4 hours 20 minutes

Team RWBY, 20 minutes compiling and editing (original roughly 4-5 hours each, so in total around 20-25 hours for all 4 girls.)

I did some smaller edits to this team version: changed Blake’s belly and edited Yang’s hair because I thought the original one’s looked a bit strange.Yang’s hair doesn’t seem that noticeable when seen from afar and still looks like the original version. Weiss has a bit of chin deflation and Ruby just has a bit more rose petals painted in.

Anyway, this will probably be the last drawing of 2016 (other than the occasional twitter shitpost doodles.) I’ll be leaving to Taiwan and Hong Kong for the rest of December, so I’ll see you guys next year. 

Here’s to 2017! :D Happy Holidays (winter break, or regular winter), and may you have a Happy New Year! 


Gibbs Aquada, 2003. A high speed amphibious vehicle capable of 100 mph on land and 27 knots on water. Produced in limited numbers, it was powered by Rover V6 and set a new record for crossing the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle. Piloted by Richard Branson it made the crossing in 1 hour 40 minutes, cutting 4 hours 20 minutes off the previous record which had stood since the late 1960s

The Rules

Rule 1: No eating after 7pm
Rule 2: Two liters of water a day
Rule 3: Fast for 12 hours minimum
Rule 4: 20 Minutes of Cardio minimum
Rule 5: 50grams of Carbs maximum


Summary: Being at the heart of a Mafia gang was scary, but when family gets involved, it’s a whole other level of terrifying…

Series 1

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: You asked for more…so here it is! BIGBANG MAFIA AU is back! With a whole lot more blood, danger, and sex for you to dig your fingers into! What will happen this time? Who knows! The only thing we do know is that the mafia will go to any lengths to protect you, and in some cases that means choosing between the two things they need the most…

Part 4

‘How long left?’

'About half an hour.’

'Make it 20 minutes.’

The acceleration on the car as Youngbae puts his foot down has you jolting awake gently in your position in the back seat, grumbling as you curl more comfortably into Jiyong’s side, your legs folded on top of his lap as he clutches you in his arms.

'Not much longer now, Jagi.’ he murmurs quietly in your ear, dropping a gentle kiss to your forehead as you bury your face in his neck, and you hum contentedly as you try to go back to sleep.

'What happened with Mark in the end?’

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Woozi Fic 3

Uhh yeah ive been staying up until like 5 in the morning these past few nights and ive made it my resolve to write one of these every day because i have a problem so here’s another one (thank you to those whove read and liked it enough to give it a note it makes me really happy XD)

“Yah, Jihoon-hyung!” Dino screams as he bangs the bathroom door for the third time. “Hurry up! You’ve been in there for 20 minutes! You know how many of us there are and we don’t have 260 minutes to spare! That’s…” he pauses for a second and looks over to Minghao next to him.

“4 hours and 20 minutes,” Minghao finishes.

Dino swiftly turns back and continues smashing his fists. “4 HOURS AND 20 MINUTES HYUNG!”

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Crockpot Salsa Chicken

This recipe is super easy and provides dinner/lunch for both me and my partner for multiple days. I usually prep it in the morning before work and let it cook until I get off, and it’s ready with little effort! 


  • 1lb chicken breast (you don’t even need to cook it yet)
  • 1 16oz. jar of salsa (I use Pace Medium salsa) or 2 cups salsa
  • 1 can black beans
  • 2 cups rice


  1. Place raw chicken in crockpot.
  2. Dump jar of salsa over chicken.
  3. Cook on “Low” for 7 hours, or “High” for 4.
  4. 20 minutes before it’s done cooking, add can of black beans (drained) and let it cook with the chicken until time’s up.
  5. In the mean time, cook 2 cups of rice.
  6. Once everything’s done, just mix it all together and you have a nice, hearty meal prepped for a few days!

Including the rice is optional, but I’ve found that it really stretches the meal out. Plus, if you do not have rice the salsa/chicken combo is very soupy so you may need to adjust the amount of salsa.

Serve on tortillas as tacos or on it’s own in a bowl! I also like to add avocado slices if I have some handy.

To make one Imbued Sulfur, you need to make some other materials first. You’ll need 3 Green Ooze, 4 Yellow Goo, 2 Orange Goo, 2 Red Goo, 4 Purple Sludge, 1 Blue Goo, 1 Black Slime, 1 White Slime and 4 Broken Bottles. In total, it takes 20 hours and 10 minutes (11:10 if not counting materials brewing time) to make one of these things:

Wow. Okay, I’m very curious about the future use of that monster.

  • me: ok, it's 2:12pm. I'll start doing work at 3 cause that gives me almost an hour to goof off.
  • 3.00pm: K, not really in focus mode yet. I'll start at 3:30
  • 3.30pm: just like another half hour wont hurt.
  • 4.00pm: ... 20 more minutes
  • 7.00pm: Oh god... what have I been doing. I have to start working like now... or like in 5 minutes...
  • Midnight: Jesus FUCK. I need to sleep soon. Ok I SERIOUSLY am going to start doing work nOW.
  • 4.00am: Fuck it, I'm going to bed. I'll do that shit it the morning.

So I went to the Lord of the Rings with live symphony + choir this past weekend! ALL 3 of them! The last two is almost back to back with 2 hours of dinner break for audiences and the symphony/singers :D

It was really cool and amazing! I think the movie was extended version (so all of them are 3~4 hours, with 20 minute intermission). I forgot many things and didn’t realize how good it was! People laughed and clapped at all the famous scenes/lines.

The younger me used to like Legolas (heh), but the older me find Aragorn very attractive…!!!