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And if you think I’ve got a heart of stone
You couldn’t be more wrong, oh…
You might think I’ve been afraid too long
Afraid of love
But it don’t come easy
Been burned too many times to love easily
Don’t mistake me, my love runs deeps
But it don’t come easy, it don’t come cheap

Shit APH Australia Does #46

Bring goon bags and passion pop to classy world parties

So, I got tagged by @overwatchheroesimagines, so let’s do this.

1. What is your biggest fear?


2. Would you rather live in the heat or the cold?

I have no godamn clue cuz my state basically has both.

3. Which Hogwart’s house would you belong in?

Slytherin. I’m clever, cunning, and resourceful.

4. What country do you want to visit someday?

Germany or Australia.

5. Would you rather go into the future or the past?

I’d like the past, especially the 50’s/60’s. Good times!

6. Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

NOLAN NORTHHHH! (He plays Merasmus from TF2 and Richtofen from CoD Zombies)

7. Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?

Eh, I don’t wanna stir up controversy.

8. What is one thing you can’t live without?


9. Would you explore an ancient ruin if you could?

For history, yes.

10. Describe a perfect day.

There is no perfect day.

11. What was the last movie you saw?

Suicide Squad!!!

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My Language Journey

Hey langblr/studybly community! I had an idea for everyone to share their language journeys to motivate each other and also to see the different ways that different people studied languages and how they did it.  So let’s get started!

RULES: Reblog, tag ten others and share your answers with everyone!

1. What language/s are/have you studied?

Mandarin and Cantonese. I have learnt a little Korean and Indonesian only for kpop and travel purposes.

2. How long have you been studying?

I speak both languages at home to varying degrees since childhood, however as I’ve gotten older I’ve used it less.  My peak language level was probably when I was 8 years old when I used both languages at home and school in China, to the detriment of my English however.   After I returned to Australia, I only used spoken language and have largely forgotten how to read and write.  I started studying it again as part of my university degree in International Studies in 2015.

3. Did you learn through class or self-study (or both)?

My spoken language was totally learnt at home through speaking with family. My writing and reading were always through formal classes at school whether in China or here in Australia.

4. Why did you decide to learn this language?

I mainly have two reasons. Personally, because most of them cannot speak English it is super frustrating not being able to fully communicate to my family.  I feel like I’m trapped by my limited eight year old vocabulary so I cannot communicate anything beyond child-like concepts and feelings.  I feel like we’d have much better relationships if we could communicate properly.  

Professionally, knowing Chinese is SUCH an advantage as there is always a demand for it especially in particular fields.   I really want to be able to work alongside Chinese co-workers and clients one day.  

5. What was a major highlight / milestone in studying this language?

If you told me this time last year that I could write a 2000 word academic Chinese Essay, with proper Chinese referencing and everything, I would not have believed you.   But I did it!  And I got a half decent mark for it too!  It was extremely challenging but I feel like it really pushed me to read and write even when I felt very out of my depth.  Going out of my comfort zone really saw a rapid increase in language.

6.What was the hardest thing about studying this language?

To be honest, it’s easier for me than others because I’ve used it since I was young and I have a Chinese cultural background.   The hardest thing would be becoming complacent and assuming that my language is not too bad, when in reality it is far from what I want it to be.

Also writing and reading is just super hard cause I don’t have a visual memory.  I remember spoken words much better off the top of my head for this language.

7. What resources did you find most useful for studying this language?

Pleco, the Chinese Dictionary App, is LIFE!

I currently LOVE listening to LiZhi FM荔枝 FM, which is a Chinese podcast / live broadcasting site.  Great for listening practice.

Hellotalk is currently my precursor to launching into using Chinese Social Media by posting daily moments.

8. Any top tips for studying this language?

You MUST get the tones right!  People from non-Asian / Chinese backgrounds struggle with this the most.  Practice your speaking with a native from day one!

9. What’s your next major language goal?

Be able to comfortably read native media sources e.g. news, social media, books etc.  Start using Chinese Social Media and actually know what to do with it.

10. Anything we can do in the Tumblr community to get you there?

I am in DIRE need of helpful Chinese reading resources online e.g. news websites, stories, blogs. Currently the ones I have been provided with are too hard / boring.  If you know any, I’d be more than happy to check it out.  Also, anyone currently using Chinese Social Media (微博, 人人网 etc.) have any tips on how to get started?

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A-Z Tag

I was tagged by the amazing @yixinghasmewhipped btw thank you!💮😇💖💞

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A: Age - 15 b0iiii!!

B: Birthplace - Victoria, Australia

C: Current time - 4:56pm

D: Drink you had last - Lemonade bcz why notXD

E: Easiest person to talk to - Probs my bestest online/internet friends @zicosxnose and @littlessquishy love you 2!!<3

F: Favorite song - Why would you ask this? Sorry can’t answer>< too many

G: Grossest memory - Hmm probs when I witnessed my dad do something that has scared me for lifeXD 

H: Hogwarts house - Slytherin (surprisingly but like that means im talented!) 

I: In love - Does loving kpop and kdrams people count?? I’ve had a boyfriend or crush before so like kpop is my loveXD I mean how can you not love it!?!?

J: Jealous of people - Uhh not jealous but I hate a few people…

K: Killed someone - In videogames yes. With my death glares yes. For realz no. Wanted to yes. Close to? almost, it happened at school toXD 

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again - Since when do looks matter? It’s dat a$$ that counts. Jk XD but for realz get to know them first and if they have a nice personality and heart that you like or suits you them dm you found ur soulmate:) So…walk by again??

M: Middle name - Alexandra. 

N: Number of Siblings - 2. Both older and it’s one bro one sis. Sis is 22 my bro is 18 or 19. 

