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nowiwannaseehimfly requested: my favorite boys (John Boyega, Aaron Tveit, Dev Patel, and Oscar Isaac) + their sunshine smiles ✨✨✨

My half of an art trade/collab with @sugarlantern! I’m so blessed, I love her art

Leon showing off his sweet nail polish that you can’t see because this has no colour yet


gotta follow kasper to work for that extra $$$

LIBERTY: Dr. Goon, is it true? am i pregnant?!

KASPER: hmm… did you have a big breakfast this morning?

LIBERTY: yes! i can’t stop eating recently! i’ve really been craving sweets…

KASPER: ah-ha! that’s what it is! i’m sure the bloating will go away within a few hours… if it doesn’t though, i’d wait about… 3 more months?


I went to a party tonight and I mentioned how one shot of alcohol puts me over the edge and then my friend’s boyfriend says “one shot one kill” just loud enough for me to hear and I lost my shit

You know what’s exciting to me? SPREADSHEETS.

This is a progress tracker I made this week for the first chapter of the comic! The table on the left is to track how far along an individual page is and depending on how high the percentage of the cell is it switches color from pink to yellow to blue which is very satisfying, especially since the colors are cute. The majority of the time is spent on the ’lines’ stage, since my coloring is pretty simple.

The thing on the right is a line chart to track my goal of 27 pages completed before January 1st, which means I can post the first scene immediately at launch and have a 20-page buffer. As you can see I work on a bunch of pages at once without completely finishing them so tracking this will be interesting. The pink line is the ideal schedule of one page a week. As the weeks go by a blue line will track actual progress.

I haven’t been working on the comic very hardcore because of this darned heat (and I’ve been playing The Last Guardian which is reaaally making me miss having a cat!), but one page a week is definitely doable for me. I actually wanna push it to two a week, which is ambitious but I think I can do it if I get my eveningly drawing habits back on schedule.

I binned the original plan of having the entire first chapter done at launch since the page count is up to 60+ pages now. I have this comic planned out a lot better than my previous attempts at webcomicing though; this time around I sort of know what I’m doing and what I’m getting into, plus I already have 9 chapters outlined! I’m guesstimating that’d be about 500 pages (some chapters are short) which would take almost 10 years to finish at 1 update a week… Though, since there won’t be an overarching big plot and each chapter is a little story/adventure keeping it fresh and fun will be easy :D

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Yay you're taking requests still! It would be funny if you wrote a story about Nico plotting with the Princess to play a trick on Alyn and Leo.

A/N: im all about nico rn omg he’s so…….perfect ok here u go

Nico and I sat on the sofa of a large parlor within the palace, both of us quiet. I braided my hair a thousand times only to just take it out right after, while Nico lay upside down on the couch, his face turning red.
“I’m bored,” he grumbled. “Why isn’t there anything to do around here!”
“You sound like a brat,” I giggled. “We live in a castle. There’s always something to do.” Out the large windows that lined the walls we could see Alyn and Leo outside talking to each other.
“Their relationship is weird, huh?” Nico said. “They seem close sometimes but I’ve seen them at each other’s throats. What kind of brothers are like that?”
“They really care for each other though.” I said thoughtfully. Nico and I sat in another moment of silence, staring at the boys outside.
“You’d never know they’re twins looking at them,” Nico said. Suddenly, he sat up, his face turning pale as the blood rushed back down from his head. He held is stomach for a minute and I wanted to laugh but held it in.
“We should pull a prank on them,” Nico whispered, a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“A prank? We’re not little kids, Nico.”
“Oh c'mon, Y/N, have some fun for once!” He hopped off the couch, extending his hand to me. “I have the perfect idea. Let’s go!” He pulled me up and nearly swept me off my feet as we ran through the castle like children. I couldn’t help but giggle the whole time though, a rush of excitement going through me as Nico explained what we were going to do.

