m free to loop around the clock, and reset back at an early sleep schedule and allow it to work its way back later and later. The second is a delicate balance where I don’t sleep quite enough at night, and go to sleep at the latest possible time to still wake up to an alarm to get me to where I’m going. The former is the one that feels more comfortable, where the latter is stressful but more functional to the eyes of a semi-consistent schedule.

Unfortunately work gives me shifts that could start as early as 9am, or as late as 5pm. This sort of ruins my chance of having a consistent thing to hold me in the weird stressful sleep pattern. It also doesn’t give me much room to loop around either though. As a result, I’ve fallen into a weird position of having a very inconsistent feeling sleep schedule where I wake up either a few hours before work, or a few minutes in advance of the bus I need, but can never fall asleep at a reasonable time. 

It’s fairly stressful knowing I should sleep, wanting to sleep, and having nothing in need of my attention, but being unable to sleep in one or more ways, and having this happen nearly every night. I’ve lost my ability to know when I’m sleepy. This isn’t super new, and I still feel exhaustion if it occurs, and I can feel tired in non-sleep ways, I just don’t feel tired in a way that motivates sleep. Perhaps it’s because of some chronic fatigue stuff going on that was very pronounced several months ago. I suspect it is. I also find that I’m tended towards a longer day than most people, so if I’m sleeping enough, I won’t feel tired by the time I ‘should’ be going to sleep. 

So what does this have to do with ADHD and free time? Everything. My meds clearly work for around 4 hours. I can get them to sort of work for me longer by being hyperfocused on a task as they wear off. If the task itself isn’t something too hard on executive functioning, the inertia keeps me going even though normally starting it would be hard.

So when do I take meds? When I wake up? Sure, and get home from work with them worn off already? After work? Okay, but I better be sure I don’t have any specific time I need to wake up the following day. Let’s also hope work didn’t take energy enough from me to dissuade me from wanting to use energy on my own projects. Very frequently, upon getting back from work, sitting down and doing more passive things is all I feel tended towards doing. Of course once I’ve done that a bit and my energy is back, it would be a good time to do fun creative things. Though by this point it’s far too late to do that with the help of meds due to an impending bed time. 

Therefore a 4 hour workshift is plenty to take up my whole day of free time, all because of ADHD with the guest appearance of some sort of sleep disorder.

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The owner has fired 5 of the 8 staff (who completely deserved it, they were lazy and shot at their job) but he didn't hire anyone to replace them until the end of the month (October). He's expecting us to do 4 12 hour shifts a week each for a whole month plus be available any time when we need more staff. I wanna quit but there's only 3 of us and I don't wanna put that shit on them

Insomnia pt.2

Type: Angst, Fluff, (maybe some light smut in the future)

Pairing: Chanyeol X reader, Xiumin X reader (might change as the story goes on?)

TW:Mentions of rape


Word count: 1,8k

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You stood in front of your bathroom mirror desperately trying to make your ponytail look halfway decent. You didn’t mind your work outfit that much, but the fact that you had to wear your hair in a tight ponytail with a hat that looked like it belonged on a doll and not a grown person kinda bothered you.

You put on the short-sleeved white button up shirt, the olive green skirt that was almost too short, and finally the black apron. Not really something you enjoyed wearing in the cold autumn weather. You grabbed the raincoat from the hook next to the door in one hand, and your umbrella in the other and headed out.

You went in through the back entrance, as always.

“Hey Y/N, your here early” Earl, the main cook and your boss, greeted you with his crooked smile. He was a good boss. He cared for all of his employees and insisted on only hiring college students like yourself. This would sometimes bring in creeps who were much older than the employees but still thought, for whatever reason, they might “get some”. And these men would always be there during your shifts since you mostly worked nights.

“Just being a diligent worker” you smiled back. “So, what do you think? Will it be a busy night?” You struggled to put that damn hat on.

“Nope. But you do have customers in booth 5.” Nicki, the day waitress who was just getting of her shift answered. You finally got the hat to stay on.

“Just fix your name tag sweetie” You looked down at your name tag and realized it was upside down. “Oh, thanks Nicki” you fumbled with it until it was in place.

 “Bye boss, bye Y/N” she said as she made here way out the back, you and Earl waving goodbye. 

You made sure once again your uniform was on properly and made your way out of the kitchen. Nicki was right, it didn’t look like it was gonna be a busy night. The diner was mostly empty except two girls studying in booth 1, which was on the right-hand corner, and a group of guys in booth 5, in the left-hand corner. Since you could see the girls were already served you walked over to the other group. You were amused when you saw that one of the guys was Minseok.

 “So, you’re stalking me now?” Minseok looked up and seemed to be genuinely surprised by your presence. 

 “No, actually we live across the street. If anything, you’re the one stalking me.” He smiled and leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms. The other two guys were obviously confused by the interaction. 

 “Guys, this is the girl whose room we broke into last night, Y/N.” He gestured towards you and the other men just sat there, frozen, not knowing what to say. You could see the guilt in their eyes.

 “So these are your partners in crime huh?” you shot them each a smile and they seemed to relax. They were both handsome, and even tho one of them was wearing a sweater and the other a hoodie you could just tell they were well built. 

“Yeah, this is Yixing” he gestured towards the taller of the two with a cute dimple in his smile. “ and Joonmyeon, the mastermind behind the plan” he gestured towards the one who was wearing the sweater. You could see Joonmyeon shoot Minseok a ‘wtf man’ look and you laughed. This whole situation was so bizarre. 

“Look we are really sorry, we had no idea-” Joonmyeon started.

 “No, it’s okay, really. Minseok explained everything.” You reassured them. “So what can I get you?” you asked tapping your little pad with your pen.

 “What do you recommend?” Yixing asked smiling at you.

