4 for you melbourne

melbourne peeps!

Do any of you have recommendations for things to do/see in Melbourne? I’m hoping to go there in December/January with my best friend. She’s never EVER been to Melbourne so I’m keen to make her trip worthwhile :) We’re thinking of spending 3-4 days there.

Also if you live in Melbourne and wanna hang, I’ll keep you updated and see if we can meet up!

Cheers in advance <3


Hey @taylorswift!!!

Just wanna say hello!
I’m like so overly excited that you are here this month!! It’s only 29 days to go and I can’t wait!!

It’s been a long two years since we have seen you in Australia and I’m just glad you are back here!!
I’ve seen you every time that you have come to Australia for Fearless (4) Speak Now (5) Red Tour (4), XFactor, Billboards and now the 1989 Tour (3)… And I’m never going to stop seeing you, because you are my favourite.

I appreciate everything that you have done for all your fans and myself. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you for every little thing!

Every year I’ve always dressed up for your concerts and this year I decided to do something a little different!

I’m attending all 3 Melbourne shows and I can’t wait for them. I haven’t seen any footage this time round and I’m glad I haven’t bc it makes it even more exciting!

Here are my costumes in order and seats for the shows :)
Thursday 10th - D4 Row R Seat 29-30
Friday 11th - D2 Row K Seat 21-22
Saturday 12th - A5 Row L Seat 4-5

Love ya!!!


hey taylorswift, okay so I wanted to tell you the story of my concert experiences since I’M STOKED with the news I get to see you in Aussie!!!! Okay so I’d been a fan since 2008 (my mum ALWAYS listens to country radio, even in New Zealand where it was not the trend)  So anyways I was 13 and you were preforming in Australia for the first time for your Fearless tour. My mum being the most amazing mum like ever got me tickets last mine for my first ever concert and first ever time to Australia. I was barely tall enough to see you preform that day but by the time you came to New Zealand for Speak Now, I was old enough to boss everyone around and arrange to drive for 8 hours and wait outside for 11 hours, plan a costume and generally drive my sister and best friend mad with my plassion! (planning passion get it??????) for the Red Tour they were more willing since we were selected to be in the B Stage pit within 30 minutes of the Speak Now show starting!! so again, we waited outside from 7am (my dad at this point thinks I’m a little mad to but my mum is hardcore swiftie is all “you go gurllllll, bring me back a shirt”) this time round you haven’t announced New Zealand dates but my plassion is in full swing! As soon as I found out you were preforming in Ottawa (i’m by birth Canadian) I put overtime in at work. I stayed up till 4am trying to get tickets but failed by demand (your show sold out in like 3 and half minutes????? DO YOU HeAR ME. I’M SO PROUD) but by chance got some two months later by happening to be wistfully looking at the seating chart when they released more! SO I’M FLYING TO CANADA THIS SUMMER FOR YOU BABY. THEN wait theres more, I’ve been begging and begging my mum to let me go to Australia if you didn’t release tickets to New Zealand by like April and hellloooo it’s April and your shows had long been sold out but because I’d been working all summer, from 7:30-5:30 everyday (okay my ‘summer job’ goes from like October to June lol) she said whatever I could find, I could get. AND BY CHANCE THEY RELEASED MORE FOR MELBOURNE. I GOT VIP PACKAGE 4 TICKETS FOR MELBOURNE. DO YOU HEAR ME?????? so basically I’ll be at your Ottawa show, Section C, Row 7, Seat 9 and 10 and your December 12th Melbourne show in the B Stage Pit if you wanna say holaaaa. p.s I have no plans for the rest of my trip so lets like grab a coffee?? or like help me take out the trash or ANYTHING because I just want to tell you how much you’ve changed my life and made me my favourite version of myself :) 


Hey @taylorswift

Welcome back to Melbourne!! Can’t believe you’re actually here again! I’m so excited!!

I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you!!

Enjoy you’re time in Melbourne and the last 3 shows on tour!! I’ll be rocking out in my outfits and enjoying the show like you hoped I would!

My seats and shows are:
Thursday 10th - C2 Row R Seat 17-18
Friday 11th - D2 Row K Seat 21-22
Saturday 12th - A5 Row L Seat 4-5

See you then!!