We snuck into Alyn’s bedroom, making sure he was preoccupied outside the castle before we went in. We headed to his bathroom, where a long row of shampoos and soaps lined the wall of the shower. I suddenly felt guilty as I looked around at all of Alyn’s personal belongings scattered throughout the room.
“Nico…” I said. “We really shouldn’t be doing this…”
“Y/N, it’s harmless. It’ll wash out in a week and everyone will have a good laugh. What’s so wrong about wanting to laugh?” Nico spoke, carefully looking through the bottles in the shower. “Ah! Here it is.”
Nico took out a small bottle from his pocket and poured it into Alyn’s shampoo. I covered my face with my hands, embarrassed I’d agreed to this in the first place. Nico took my hands and pulled them away, placing his forehead on mine. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
“You won’t get in any trouble, Princess,” Nico said, his voice soft and comforting. “It’s just for fun. I promise if we get caught I’ll take the blame though, okay?”
“Okay,” I breathed, looking up into his eyes. I couldn’t help but smile at him; Nico always knew just what to say to make me feel better.
We hurriedly left Alyn’s room, blond hair dye mixed with his shampoo so that after the next shower he took he’d look just like Leo. We then found Leo’s room and repeated everything, only this time putting dark brown dye in his shampoo. We ran out and back to my room, collapsing on the bed as we laughed uncontrollably. We rolled over on our backs holding our stomachs. Nico turned on his side to face me and I did the same; he placed a hand on the curve of my waist, making me blush as he pulled himself closer to me.
“That was fun,” He sighed. “I don’t care if we get in trouble anymore. I’m just glad we got to have fun together.”
I smiled calmly at him and layed my head back on the pillows. Nico snuggled in closer to me, laying his head on my chest.
“N-Nico…” I stuttered.
“Is this okay?” He asked, his voice sugar sweet. “You’re so cute when you laugh. I just wanna be close to you.”
I turned my body so we could be closer and put my arm around his body. My breathing slowed down and before I knew it, both Nico and I had fallen asleep soundly on my bed in each other’s embrace.

The next day, after a maid had awkwardly woken up Nico and I once she found us together (I tried to convince her it was completely innocent but her face said she didn’t believe me), I sat in the dining room with Giles, running through my schedule for the day. Nico sat next to us, quietly enjoying breakfast, when the large door flew open.
Leo came roaring in, his hair a deep brown.
“Who did this?!” He yelled, pulling at his hair. Nico and I tried to stifle our chuckles, but Giles just burst out laughing, tears forming in his eyes.
“It’s not funny!” Leo complained. “I wanna know who did this and I wanna know now.”
Another voice came from the doorway, laughing even harder than Giles. Alyn appeared, his hair still the same shade of brown it was yesterday. Nico and I glanced at each other quickly, a confused expression on both our faces.
“What happened?” Alyn laughed. “You look ridiculous!”
“I look exactly like you, asshole!” Leo shouted, his cheeks turning red. Alyn pushed his brother’s shoulder, still shaking off the giggles as he sat down to eat. After a few minutes the laughter had died down and Leo stood over us, fuming. He leaned over me, placing his head on my shoulder.
“Y/N,” He said, his voice husky. “You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?” I felt my face heat up; I was an awful liar and I couldn’t deny how nervous Leo could made me.
“O-of course not,” I said. Everyone at the table turned to me, Nico’s face completely calm, as if nothing was the matter.
“Okay then,” He breathed. “Do you know who did this to me?” He gestured to his hair. I turned to face him and smiled as genuinely as I could.
“Yep,” I said. Nico’s eyes grew wide, as did everyone else’s. “It was me.”
Giles and Alyn burst out laughing again; Nico stared at me, a small smile gracing his lips. Leo let out a loud groan, cursing himself as he walked around in circles.
“I hate that I can’t be mad at you,” he moaned.
Eventually everyone left and got on with their day; I assured Leo the color would fade eventually, avoiding any sort of trouble just like Nico promised. That night, Nico visited me in my room.
“That was pretty crazy today, huh?” He snickered. “It was weird how Alyn’s hair was the same though, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah,” I mumbled, wondering the same thing. We looked at each other in realization.
“That might not have been Alyn’s room…”
The next morning a white-haired Giles woke me up, and I knew I couldn’t get out of this one. I took the scolding cheerfully though; at least I had gotten to spend the day with Nico.

Evaluating Kagutsuchi as a villain in P4U2

Let’s see how well Kagutsuchi really fares when you get down to it:

The events of P4U (mostly kidnapping Labrys to facilitate the first tournament).

His use of difficult-to-make Shadow Clones of the Persona User’s Shadow Selves to do… basic mook work.

His use of the crucified Shadow Operatives as bait for the IT.

His “attempt” (I use the term losely) to break Teddie’s spirit and use his ego as a stabilizer for his vessel, before just kind of, sort of… giving up after half a battle and some grade school level taunting, then forgetting about it.

Absolutely everything involving Adachi in his plan. 

Special mention for all his villainous gloating: 

Final Verdict: