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I understand that not everyone has the stamina to work long shifts, but it gets really old hearing "wow this 4 hour shift is exhausting/I'm really grumpy after the 5 hour mark" Like I work 40 hours a week at minimum wage shut the fuck uuuuup. 8 hours a day for the same wage as you shut uuppppp.

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Just worked a 4 hour shift with no fucking voice because my coworker didn't respond to my text to take my shift. Thank you awesome manager for letting me go home early!

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That feeling you get when your manager tells you, you'll be the only person on sales floor and they want you to clean the majority of the store in your 4 hour shift.


As a cashier in a truck stop, shady people are pretty common to see… and this goes to show how even shady people come in all varieties…

About 4 hours into my shift, one of my good friend stopped in to chat with me for awhile. He works as a volunteer medic on the local ambulance service; he was on call & where i work is a couple minutes away from the ambulance base… he was getting coffee when a pair of teenagers come in.

The one blonde guy i kinda recognize from when i went to high school… he’s only a year or 2 younger… i rang his sale up and that was that… his brunette buddy on the other hand…

Guy #2 puts a bottle of wine on the counter & a big cloud of marijuana just hits me in the face from this guy… dealing with so many potheads in the area, its nothing outside of normal… so asked for this guy’s ID, of course he wants to mock me & give me a hard time about having to pull it out for me.

He asked me if i cant tell he’s old enough by his beard… he has just has a tiny little patch of facial hair on his chin not even bigger than a thumb print, a wussy attempt at a beard… and i tell him so.

“With a wussy beard like that, its hard to tell how old you are.”

He doesnt hear me & i’m not going to repeat myself a million times so i verified his ID & finished the sale… not even catching onto what his blonde friend is going on about til after they walked out. My medic friend has been parked at the counter the whole time this is going down…

My friend points out to me that the 2 guys rode together… in a 7-seater van that is holding at least 9 people & half of them look underaged & under influence… that is all very, very illegal… so our best bet is to call this situation into Dispatch to have a cop come out to investigate.

As my friend is grabbing his phone out to call the Police, guy #2 comes storming back in and throws a pen down on the counter.

“Who owns this store? I want their name & number. You will not disrespect a customer like that. Saying I have pussy-fur on my face”

(Erm… what? Pussy fur? Where the hell did that come from?)

“I am not obligated to hand out any personal phone numbers regardless of who asks. If you want to complain to my manager, you may call the store in the morning. For the record, that wasnt even remotely close to what i said.”

This idiot is trying to grab at me from across the counter now!

“Come here! No ugly bitch is going to insult me and get away with it!”

So my friend, Adam, grabs the guy & shoves him back.

“I’m going to call you into the local police department. Stay or run, we have a name & license plate for you and all your underaged stoner friends. I’ll make sure to file a verbal assault report again you for insulting my girlfriend. She did NOT say pussy fur, she said you had a wussy beard!”

Of course, the guy guns it out the door & we filed a police report. I hope they found them because I dont wish for Adam to end them cutting their mangled bodies from a car accident later…

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are your kids dad in the picture? just curious because you seem to do it all by yourself!

Yes! I’m married, but my husband works 4 to 5 12-hour shifts each week, so it’s definitely hard on all of us. But Mike is an amazing dad, and he’s very much involved when he’s home. And Scarlett’s biological “father” is present, but in more of a fun uncle type role. He sees her on weekends when she goes to his mom’s. She knows that he’s her biological father (not sure how much she understands that though), but she calls him by his first name.

An article describing what Americans do all day. In 24 hours, let’s say you sleep 8 hours, now you only have 16 hours left. 3 hours watching tv, 2 hours on the phone now you only have 12 hours. Then you probably have an 8 hour shift. 4 hours. 4 hours you can probably use to focus on your personal goals but you will probably now say you are too busy with common activities we use as excuses. There is someone out there who is busier than you, working more than you, accomplishing more. So next time you say you’re busy, ask yourself if you can replace that “busy” with something that benefits your life and future.

I need to be out the door in, like, 20 minutes but I am dreading going to work with every inch of my being. 

We’re still 3 people short, one of our workers is 60 and just back from her second round of medical leave and pissed our lead off by saying she can’t work 6 days a week, and one of our other employees is 60 with severe and worsening dementia and can’t work more than 4 hours a shift. With the warmer weather, we’re selling a fuckton of fruit, so the shelf hasn’t been full for fucking weeks.

