4 hours shift

So my dog knows that when he sees me in my scrubs I’m going to be gone for 12 ½ hours. And I just came out of my rooms In my scrubs because I picked up a 4 hour shift. My dog looks at me a scruffs before walking away???? I think he thinks I’m not gonna be home for 12 hours. Doggy is going to be so surprised when I come back in 4 hours

Just pay the $3.55

Okay so little insight, my manager kinda sucks and only schedules me one or two days a week for 3-4 hour shifts. There are girls I helped TRAIN getting better hours than me. So needless to say I don’t always know what goes on in the store. So this guy comes in asking for one of my only male manager saying he was told to because we got his shake wrong. No big deal, I figured the guy was in the books, this normally isn’t an issue and there was no one waiting for their order behind him so I made his shake while I waited for my manager (hell, the guy even complimented me on how I made the shake).
The Assistant Manager, who was at the end of her shift and does not have the best temperament. She never has, I’ve known her since high school. She’s talking to the guy telling him if I hadn’t already made the shake she would have told me not to. That sends my anxiety through the roof because again, this isn’t normally a problem. A couple minutes later one of the girls I mentioned earlier pulls me aside and explained.
Apparently this jackass has been pulling this stunt for a couple weeks, tricking people on different shifts into giving him free shakes by asking for our male manager, presumably the only one he knows by name.

Title: One Long Night (pt.1)

Words: 3,923
Rating: T for Teen (death mention, swearing)
Pairing: Bea x Mae, Gregg x Angus
Summery: Life had seemed to change in the quiet little town of Possum Springs. To Mae Borowski, the changes in the town seemed to have been for the better, especially after that one night in the woods. She had just gotten a job over at Taco Buck, and her two friends Angus and Gregg seemed to have also move to settle down over in Bright Harbor as well. The only thing that hasn’t changed was her friend Bea, who still continued to work at the Ol’ Pickax. One visit however, would ultimately give Mae the impression that perhaps change was going through to her childhood friend as well…

Author’s comments: Gosh dang, it took me long enough to get back into writing… I’m going through an artist block anyway, so I thought I’d continue this story from where it was… I hope I can continue this one as well cause that would be really amazing, but lets see how it goes shall we?

Enjoy my friends~!!

[no secondary parts as of yet]

Honorable mentions: @j4m-ch4n​ (Who was my editor for the most part… Thank sis~!). @cryssalia​ (who is still an inspiration to me, and also I think that perhaps she would maybe like to read my stuff too ). And also @werelupewoods , cause like… I haven’t wrote in a while and I thought that maybe you could read this little thing im doing that is totally different from my neo stuff lol. (>w<)b

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TalesFromThePharmacy: Four Little Hours Seem Like A Year

I am a civilian pharmacy tech working part time in a military pharmacy overseas. Our base is relatively small and with the exception of the new arrivals every week, everyone pretty much knows nearly everyone (or soon will). I apologize for the length…

For the most part, my hours at the window aren’t anything special. Depending on the number of folks working that day, I’m either at the drop off window or the pickup window. ALL prescriptions here are electronic. During lunch, Active Duty, In Uniform, picking up for THEMSELVES, have head of line privilege (so they get back to work)

Normal procedure has patient pulling a number and waiting to be called to the drop window, where we verify: * Name * DOB * Last 4 of service member’s ID * A good contact number * Identify any other insurance * Verify allergies * Verify scripts being picked up

After all of the above is done, they are sent back to the waiting area until their name is called. They then go to the pickup window where we can ask for clarification if there is an issue or provide instructions before dispensing the medication. Before we proceed with any of that however, we again must check ID, verify name and DOB, and ask about allergies.

Yes, some of it is redundant, but it’s procedure and you don’t skip a step out of convenance if you want to keep your job.

So, onto my shift

(4 hour shift, beginning at lunch)

A mother pushing a stroller with a newborn and dragging along a 2-3 year old yanks a number, loudly complains that it’s stupid she has to wait with her new baby during flu season, and then plops herself down in our closest chair to the window. Seconds after she sat down, AD member in uniform comes to the red line in front of the window, as is procedure, to wait to be called. Having JUST clocked in that second, I look up, see AD member, and call him to the window.