 “Well, Dimples, since you asked…” you heard Minseok let out a laugh. “My personal favorite is the peanut butter chicken” you said, pointing at the menu with your pen. None of them really seemed impressed by your suggestion.

 “Why are you asking for recommendations? I thought you lived across the street, this can’t be your first time eating here.”

 “Hey, don’t I didn’t lie” Minseok immediately defended himself.

 “Actually it is my first time eating here. I don’t know about them.” Yixing explained. You nodded and wrote down their orders. Joonmyeon ordered the spicy wings, Yixing the hamburger, and Minseok the special of the day.

 As they were leaving that night they left you with a pretty generous tip and about a million apologies. After that time they came to the diner a lot more often, and mostly during your shift. They always sat in the same booth, and always ordered the same things: the spicy wings, a hamburger and the daily special. And every time you’d tease them about their failed break-in attempt. But that was it, you couldn’t really call them friends since you never hung out with them. They were just regulars at the diner. 

 Then the night that ‘it’ happened.

 They came in as usual, but this time the diner was much busier. All the tables, but one, were taken. Since you worked alone serving the people at the tables you didn’t really have time joke around with the guys that time. You didn’t even take their order since you knew exactly what they would get. As you were bringing them their food you stopped to give a man, who had come alone, his order, a black coffee. 

You put the coffee and the receipt on his table, and smiled like you always did at customers. As you were leaving you felt someone grab your ass. It was unexpected. You quickly turned around and the man winked at you. He winked at you. You felt disgusted and angry but you didn’t know how to react. 

So you just turned around and headed towards the guys’ table. Minseok had seen what happened and he was coming your way. You had never seen him angry, but you had a feeling that this was as angry as he gets. His fist was clenched, teeth gritting. You realized what his intention was and blocked his path.

“Don’t.” You said quietly, hoping nobody else could hear you. He looked you in the eyes and his expression softened. You felt your stomach turn. Was he really willing to hurt somebody for touching your ass without permission?

“Anybody would do that Y/N. Don’t think too much of it.” You thought to yourself.

You walked back to his table together.

 “You should have let beat the living crap out of him” he said as you placed the bowl of spaghetti in front of him.

 “What happened?” Yixing and Joonmyeon asked simultaneously. 

 “Nothing. Forget about it Minseok.” you walked away before he could protest.

 It wasn’t long before the diner started emptying out. You would catch the man staring at you a couple of times. He didn’t look like a creep. He looked like the average man who was in his late 20s. You would also occasionally catch Minseok staring at you, and his anger didn’t seem to be growing weaker. But eventually the guys finished eating and were about to leave. You said goodbye to Yixing and Joonmyeon, but had to practically kick Minseok out. He didn’t want to leave and insisted on walking you home after work. But you still had 4 hours in your shift and you didn’t want to make him wait.

 The first two hours went by fast. Earl asked if you could lock up tonight because he had to go home early. You did really mind doing this, so you agreed and he gave you his spare key. You looked at the time and it was half past midnight. Just an hour and a half until closing time. But the man, he was still there. Still sipping on his coffee. You had refilled his cup 4 times already. He had been sitting there for almost 4 hours and he was making you nervous. You could feel him staring at you. That’s why you felt so relieved when he left 30 minutes to closing time. He just took his coat, left a 20$ bill on the table and left. 

 By the time it was time to lock up the diner had long been empty. You cleaned the floor and made sure all the tables were wiped. You said goodbye to the other workers and locked the main entrance after them. You headed out the back and locked the door after yourself.

As you were putting the key in your purse you thought you heard someone breathing heavily. This made you nervous, because the dark alley was already creepy enough. 

Someone grabbed you, pushing you roughly against the wall. Your breath hitched when youn saw it was the man from the diner. He was stalking you, like a lion would a prey. He was waiting for you so he could do this.

‘‘You-’‘ he put his hand over your mouth so you couldn’t scream. You knew exactly what his intentions were, but you didn’t want to believe it.  His hands felt rough against your soft lips. And the fear kicked in, paired with anger both at your attacker and yourself. Why didn’t you just let Minseok walk you home? Why didn’t you ask one of your coworkers to wait for you? Why did you agree to lock up? This was your fault for not noticing that the guy was obviously dangerous.

“Just don’t fight it and don’t scream” he whispered in your ear and the small hairs on the back of your neck stood up. You felt a warm tear stream down your face. You pushed him with all your strength. He stumbled back for a moment but before you knew it his hands were around your neck. You felt a shriek leave your throat and hoped it was loud enough for someone to hear. Anyone. He was much stronger than he seemed and you quickly felt your mind going blank and vision going black.

Like a prayer answered you found yourself gasping for air as his hands disappeared from your neck. You weren’t quite sure what was happening but you found yourself on the ground with a sharp pain in your temple. You tried desperately to see what was going on but your vision was blurry and your head was pounding.

“Hey, miss are you okay?!”


A/N: I didn’t proof read this one. Hope you guys liked it ٩(♡ε♡ )۶. Thanks for reading.
Fuck coworkers and Customers

I had my first shift with a particular coworker the other day. So she’s not that new, having been working since the beginning of the year, even though she only does 1 shift a week. SHE CAN’T DO ANYTHING. Like I only started a month ago, and I’m already way better at using our system than she is. She also has no volume control, which irritates the hell out of me. We were both doing a 4 hour shift, which means we get 1 10 minute break. She leaves for a good 20-25 minutes. This really pisses me off because I’m super careful about making sure I’m back as soon as my break ends.

I also had a particularly irritating customer that shift. We have some mangos in our store, but as it’s not yet mango season, they’re quite expensive. So this lady comes up, and when I weigh her mangos, she decides they’re too expensive, and she doesn’t want them. So thats okay, I can remove them from her transaction. She decides that instead she wants oranges, so she wanders off, returns with one of our discount box’s, decides she also doesn’t want her tomatoes, goes and gets more mangos, decides she doesn’t want them, and finally goes and gets her oranges so I can finish her transaction.