Add to all this my lead (still in the vein of ‘take her anger out on everyone in department’) was sending me angry texts through out my seminar (which I didn’t reply to bc I’m hourly, not salary, and not paid to deal with her when I’m off the clock) bc apparently someone somewhere reported me for wearing headphones while I close.

You know. For two hours while I wash dishes, scrub walls, and soap floors alone in the back room.

Which I know means she’ll go off on me when I come in today, because I never replied to her. 

Like, she can’t actually fire me, but she sure as hell can scream at me until I’m crying and wish I was fired, which has happened before, more than once. I also don’t know if she’ll try and convince one of the higher ups to write me up, although when I went in and talked to one of the assistant managers yesterday, he hadn’t heard anything about my being in trouble.

I just hate this shitty fucking job. but I can’t afford to quit (hello, medical expenses) and the only other jobs in town that I could pull with my schedule would involve going back to fast food and working more hours with less of a break for significantly less pay.

I just want to go to sleep and not deal with any of this.

How to survive working in the pastry industry (how I survive The Bakery)

1. Drink lots of coffee. Try a Redeye if coffee alone isn’t doing the trick

2. Keep deodorant in your bag because most likely you’ll be running late and forget to put it on before leaving

3. Shower everyday -or try to if you’re not dead from your 13 hour shift

4. ‘After work’ emergency kit is a must (baby wipes, excedrine etc)

5. Wine helps you forget how cruel your head chef/boss is

6. So does Farm Heros

7. If you’re getting crap about your work, your superior is probably intimidated by you.. or you suck and need to do things the way they show you!

8. Always listen. Never talk back.

9. Don’t be a pushover but remember to be respectful. (Confusing, isn’t it?)

10. If you need to cry, go to the bathroom or say you need something from the walk-in fridge. THERE’S NO CRYING IN PASTRY.. or so I’m told

11. You’re going to get cut, burned, write the wrong name on a cake, a bottle of sherry will fall on your head. Deal with it

12. RedBull is a wonderful thing in the final hours

13. Love what you do and you won’t let the name calling or exhaustion get to you too much. Remember, alcohol and friends in the industry make it easier

this is the second part to this fic where ashton is dating a single mom

“Samson baby,” you feel the tears burning the back of your eyes as you bounce your screaming 2 year old on your hip, your uniform from your second job still on as he cries and fights going to sleep despite being beyond tired, “please go to bed for mommy baby boy.”

“No mama no!” Samson cries as you attempt to peel him off of you, your heart breaking as his little fingers grasp your polo, “hol’ you mama!”

“It’s bed time,” you murmur, your voice trembling as your own emotions well in your chest- Wednesday’s are always hard days for both of you with your double shift at your first job and picking up a 4 hour shift at your second Samson hardly gets to see you and you’ve tried everything to get him to sleep tonight but he is not having it, “mommy loves you baby boy but it’s time to sleep- we’ll get all day tomorrow Sammy.”

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Friday Night 8:50

Hi. I know I haven’t written anything in a while. It is now 9 weeks into the semester (about halfway through). I went food shopping tonight. Grades are pretty good as of now. I have been doing a lot of sketching and coloring. Work has been okay. I’ve been lonely though. I wake up at 7:30 to 8:00 AM and get dressed, take a shower. I go to the cafeteria, and on the 2nd floor I eat my breakfast alone. It is a nice view though. Then I typically go to class (3 classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 4 and 5 hour shifts respectively and then class. I eat alone in my room or maybe in the basement of the cafeteria, alone. And I’ll eat dinner alone, maybe talk to my parents a bit, and go to sleep. I’ll hang out with some people–not really friends, but acquaintances– once a week. I talk to people at work, but I found out they don’t even know my name. I’m doing well academically, so that is okay but I’m doing pretty poorly socially. The odd thing is I was really happy the first half of the semester before I visited home. I liked my routine, but when I came home I feel like I realized how isolated I really am. I’m thinking about getting a pet for next year. We’ll see.

Okay, good night for now. I’m sleepy, even though its only 9:08… Probably will finish my sandwich, popcorn, ginger-ale and go to sleep in an hour or two.