Stroller mom freaks the hell out. She leaps from her chair, screaming “Oh hell no” and pushes her stroller between AD member and my window. To his credit, service member takes a giant step back, hands raised, and doesn’t ask her who the f’ she thinks she is. My pharmacist, hearing the commotion, doesn’t have the same restraint. Stroller mom is told to sit herself down and be quiet or she won’t be serviced without her AD member (you could tell she wasn’t the service member by the hair color and facial piercings) and his supervisor accompanying her. (When dependents are out of control, their sponsor’s leader, shirt, gets called in). She won’t stop hollering and swearing at the pharmacist, who calmly calls base Security Forces and just stands at the window watching her act like an idiot until she storms out (before SF arrives).

I then continue on with the service member who was trying to get his allergy meds before reporting back to work.

I process a few uneventful patients over the next 20 or so minutes (we fill between 80-120 scripts a shift) and then get slammed by about 15 AD members all at once (still during head of line hours). I announce multiple times, between each patient, that AD members picking up for THEMSELVES have head of line privilege, and try to process everyone as quick as I can. And then about 6th in line comes up Stroller Mom and her AD member.

I know this is going to be an issue. I just know it. I once again make the announcement, while getting the most hateful look ever, then press my “Pharmacist Needed At Window 1” button, and ask for the next AD member with a script.

Stroller Mom comes to the counter and slams down her ID, and speaking to her spouse saying “This is the bitch I was telling you about” And script isn’t for AD member, it’s vitamin drops for the baby.

Our med group policy is zero tolerance for verbal abuse by patients and I’m not here to please anyone. “Ma'am, I am afraid that this type language and behavior like you demonstrated earlier prevent me from being able to service you at this time. My pharmacist will be with you shortly, can you please have a seat in the red consultation chairs to the left.” I then walk away from the window (as is our training).

I kid you not, Stroller Mom tried to climb up over the counter and into the window, kicking her husband in the face in the process. She probably should have taken notice that one of the patients before her that was now waiting to be called to window 2 was a SF member, in full uniform, including identifying protective vest and with sidearm. I will have to wait until Monday to hear how it ended after she was hauled out of the building, but something tells me she will be sent packing back to the states. (Accompanying your service member overseas is a privilege, not a right)

That should be enough drama for one shift, right?

About an hour later, AD member comes to the window to pick up antibiotics for wife and keeps acting annoyed at the questions we ask. When I get to verifying that TriCare is the only insurance, he slams his first on my counter and tells me to just shut up and process the script.

And again, I read my hospital provided script asking they please be seated and wait for the pharmacist as I won’t be servicing him. And he sits, proclaiming me as the biggest cunt he’s ever met, and waits. And waits. And waits. When the pharmacist comes out about 20 minutes later to speak to the AD member, he (jr enlisted AD member) is as red hot mad as I’ve seen and begins to launch his abusive language at the pharmacist. The AD pharmacist. The senior officer AD pharmacist. Let’s just say he didn’t get his antibiotics that afternoon (his wife came in later, apologetic) and he has an appointment with his supervisor (I think his supervisor’s supervisor as well)and the pharmacist next week.

At this point, my pharmacist takes pity on me and has me swap windows with the AD tech at window 2.

Finally made it to the last half hour of my shift!!!

I call up a difficult name to pronounce, looking to be Pacific Islander of some type. After announcing the name three times, 5 minutes apart, I look around the waiting area to see if anyone might look like they fit the name. I identify one young woman sitting across the walkway who seems a bit lost and may fit the name, so I step out with name printed on an index card to ask if it is hers. Oh boy….

She shakes her head no, that this isn’t her name, and I thank her and return to my window. Oh well. Sometimes patients need to run to the restroom or something while waiting, I will announce one last time in 5 minutes.

I process about three more patients and decide to call this mystery guest one last time before I clock out. As soon as I butcher the last name, the woman I previously approached is dragged to the window by another female (not a service member). I’m confused, she already told me this wasn’t her name, but okay….