Tl:dr coworker is bad at job and takes a way longer break than she should have, customer doesn’t understand pricing and keeps wandering off during transaction.

Sad Birthday (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hi. Could there be a Joe Imagine where its’ your B/day. But you aren’t really able to spend it with Joe as he has a book signing. But you also had to work that day which made it worse. You got a super cute txt off joe early morning saying he wishes he could see you. But he actually surprises you at work before you finished your shift around lunch time. he then takes you along to his book signing and then treats you afterwards with a cute presents (like holiday tickets) and acts all cute :)


You woke up to the sound of your alarm and you groaned loudly. You turned the awful sound off before hiding under the sheets not wanting to get up to go to work. The empty space next to you where your boyfriend Joe normally were laying with his cute sleepy face, made you want to stay in bed even more. It was a normal Tuesday besides the fact that it was your 24th birthday, but you weren’t really looking forward to the day. You were busy with work until 4 pm and Joe was off to a book signing in London. Your family lived in Dublin and they had not been able to come over for your birthday, so you had been excited to spent the day with Joe, but that wouldn’t happen either. Your phone suddenly beeped and it was a text from Joe.

From: Joe
Hi gorgeous, the only thing I wanted today was to spend it with you.
I’m so sorry, and I promise I’ll make up for it. Have the best birthday ever, I love you so much.

The text made you smile widely and you immediately answered. Even though it was a boring day you decided it was time to get ready and go to work, and the text from Joe had made it a little bit easier.

After guiding hundreds of people to what outfit looked the best you finally had your lunch break. The sun was out so you were sat outside with a bottle of water and your lunch, enjoying the sun. You had your eyes on your phone until someone suddenly stood in front of you shading the sun. You looked up at the person with an annoyed look. Your heart skipped a beat and your mouth turned into a big smile when you realized it was Joe.

“Joe!” you squealed as you jumped up from the ground and into his arms. He laughed as he put his arms around you and kissed your lips. It felt so amazing to see him and you were beyond surprised.

“What are you doing here, you goof?” you asked and looked into Joe’s blue eyes.

“I wanted to surprise you and steal you off work to come with me to my book signing,” Joe explained and you couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re the best boyfriend in the whole world, you know that?” you said before giving Joe a deep kiss, which made him smile.

“I know,” Joe said with a smirk and you pushed him gently with a smile.

“But I’m not sure I can just leave. I still have 4 hours left of my shift,” you said with a sad face and Joe shook his head.

“I already asked and you’re free to go,” Joe said with a satisfied smile and you looked at him with a surprised look.

“You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?” you said with a smirk before giving Joe another passionate kiss.

You were sat behind Joe with his manager and talked and ate the snacks, which were displayed on the table in front of you. Watching Joe meet so many of his fans made you so happy and the day went by fast. When Joe had met everyone it was time to leave.

“You weren’t too bored, were you?” Joe asked whilst putting an arm around you and placing a kiss on your temple.

“No, it was fun,” you answered with a smile and Joe smiled back.

“Now it’s time for more surprises,” Joe whispered in your ear as he opened the door to the car, which was here to pick you up. The car drove you back to Joe’s place and you walked inside hand in hand and both with big smiles.

“You have to wait out here for a moment, okay?” Joe said with a mysterious look and you shook your head with a laugh.

“No questions! I love you,” Joe said and gave you a quick kiss before disappearing inside his flat. You couldn’t help but laugh.
After waiting for 5 minutes the door opened and Joe smiled at you.

“Come here,” Joe said and took a hand out in front of him for you to take. You walked towards him and took his hand with a smile. You walked into the flat and saw candles lit all over the living room. It looked so romantic and you looked at Joe with a big smile.

“You’re such a romantic guy,” you said with a smirk and Joe laughed before you gave him a big kiss.

“I have a little something for you,” Joe then said and you looked at him with an exciting look. He pulled something out of his pocket and placed it in your hands. It was a piece of paper and you looked at it with a confused look. You soon realized that it was two plane tickets to the Maldives and you looked at Joe with a surprised look.

“We’re going to the Maldives babe,” Joe said to clarify what you were actually holding in your hand.

“Omg!” you exclaimed before jumping into Joe’s arms and kissing him all over his face.

“Well, you seem happy,” he laughed and you looked at him with a nod.

“You know, I thought this would be the worst birthday ever but it has actually turned out pretty great,” you said with a smile and Joe removed a piece of hair away from your eyes.

“I’ll do anything to see that smile,” Joe said and pointed at your smile. You blushed a bit before Joe pulled your head closer to his and he left a deep kiss on your lips, which gave you butterflies.

“I love you,” you whispered and Joe smiled.

“I love you too,” Joe whispered back and once again you kissed your incredible boyfriend. It had been an amazing birthday and you couldn’t wait to explore the Maldives with Joe.  

Falling Into You - Chapter 7 Date and Desire

Read on A03

sorry for no ‘keep reading’ link, it won’t let me :( and all the paragraph quotes 😡

<p>Betty woke the next morning and heard Jughead talking on the phone in the living room.  He was angry and loud enough for his voice to carry to the bedroom.</p>

<p>“It’s fucking Sunday!  I’ve worked non stop for a month to get that shit done……Why can’t you find someone else?…….Yes, I know Im always willing but maybe I think you’re just taking advantage now……. Yeah yeah…..whatever, well then I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off and don’t fucking call me in because I won’t answer my dam phone.”  He was silent then, except for an angry “Fuck.” And then she heard cupboard doors being slammed.  She winced and got out of bed and slowly walked to the kitchen.  He was pissed off, that much was clear by the look on his face.</p>

<p>“Work?” she asked softly, walking over to him.  He sighed and opened his travel mug to fill it with coffee.</p>

