4 homeruns

"I Told You So."

Pairing: (Y/N) x Cody Bellinger

A/N: Oh my gosh I am so sorry it took so long. I’m a total slacker. Oh and by the way please don’t actually call the number that is in this imagine it is obvious something I just made up.

Warnings: None. Just a kiss.

Summary: You are best friends with Ashli, Cody’s sister. But Cody was a total fuck-boy in high school, but then you see him after he is called up. Has he changed?

*High School*
Ashli was your best friend. She was 3-years older the you but since you lived across the street from her you two always hung out.

“Hey. Ashli, what did you need?” You yelled as you walked in her house. She had sent you a text saying she needed you right away.

“She isn’t home.” Cody, her brother, said.

“But I am. You wanna come to my room.” He added.

“I will go ahead and pass. Where is she?” I asked.

Cody was a legit fuck boy, in every sense of the word. Cody and you were in the same grade which made it worse because every time he saw you he would try to get you in bed, as he did with every girl.

“I am right here.” Ashli said walking out of her room.

“Thank god.” You said.

“My door is always open (Y/N).” Cody said with a wink.

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Quick how to on how to get the Homerun trophy in Fallout 4. It’s pretty simple actually. The basic idea is to run the bases in Diamond City as one would in baseball.

Homebase is at the base of the stairs between the barber and doctor. Next, first base is to the right, past the Dugout Inn, and up the steps before the Science! Center. Continue straight down the steps. Second base is just before the garden and sleeping area. From second base turn left, down the alley where Nick Valentine’s office is. It’s just as the end of the alley. From third, turn left and run straight on down back to home base. That’s it! You got your homerun!

hey guys! gay-satan-abe and i are doing a thing (though anyone is free to join in!)—30 days of love for one of oofuri’s sweetest and most underrated characters, oki kazutoshi. literally just, a month of appreciation for oki. a whole month. 30 days.

ok so it’s from today (15 january) to 14 february (valentines day!) because of no reason tbh its a very arbitrary date

and our plan is to draw/write/create any kind of fanwork dedicated to this sweet child (although other characters are, of course, allowed to be in as well!) based on the following highly self indulgent prompts:

1) host club
2) disney princess
3) kawaii punk
4) baby oki
5) homerun
6) traditional japanese clothing
7) mermaid
8) prom
9) flower crowns
10) coffeeshop au
11) cooking
12) christmas (yes, i know it’s over. no, this is not a problem)
13) adulthood
14) personality swap
15) crossover/au
16) tanabata/festival
17) pirates
18) pacific rim au
19) greaser au
20) pajamas
21) summer (christmas and summer within the same month?? yes. time has no meaning for someone as perfect as okes)
22) ice skating
23) amusement park
24) first date
25) rainy day
26) selfies
27) movies
28) musical instrument
29) studying
30) graduation

edit: if you’re doing anything related to this, please tag it as #30 days of oki doki, i’d love to see your stuff!!