The “friend” that brings her to the window explains she speaks Creole Hawaiian and can not read. I’ve seen just about everything in the spouse community, so nothing surprises me anymore. I ask the friend if she can serve as a translator (which is SOP) and then proceed through my script, asking for ID, verifying information, asking for allergies…

But then I notice….

The ID doesn’t match either woman standing in front of me. The woman on the ID is 45YO. Both in front of me aren’t a day over 25. The woman on the ID is very very small, both in height (4'9" listed) and weight (104lbs listed). Both in front of me are taller than me (5'6") and 200'ish lbs each. This isn’t adding up. I ask the translator to again verify the name of the patient and DOB (and she gives the name belonging to the ID) and to verify the script (Percocet). Yup. I’m not processing this. I ask her and her friend if they will please be seated in the red consultation seats, telling her for this type of script, the pharmacist had to give consultation, and pressed the magic button again.

This ended in SF responding for a 3rd time to our pharmacy for the day and my not being able to clock out until nearly an hour late.

So the lessons taught today my friends were 1) Don’t be a douch to pharmacy staff 2) Not a good idea to curse at senior officers 3) Don’t borrow a friend’s ID to score meds

It’s a wonder they don’t pay us in wine vouchers with all that goes on here..

By: ImperfectBeingMyself

ADHD Steals My Free Time in a Subtle and Unexpected Way.

Through a chain of impulses and luck, I got a part time job not all that long ago. It’s nice because it isn’t too hard, and the work environment is full of nice understanding people. It’s nice too because I have money to spend on things I want to fill my free time with. I have more inspiration and means to pursue creative endeavors than I have very possibly ever before. 

I only work 4-6 hour shifts, leaving me with more than half of a waking day to do whatever I want. At least that’s what I mistakenly think each day. In truth, the part of my brain most interested in engaging in these activities (like animation, marker drawings, comic thumb-nailing, voice recording, and more than I can keep track of) can’t actually do much to focus on something with need for so much planning. Rather, not reliably without adhd meds. 

So sure, I should take my meds, no problem. However, stimulants are stimulants, and my ability to go to sleep at the “right” times is already hecked enough on its own. Thus, I try not to take it save for early in my day within a couple hours of waking up. Ok great, wake up, take meds, easy. That would work fine if my work shifts were near the end of my day. Unfortunately though, no matter how I do it, it seems like I’m doomed to stay up progressively later each night until I hit one of two points. In one, I’m free to loop around the clock, and reset back at an early sleep schedule and allow it to work its way back later and later. The second is a delicate balance where I don’t sleep quite enough at night, and go to sleep at the latest possible time to still wake up to an alarm to get me to where I’m going. The former is the one that feels more comfortable, where the latter is stressful but more functional to the eyes of a semi-consistent schedule.

Unfortunately work gives me shifts that could start as early as 9am, or as late as 5pm. This sort of ruins my chance of having a consistent thing to hold me in the weird stressful sleep pattern. It also doesn’t give me much room to loop around either though. As a result, I’ve fallen into a weird position of having a very inconsistent feeling sleep schedule where I wake up either a few hours before work, or a few minutes in advance of the bus I need, but can never fall asleep at a reasonable time. 

It’s fairly stressful knowing I should sleep, wanting to sleep, and having nothing in need of my attention, but being unable to sleep in one or more ways, and having this happen nearly every night. I’ve lost my ability to know when I’m sleepy. This isn’t super new, and I still feel exhaustion if it occurs, and I can feel tired in non-sleep ways, I just don’t feel tired in a way that motivates sleep. Perhaps it’s because of some chronic fatigue stuff going on that was very pronounced several months ago. I suspect it is. I also find that I’m tended towards a longer day than most people, so if I’m sleeping enough, I won’t feel tired by the time I ‘should’ be going to sleep. 

So what does this have to do with ADHD and free time? Everything. My meds clearly work for around 4 hours. I can get them to sort of work for me longer by being hyperfocused on a task as they wear off. If the task itself isn’t something too hard on executive functioning, the inertia keeps me going even though normally starting it would be hard.