<p>“Somebody fucked up again and apparently it has to be fixed before some other shit starts tomorrow and they only trust me to do it,” he said angrily.  “I need to go in.”  He put his arm around her shoulder and hauled her up next to him and sighed again.  “I don’t think we can do that date today,” he muttered with regret.</p>

<p>“It’s ok Juggie, we can do it tomorrow.  I’ll skip class and we’ll spend the day together.”</p>

<p>“You don’t need to do that,” he said.  </p>

<p>“I want to.  I’m ahead of the game in two of them anyway and it won’t make a difference.  Why do they keep calling you to fix mistakes?”</p>

<p>“They trust me.  I’m not a half assed worker and I do my job right, so that makes me ‘Mr. Fix It’ I guess.”</p>

<p>“Well that’s good,” Betty said smiling.  “You should be proud that they trust you and call on you when there is a problem.”</p>

<p>“Yeah, well I had plans today,” he muttered in irritation.</p>

<p>“If I wasn’t here would you even be mad?”</p>

<p>“Well, no,” he said with a chuckle.  “They always call me and it never really mattered either way.  Extra pay and earning trust is a good thing.”</p>

<p>“Well, that makes me proud of you, you’ve come a long way Juggie and your bosses love and trust you and I think it’s wonderful,” Betty said with a smile.  “I’m not going anywhere, and we can have that date tomorrow.”  He leaned down and kissed her and then again.</p>

<p>“Ok, well unfortunately I have to go then.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back.”  He kissed her again and got ready and left.  Betty sat on the couch with her cup of coffee and sighed.  Well, a day of reading and movie watching by herself wasn’t a bad thing.  She even called Molly’s and got a 4 hour shift starting at 10:00 am and got a little extra money herself.  It was a quiet, if a bit lonely day.</p>

<p>Jughead came home that evening around 9:00.  He was tired and irritated and at that moment he wanted to kick his boss off the roof of the building he’d been working on.  The screw up had taken hours to fix and he’d never hated his job before, but he did now.  The apartment was quiet and he guessed Betty had gone to sleep already.  He grabbed a bite to eat and hopped in the shower and when he was done he grabbed the pair of pajama pants off the hook in the bathroom and slid into them.  When he opened the door to his room he was surprised to see Betty in his bed.  He looked back toward her bedroom and he wondered if she had even noticed that it was warm now.  She probably hadn’t gone in there as she had grabbed a bunch of things from there the previous day.</p>

<p>He smiled and walked into his room, closing the door behind him.  Well, she was sleeping, no need to tell her that she could sleep in her own room, was there?  He grabbed a t-shirt and pulled it over his head and got into bed.  As soon as he lay down and covered himself, she rolled over and snuggled into him.</p>

<p>“Welcome home,” she whispered and he grinned.  </p>

<p>“I thought you were sleeping.”</p>

<p>“I was but your shower woke me,” she said softly.  He hugged her close.  He figured he should probably be honest with her and tell her that her heat was fixed.  </p>

<p>“I’ve been meaning to tell you, the heat is fixed in your room,” he mumbled with a sigh.</p>

<p>“It is?” she asked in surprise, looking up at him.  “Did he come by today when I was at work?”</p>

<p>“Ummmm, no…..”</p>

<p>“When did he fix it?” </p>

<p>“Yesterday,” Jughead said, a smile playing on his lips.  Betty leaned back and studied his face.</p>

<p>“Did you know this yesterday when I climbed into your bed and went to sleep?” she asked, her lips twitching up.</p>

<p>“Maybe.”  Betty smiled and snuggled closer to him.</p>

<p>“Ok, I’ll sleep there tomorrow,” she whispered.  “I can’t wait for our date tomorrow,” she said after a while.</p>

<p>“Me neither.  I’ll pick you up at 3:00.”  Betty looked at him again in confusion.  He grinned at her.  </p>

<p>“Ok, I’ll let my roommate know,” she said, settling back down.  “He’s a bit of a grump, so don’t knock too loud when you show up.”  Jughead slapped her backside and she jumped and giggled.  Then her heart started to race when he only moved his hand slightly toward her hip.  “You copping a feel there, Jones?” she asked in pretend outrage.  </p>

<p>“Maybe,” he answered, his favorite word apparently. </p>

<p>“Well, don’t mind if I do as well,” she said cheekily, and moved her hand under his shirt.  She felt his muscle twitch as she ran her hand slowly over the skin of his abdomen.  He was hard muscle and smooth skin.  She raked her nails lightly over his stomach and he put his hand over her, stopping her movement.  She looked up at him and saw his eyes darken as she bit her lip.  “I like your stomach,” she said with a smile, moving her hand under his.  “It feels like smooth warm steel, all hard and……”  Jughead growled and pulled her hand from under his shirt.  He moved his hand up to her waist and turned her so her back was against his chest.</p>

<p>“Go to sleep,” he said, sounding as grumpy as ever.</p>

<p>“You started it,” she whispered with a smile.  </p>

<p>“If you’re not careful, I’m going to finish it,” he replied, his voice hoarse and low.  Betty felt an ache coil in her stomach.  She sighed in frustration.  She should have gone back to her own bed.</p>

<p>Jughead clenched his jaw and forced his body to relax.  If she would move just slightly, she would know just how steely hard he was.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>When Betty woke the next morning, it was already 10:00am.  She had taken half the night to fall asleep because all she wanted to do was make out with Jughead, who happened to be gone from the apartment she wondered briefly if he had gone to work.  She went into the kitchen and found a note telling her he would be by to pick her up at 3:00 and to have a relaxing day, maybe a soak in a bubble bath or do her hair and nails or whatever girls did to get ready for dates. He also told her to dress for the weather.   She laughed and made herself a cup of coffee.  </p>

<p>“Such a cheesy dork,” she muttered happily.  She spent the next few hours doing exactly what he figured girls did.  When she went into her room it really was warm and the heat was fixed.  She got some bubble bath and had a long soak in the tub and then painted her nails and she wasn’t sure what he had meant by dress for weather; she gathered that meant some of the date was outside, so she left her hair down in a wavy style so she could cover it with a hat and not get hat head.  She put on dark jeans and a soft white sweater and sat on the couch with a book to wait for Jughead.  </p>

<p>At precisely 3:00, there was a knock at the door.  She grinned and jumped up and walked quickly to answer the door.  She swung it open and there stood Jughead, looking as gorgeous as ever, his hand behind his back.  He was in his usual dark jeans, but he had traded the flannel for a white cotton shirt and his head was free of his usual ball cap or beanie.  </p>

<p>“Hey,” she said happily and he smiled and presented her with a bouquet of pink and white roses.  Her smile actually hurt her face.  She took them, her cheeks rosy from her blush and he pulled her close and gave her a soft kiss.</p>

<p>“You look beautiful,” he said softly when he pulled back.  She pulled him inside and closed the door and went in search of a vase.  “You broke the only one I had,” he said laughing.  </p>

<p>“Oh, shit,” she muttered.  He pulled out a mason jar and she started to arrange them in there.  Jughead hugged her from behind and kissed the side of her neck and she sighed and leaned back into him.  “Where have you been all day,” she asked, tilting her head so he had better access.  He bit lightly at her skin and soothed it with a kiss before answering.</p>

<p>“I was at Justin’s trying to keep him from getting drunk because he’s convinced Emma hates him,” Jughead said with a smirk.  Betty turned in his arms and stared.</p>

<p>“Emma doesn’t hate him,” she blurted.  </p>

<p>“I know; he’s being an idiot and after trying to lecture me the other day on relationship stuff, he’s fucking up more than I ever could.”</p>

<p>“What do you mean?”</p>

<p>“He thinks he needs to woo her and I told him she’s already in love with him and to just fucking tell her how he feels and then he goes and sends a text saying “I love you’ like straight out and she replied with ‘are you drunk?’ and now he thinks she doesn’t love him back.”  Jughead was laughing by the time he was done explaining.</p>

<p>“Wait, Justin is in love with Emma? And you know Emma is in love with him?” Betty asked in surprise.  </p>

<p>“I’m very observant,” he said smiling.  She smiled and leaned in to kiss him.  His hands came up to cup her face and he kissed her deeply, passionately until she was gasping for breath.  </p>

<p>“God, you’re a good kisser,” she breathed and kissed him again.  He grinned against her mouth and deepened the kiss again.  He finally pulled away and she sagged against him.  His arrogant smirk made her roll her eyes.  </p>

<p>“Too shy and blushing when asking me on a date one day and grinning all smug like the next,” Betty laughed.  “You’re ridiculous.”  </p>

<p>“Grab your coat and some mittens and a hat and scarf, we have a date to get to,” he said with a smile.  He grabbed his beanie and a scarf as well and they headed out.  Jughead had a taxi waiting and he held the door for her and soon they were on their way.  </p>

<p>“Where we going?” she asked, snuggling up next to him.  He didn’t say anything, just smiled and a while later, they pulled up in a park and climbed out.  Jughead took her hand and they followed a shovelled walk to the center.  It was actually a nice day and not too cold and she was glad for it.  They came upon an ice rink and she looked at him in surprise.  “We’re going skating?” </p>

<p>“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a grin and headed over to where they were renting the skates.  They got some and sat down to put them on and she bit her lip nervously.  </p>

<p>“I’m not very good at skating,” she admitted with a sigh.</p>

<p>“I won’t let you fall,” he promised with a twinkle in his eye.  When he finished fastening his, he pulled her leg over his and started tightening hers.  She let him and smiled at his thoughtfulness.  Soon she was standing on the ice, trying not to fall on her ass.  Jughead laughed and stood in front of her, his hands on her waist.  He started skating backwards, forcing her to follow.</p>

<p>“I’m going to fall,” she said laughing, trying to get her legs to work right. </p>

<p>“If you fall, we fall together,” he said warmly, pulling her closer and pulling her along.  She felt her heart flutter at his words.  She knew he meant falling on the ice, but her mind went to a different kind of falling.  It took her a few minutes to get her bearings and then he could let go of her waist.  He took her hand and they skated slowly around the ice.  There was no boards around it and bales of straw at various areas along the edge where you could sit and rest if you wanted.  </p>

<p>“You’re pretty good at this skating business,” she commented at his easy gliding next to her.  </p>

<p>“I’ve gone a few times.  Colin plays hockey on the weekends and used to drag us along and make us skate with him.  Got pretty good at it I suppose,” he explained.  Betty started to wobble then and he moved behind her and steadied her with his hands on her waist.  His arms came around her suddenly and he lifted her off the ice.  She shrieked in surprise and he laughed and started spinning around.  Betty clutched his arms, and squeezed her eyes shut, convinced they were going to hit the ice.  When the spinning finally stopped, he was hugging her close, his lips pressed to her ear. </p>

<p>“Chicken,” he teased.  She turned slowly so she wouldn’t lose her balance.  </p>

<p>“I’m afraid of heights,” she informed him.  Jughead burst out laughing.</p>

<p>“You weren’t even a foot off the ground,” he said when he managed to stop. </p>

<p>“Well, when you have no control, it feels like 100 feet,” she informed him with a mock frown.</p>

<p>“Sorry beautiful,” he said softly, his eyes twinkling.  She forgave him immediately.  He pulled her flush against him and kissed her softly.  She promptly lost her balance and he wasn’t quick enough cause he was too busy kissing her.  They went down and somehow he managed to get his hand between her head and the ice and she didn’t hurt herself.  She lay there dazed and then burst into a fit of giggles.  He leaned over her, a happy smile on his face.</p>