So when do I take meds? When I wake up? Sure, and get home from work with them worn off already? After work? Okay, but I better be sure I don’t have any specific time I need to wake up the following day. Let’s also hope work didn’t take energy enough from me to dissuade me from wanting to use energy on my own projects. Very frequently, upon getting back from work, sitting down and doing more passive things is all I feel tended towards doing. Of course once I’ve done that a bit and my energy is back, it would be a good time to do fun creative things. Though by this point it’s far too late to do that with the help of meds due to an impending bed time. 

Therefore a 4 hour workshift is plenty to take up my whole day of free time, all because of ADHD with the guest appearance of some sort of sleep disorder.

Fool For Your Crown (ikon x bp)

a bestfriends!au nobody asked for. 

Staring: iKON x Blackpink

pairing: bobsoo

genre: romcom

link: aff, ao3

I suggest you guys to read it from the links bc I’m strugglying with my theme rn 

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i work at a convention centre. here is a list of shitty stuff my current workplace has done:

- did not train me in any procedures whatsoever before i started working there

- on my first shift ever, we had a big conference on and were severely understaffed. what was supposed to be a 4 hour shift was bumped up to 10 hours, and the same for the next day’s 4 hour shift too

- almost all the senior staff (aka the only ones who properly know how to run things) have left because of how our boss treated them

- a hodgepodge group of us were trained on how to count tills. in almost four months working there, this is the only official training i received

- i was forced to learn the tills within 30mins on my first shift from other workers and then had to keep up for the rest of the day (i still am eternally grateful for my friends who work there being good teachers and helping me pick it up quickly)

- i’m supposed to be a team leader. have i been trained here in anything like that? nope. everything i’ve learned has been from the other staff, most of which are a level below me (i don’t really see it that way, though. they’re far more experienced than i am, i do the exact same as them just with a different name and an approved manager card.)

- i’ve been expected to just figure out how to time breaks for a full staff of 30+ people when i’ve only done that in teams of 5-8 before. i was expected to do this recently while also running between multiple bars and doing my duties as approved manager

- rostering is a mess. nobody ever knows who’s coming in and we’re always either understaffed or have 3 people our boss has pulled in from another branch just standing around with nothing to do. also, he never prints out the roster so i can properly sort out breaks

- some staff haven’t worked for MONTHS because our boss just doesn’t like them and actively will sabotage them and replace them so that they don’t get hours

- the boss has received FOUR COMPLAINTS WITHIN ONE MONTH from old staff and his response was to tell one of the supervisors about it and call my friend’s formally written complaint a “nasty note” when it was pointing out an incredibly dangerous OHS hazard said supervisor made

- the OHS hazard? supervisor stacked boxes up WAY too high for it to be safe for anyone but super tall people. my friend left a note asking him to move it bc of the danger. he bitched about it non-stop and iirc didn’t even end up moving the boxes around

there is So much more i could complain about but the good thing is that my coworkers are all pretty decent people and some of my really good friends work/ed there.
my boss is good about me making mistakes but i recently messed up and forgot to print a couple of till reports (after working 14 hours with a fucked up ankle) and he’s been giving me FAR less hours and i know it’s because he doesn’t want me around as much. last week i was meant to work mon-tues and i found out when i got to work on monday (from another team leader, mind you) that my shift for tuesday had been cancelled. he wasn’t even going to tell me!!

i’m trying to stay at one workplace for at least two years because my resume is full of jobs i’ve had to leave after a year because they haven’t been able to pay my wages anymore. but this is so stressful and i really hate it. pray that my boss gets replaced w someone who knows what they’re doing :’)

okay the last time I asked for prayers it was for an interview and today it’s my first day mashallah so now I’m asking to pray it goes smooth as hell. It’s only a 4 hour shift but I haven’t committed the menu to memory yet 😣 it’s a landmark hotel here in LA where I’d be serving high profile guests which means mad money inshallah which I need lots and lots of to get my life on the road.

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I used to hate having really small boobs but yesterday my bra was bugging me so I took it off when I was on break and let me tell you finishing the last 4 hours of my shift braless honestly was the most comfortable I have ever been at work (bonus, my boobs are so tiny no one even noticed. Screw small chested people being expected to wear bras)

Totally jealous. I have permanent indents in my shoulder and under my boobs from the torture devices but if I go without it’s obvious and makes me insecure. :( -Abby