<p>“You falling for me, Cooper?” he teased.  Betty’s giggles faded and her breath caught in her throat.  She looked up at him and swallowed.</p>

<p>“Maybe,” she whispered.  The teasing look in Jughead’s eyes left and he looked at her with dark, hungry eyes.  He dipped his head and kissed her slowly and she clutched his jacket, pulling him closer.</p>

<p>“There are children here!” Someone yelled and Jughead lifted his head, the twinkle back in his eyes.  </p>

<p>“There’s children here Betts, try to control yourself,” he said.  She rolled her eyes and smacked his arm.</p>

<p>“Ass.”  </p>

<p>Jughead laughed and got up and pulled her with him.  He led her over to a straw bale and they sat, resting a bit.  She watched him, noting his happy relaxed look.  He was so different from the Jughead she had known when she was younger.  There was no more dark brooding look, no more scowls and glares, no more cloud of sadness around him.<br />
“Do you ever talk to your dad?” she asked, suddenly curious.  He looked at her and smiled.</p>

<p>“Sure.  We do the phone call a few times a year.  Holiday’s mostly.  He came to New York about a year ago for a few days.  It was alright.  He’s doing well, seems to have gotten off the bottle for the most part.”</p>

<p>“How about your mom?”  There was a flash of sadness in Jughead’s eyes and then it was gone.</p>

<p>“I call her a couple times a year.  We don’t talk too much and I mostly talk to Jellybean.  I asked last year if she’d like to come visit me and of course my mother wouldn’t allow it.  She turns 18 in a few months and I think she’ll come then.  Mom can’t keep her home anymore then.”</p>

<p>“I’m sorry Juggie.  It must be hard to not see your family.”  He shrugged and leaned forward, his forearms on his thighs.</p>

<p>“It’s ok,” he said with a smile.  “I’m happy now and I don’t let it bother me.  I could always go see them if I was desperate enough.  I’ve kind of put all that behind me and gotten on with my life.”</p>

<p>“I’m happy for you,” she said genuinely.  He smiled at her and nudged her with his shoulder.  </p>

<p>“Plus you’re here now, so my life is suddenly so much better,” he said softly.  She smiled happily and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a tight squeeze.  He hugged her back and then straightened.</p>

<p>“Time to continue,” he said smiling.  She protested half-heartedly but followed him onto the ice and they spent another hour skating and laughing and Jughead scaring the life right out of her.  He seemed to take great pleasure in skating up behind her and picking her up, screaming and all and twirling her around the ice.  By the time they brought their skates back, her cheeks were red with cold and she was exhausted from laughing.  They walked slowly down the path and Betty suddenly giggled and grabbed Jughead’s hand and pulled him off the walk into the deeper snow. </p>

<p>“What are you doing?” he asked.  She stopped and grinned at him.</p>

<p>“Let’s make snow angels,” she said excitedly.</p>

<p>“Aren’t we a little old for snow angels?” he asked with a raise eyebrow.</p>

<p>“Jughead!” she gasped.  “One is never too old for snow angels.”  She grabbed him and pulled him down as she flopped back on the snow.  He laughed with her and they must have looked like idiots but she didn’t care and proceeded to make one, giggling while she did it.  Jughead managed to get one made before he rolled over and leaned over her. He gazed down into her sparkling eyes and couldn’t help but kiss her again.  She kissed him back eagerly and then pulled back.</p>

<p>“Jughead Jones, there are children around,” she teased.  He kissed her again and then pulled her up off the snow.  They brushed each other off and as they walked back to the street Jughead called an Uber and it was there within minutes.  They went to a café next and had some hot chocolate and to warm up.</p>

<p>“So what’s next?” she asked smiling.  </p>

<p>“Early dinner and a movie at home?  I figured the skating was like going for a walk.”  </p>

<p>“You’re ridiculously cute,” she said with a smile.  He winked at her and settled back on the couch he was sitting on.  She had to refrain from climbing into his lap.  He looked so damn sexy, with his tousled hair form his hat and his red cheeks, she just wanted to kiss him till he was senseless.</p>

<p>“Having naughty thoughts?” he asked with a grin when he saw the flush spread further than her already red cheeks.  She leaned back next to him and sighed.  He laughed softly and took her hand.  He leaned close and whispered in her ear.</p>

<p>“Behave yourself and I might let you get naughty at home.”  Her stomach clenched and she bit back a groan.</p>

<p>“Shut up,” she grumbled and he laughed under his breath.  They stayed in the café a good hour before Jughead informed her that he was hungry. </p>

<p>“You just drank two cups of hot chocolate and 3 cookies,” she said, shaking her head.</p>

<p>“That wasn’t real food, I need real food.”  They left in another Uber and ended up at a semi-formal restaurant overlooking the shoreline.  The waterline and city lights were beautiful and Jughead pulled her down into the booth next to him rather than across from him.  “I like you beside me,” he said softly.  </p>

<p>They ordered a glass of wine and appetisers and Betty leaned into him, laying her head on his shoulder.  It was turning out to be the most wonderful date.</p>

<p>“Thank you for this Juggie, I’m having a great time.”</p>

<p>“Yeah?” he said smiling.  “Just think, you get to take me home at the end of it,” he teased.  Betty flushed and lightly pinched his arm.  “I like it when you blush,” he whispered against her ear.</p>

<p>“Yeah, well you blush too, mister,” she retorted and he smiled, placing a soft kiss on her mouth.  Dinner was wonderful and tasted amazing.  The wine relaxed Betty to the point of almost yawning and she giggled when she tried to stifle it.</p>

<p>“You gonna fall asleep on me?” he asked laughing.</p>

<p>“Its all the skating and then relaxing and now wine.  I’m so relaxed I probably could fall asleep.”  </p>

<p>“Well, let’s get home to that movie and if you want to sleep, you’re welcome to sleep in my lap,” he said with a wink.  She laughed even though her stomach fluttered at the idea.  When they stepped outside, the wind had picked up and the cold woke her right up.  He held her close as they waited for their ride and soon they headed home.  As soon as they got into the apartment, they went to change.  Both in pajama pants and t-shirts and soon cuddled under their blanket watching Pulp Fiction.  </p>

<p>“This is the best date I’ve ever been on,” Betty said smiling, looking over at him.  He smiled and pulled her closer.  </p>

<p>“Did you want some popcorn?” he asked after a while.</p>

<p>“I’m too full and too lazy to go make some,” she said.  “I’d take a glass of wine though.”  He got up and poured a couple glasses and they settled back in to watch the movie.  He laughed at parts that made her cover her eyes.  “I don’t understand this movie, it doesn’t make sense,” she said as it was ending.</p>

<p>“That’s because it’s broken up and mixed up,” he explained, as if that was supposed to help.  She just looked more confused and he laughed.  She let out a yawn and he brushed her hair back.  “I think it’s time for bed,” he said softly.  “You have class tomorrow.”  She sighed and let out a groan. </p>

<p>“Dammit, I thought it was Friday.  I’m all mixed up in my head.”  </p>

<p>“Sleep it off,” he grinned.  He pulled her up and walked to the hall.  She sighed again and stopped by her bedroom door.  There was no reason for her to sleep in his bed anymore.  Well, no logical reason.  He waited, letting her decide.  She took her door knob and swung her door open.  Jughead turned her slowly and took her face in his hands.  </p>

<p>“Thank you for the wonderful date,” he whispered as he dipped his head and took her mouth in a heated, thorough kiss.  Betty clutched his shirt and moaned when his tongue swept in her mouth.  She let her arms slide around his neck and pressed against him, losing herself in his kiss.  She was starting to tremble when he finally pulled away, his forehead on hers. “Goodnight,” he whispered.</p>

<p>“Goodnight Juggie,” she whispered back and he let her go and she went into her room, closing the door behind her.  Betty leaned back against the door, still trembling. </p>

<p>Jughead stood on the other side, his forehead and hand resting on her door.  He didn’t know how the hell he was going to sleep without her now.  He let out a frustrated sigh and went into his room.</p>

<p>Betty crawled under the covers on her bed and lay there a while.  It felt strange now, being alone.  She was suddenly wide awake and even though her room was warm, she shivered.  She still felt Jughead’s kiss.  She felt all his kisses, all the time if she was going to be honest.  She tossed and turned for a while and then gave it up.  It was probably a stupid move but she was never going to get to sleep and she needed him beside her.  She got out of bed and went to Jughead’s door.  She paused and wondered if she should knock.  She decided against it and slowly pushed the door open.  </p>

<p>Jughead lay on the bed, the sheets down around his waist, one hand behind his head and one resting on his stomach.  His bare stomach.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt and her mouth went dry.  He wasn’t sleeping either and he turned his head and looked at her.  He said nothing, waiting to see what she would do.  She walked slowly to the bed and stared down at him.</p>

<p>“I can’t sleep,” she whispered and he pulled the covers back for her.  Betty climbed in and curled up against him, her head next to his.  He smiled at her and she lifted her hand and brushing the back of her fingers against his cheek.  He did the same to hers and then took her hand, playing with her fingers as they lay and smiled at each other.</p>

<p>“Is this a good idea?” she asked softly.</p>

<p>“Probably not,” he replied just as softly.  They lay silently a while and Betty bit her lip, a bunch of things racing through her mind.  She had been wondering things lately and decided to just come out with it.</p>



<p>“Do you ever think…..” she sighed and stopped talking.   He watched her face, his eyes amused at her flustered look.  She tried again.  “Do you ever think when you sleep with…..” she was about to say ‘with me’ but refrained.  “I mean, because you have never slept with anyone and when you finally do, do you worry you won’t be any good at it?”  He raised his eyebrows and his mouth twitched with a smile.</p>

<p>“No,” he said simply.  </p>

<p>“No, you don’t worry or no you won’t be bad at it,” she asked.</p>


<p>“Why not?”</p>

<p>“I’ve read and seen and heard enough about it and I’m pretty confident I’ll know what I’m doing,” he said in amusement.  "Hopefully,“ he added with a chuckle</p>

<p>“You’ve seen?  Like porn?”</p>

<p>“No, I don’t watch porn,” he said.  “I saw a documentary once.”</p>

<p>“You saw a documentary on sex?  What was in it?” </p>

<p>“Sex,” he said laughing.</p>

<p>“Sex, like a porn movie?” Betty asked curiously.</p>

<p>“Yes, actually sex but not like a porn.  It was educational.”</p>

<p>“An educational porn?”</p>

<p>“What’s with the porn fascination?” he asked laughing again.  She blushed red and hid her face against his arm.  “It wasn’t porn.  They were just talking about sex and showing what to do.  I saw it years ago.”  </p>

<p>“I always think I’ll be bad at it,” she admitted shyly.  </p>

<p>“You won’t be bad at it,” he said as he looked at the ceiling.</p>

<p>“How do you know?” </p>

<p>“It’s not rocket science, I’m assuming it’s a quick learn.”  Betty nodded and he smiled.  She had no idea how aroused he was getting as she questioned him.  He didn’t think she realized that her hand was making slow circles on his stomach and his heart was hammering in his chest.</p>

<p>“Have you ever done other stuff?” she asked quietly.</p>


<p>“Like what?”</p>

<p>“Why do you want to know?” he asked, wondering if she noticed his unsteady breathing.  </p>

<p>“I’m curious,” she whispered.  “Have you ever, you know, touched a woman there?”  Damn, she was going to kill him.  Now that’s all he could think about doing to her.</p>


<p>“I’ve never been touched there,” she whispered.  “I read once that men like to kiss….”</p>

<p>“Jesus, Betty,” he groaned.</p>

<p>“Have you ever…”</p>


<p>“Has a woman ever kissed you….you know….”</p>


<p>“Ok.”  She was quiet for a bit and Jughead took a deep breath to try and calm himself.  </p>

<p>“I’ve never touched a man there,” she whispered suddenly.  </p>

<p>“Fucking hell, Betty,” he groaned.  He couldn’t help himself as he lifted her on top of him, and grabbed her face and kissed her.  She gasped as his tongue thrust into her mouth and his fingers gripped her hips, moving her against him, desperate to ease the ache.</p>

<p>Betty whimpered when she felt him pressing against her.  The ache between her legs was so intense she couldn’t help but press back, desperate for friction of any kind.  She had never felt anything like this and the pleasure was so intense she started to tremble.  The thin barrier of their pajama pants made it more intense then the slight feel she got the other day through his jeans.  Betty had touched herself in the past but had never felt this intense arousal and she moved harder against him.</p>

<p>Jughead pulled away from her mouth, his breathing harsh, his eyes dark as he looked at her.  His hands moved over her backside and he pressed her and held her to his arousal, moving his hips against her.  </p>

<p>“Juggie,” she whimpered, feeling like her body was on fire.  He moved suddenly and she was on her back and he was hovering over her, his body resting between her thighs.  She moved and cuddled him to her and he rested his forehead against hers.  He moved against her again and she moaned, arching against him.  Her fingers dug into his arms and she moved, feeling the ache intensify.  He moved again and hit just the right spot and she groaned out loud, and he did it again.  Her eyes flew open and he watched her, nudging against her again.  </p>

<p>“I…I want….” She whimpered, not even sure what she was asking for and at the same time wanting to ask for everything.  Jughead groaned and buried his face in her hair.  He knew what she wanted even if she didn’t. “Juggie?” she whimpered.  He lifted his head and looked at her.  “Can you touch me?” she whispered shakily.  </p>

<p>“Are you sure?” he asked, desperately wanting to do what she asked.  She nodded and he moved to the side, immediately missing the friction.  He pressed his mouth to hers, tracing her lips with his tongue, dipping into her mouth.  She moved her hips, missing the weight of him on top of her.  Jughead trailed his mouth down her neck, his teeth grazing the skin and then soothing with his tongue.  He brushed his hand over her stomach, leaving it on top of the shirt and slowly moved up her side, brushing lightly against the side of her breast.  </p>

<p>Betty whimpered again, twisting slightly so his hand brushed more against her.  He brushed the back of his hand over her breast and groaned when the nipple puckered immediately.  He brushed over it again and her hips jerked, her breath coming out in gasp.  Jughead moved his hand down and brushed his hand between her legs.</p>

<p>“Please,” she whispered, lifting her hips, the ache a furious burn that she was desperate to ease.  He lifted his head and watched her face as his fingers moved along the waistband, lifting it slightly, moving his hand under just a little.  He paused and waited for her.  She nodded and bit her lip and his hand slipped further and brushed over her, her lace panties already soaked with her arousal.</p>

<p>“Fuck,” he muttered against her mouth.  He stayed on top of her lace and pressed with his fingers until he found the spot that made her hips jerk and a cry escape her lips.  He started to circle lightly and pressed his mouth to hers and she kissed him hungrily as she moved with his hand, pressing against his fingers, desperate to ease the pressure that was building.  </p>

<p>Jughead moved his hand lower and cupped her, using his thumb against her and he could feel her start to shake.  He lifted his head and watched her face.  He pressed harder, moving his thumb in quick circles and she jerked against his hand.  Her panties were soaked and she may as well have been not wearing any.  He left them in place and stroked her over them and he took her mouth as he moved his thumb harder against her and soon her body stiffened and she cried his name into his mouth as she fell apart.  He lifted his head and watched the pleasure cloud her eyes and face and he had never seen anything so beautiful and arousing.  </p>

<p>Betty felt like her world exploded as pleasure so intense ripped through her, she thought she might have died.  Her nails dug into his arms and she clenched her thighs around his hand as she shuddered through her release.  Jughead rested his forehead against her shoulder and gently brushed against her as her body began to calm down.  She hid her face against the side of his and willed her breathing to slow.  After a while he lifted his head and smiled down at her and she blushed red and closed her eyes.</p>

<p>“A little too late to be shy now,” he teased softly.  She opened her eyes again gave him a little smile.  “Are you ok?” he asked gruffly.  She nodded and bit her lip.  </p>

<p>“You were really good at that,” she whispered, blushing some more.  </p>

<p>“I’m a quick learner I guess, only went to one or two classes,” he said with a laugh.  </p>

<p>Betty noticed his body was still tense and she felt him pressed against her hip, still aroused.</p>

<p>“Do you want me to….” She started and he shook his head.  </p>

<p>“I’ll be ok,” he said gently.  </p>

<p>“I want to help you,” she said shyly.</p>

<p>“Next time,” he whispered.  She smiled at that.  </p>

<p>“You sure?” she asked.  He nodded and brushed her hair back.  </p>

<p>“You need to get to sleep, you have class tomorrow,” he said softly.  </p>

<p>“I’ll be right back,” she whispered and went into her room and then the bathroom.  She changed and freshened up and quickly returned to his bed.  “Do you want me to go back to my bed?” she asked.</p>

<p>“No, I like you here,” he said gruffly, pulling her up against him.  It didn’t take her long and Betty was sleeping.  Jughead lay there, still dazed and slightly aroused.  He didn’t think she was quite ready to help him out yet and he took some breaths to calm his body down.  It took a while but soon he relaxed against her and hugged her close.  He decided he didn’t care if he had to sleep aroused for the rest of his life, he wasn’t sleeping without her again.</p>