O: One wish - World peace. OR to meet my idols to be able to say thank you to them. Or meet @zicosxnose and @littlessquishy irl<3

P: Person you called last - Uhh my dad actually, cause I wanted food XD

Q: Question you’re always asked - Funny enoughs it’s usually about kpop like “why do you do you like them>” or “How old are they and why do they interest you?” or “why do they all look like girls?” THAT TRIGGERS ME IN SO MANY WAYS ITS NOT FUNNYYY!!!!

R: Reasons to smile - Nothing. no actually food, puppies, music, being alone and talking to friends (sometimes)

S: Song you sang last - Rhythm by Jooheon, Change by RM & Wale, Moon U by GOT7 and Where You At by NU’EST. IF U HAVENT HEARD IT WHAT YOU DOING WITH UR LIFE?? HERE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e8-4mBiCSI ENJOY THIS MASTERPIECE!! *heart eyes*

T: Time you woke up - Uhmm 8:35 but I had a nap not long ago and woke up at 3 XD

U: Underwear color - Like fav??: black. Now: grey :p

V: Vacation Destination - Oh maybe the Maldives? or Japan or like around the world XD

W: Worst habit - Definitely biting my nails, chewing on the insides of my cheeks/gums and staying up late??? 

Y: Your favorite food - What kind of question is this?> No one can have a fav. 

Z: Zodiac sign - Libra!! 


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Enjoy! ^~^ <3 

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1. Favorite music genre?

classical and some pop

2. Favorite animal?

anything beautiful or cute. including fictional animals. 

3. A place that you wanna travel to?

japan, italy, spain, australia

4. Favorite subject?

probably english/com tech

5. Dream job?

something relating to digital design/writing

6. Do you like videogames?

yes but i’m not good at it so i give up easily

7. Favorite season?

honestly any weather as long as its cool with a nice breeze,, i can’t stand too hot or too cold temperatures

8. Favorite singer/band?


9. Chocolate or vanilla?


10. Ketchup or mayonnaise?


Sebastian Stan (Hemsworth sis) Part 5

Hey! I really loved your most recent Sebastian Stan imagine where the reader is the little sister of the Hemsworth bros. 💜 I was wondering if you could do another one like that but where she goes home to Australia for Christmas and her family tells Seb lots of embarrassing stories about her. Can the imagine be kinda cute but funny too.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

        The long flight back home to Australia had been exactly like you had expected. The lines were long, the airport was packed, and the flight was crowded, but it was all worth it to be home with your family for Christmas. You and Sebastian were grabbing your bags off the belt. Leaning down to get one you were stopped, “Nope, I’ll get that one. It’s too heavy,” Sebastian cut in.

        “Thanks babe,” you said. After all the bags were gathered you had two of the lighter bags that rolled while Sebastian insisted on carrying the other, heavy, three. You laughed at Sebastian’s face when he looked at the rental car, the driver’s side on the opposite of what he was used to. “Why don’t you let me drive,” you offered, “We don’t need you getting confused on the road.” You got in the car and let out a sigh of relief; although you were 5 months pregnant your bump wasn’t too big to fit behind the wheel.

        You drove the familiar route back to your house and smiled as your parent’s house came in view. As soon as you parked the car and got out you were bombarded with your family. “Y/N,” you mom yelled and ran to you, “my baby. Oh, look at you,” she stepped back from hugging you and took in your growing appearance. “You look beautiful, you’re glowing. Sebastian,” your mother shifted her attention and went to hug your husband.

        “Hey kiddo.”

        “Hi Dad,” you hugged him.

        “There’s the kid sister.”

        “Finally, took you long enough to get here,” your brothers called out from the house and walked out to help Sebastian grab the bags.

        “Long time no see,” Chris jokingly said as your other two brothers grabbed the bags.

        “Not gunna’ help them grab the bags muscle man?”

        “Nah, they need the arm workout,” he winked.

        You walked into the house with everyone and as soon as all your nieces and nephews saw you and Sebastian they tackled you, greeting, “Hi Aunt Y/N” and “Hi Uncle Sebastian.”

        “Mom, why is Aunt Y/N’s tummy so big,” you head India ask. Everyone laughed and you knelt down to her level.

        “There’s a baby in my belly, your little cousin.” India cautiously reached a hand out and put in on your stomach.


        After dinner you all sat around the living room. The kids had all been put to bed and your mom had busted out the old scrapbooks and family videos. “Oh, boys, look at the video I found,” she said and she played the first one. You all laughed as Liam was shoved off his surfboard by Chris and Luke, “Hey,” Liam warned, “bullying is not funny!”

        “Right, I’m sure that’s exactly how you felt when you picked on Y/N until she slept in the dog house that one time,” Luke said.

        “I’m sorry,” Sebastian laughed, “what?”

        “When Y/N was 7 Liam convinced her that her room was haunted and that he talked to the ghost and that the ghost had said he’d eat her if she slept in the room. Then he made her sleep in the dog house,” your Dad elaborate.

        “That’s awful,” Seb laughed.

        “Laugh at your poor wife’s misery, why don’t you.”

        “Sorry babe,” he said still laughing.

        “Remember that time we made Y/N watch Jaws and she won’t go in the water for nearly 2 months,” Chris laughed.

        “And Dad finally carried her in the water and threw her in,” Luke commented as he laughed.

        “Sebastian, you should have seen how fast she swam onto Chris’ board. She hoped on and knocked him off,” Liam laughed.

        “You were scared that much,” Sebastian chuckled.

        “Hey, I’ve seen plenty of sharks while surfing and after that movie I was done taking chanced.”

        “But you went back to swimming and surfing after that,” your Dad pointed out.

        “Yeah, whatever,” you pretended to be angry, “I’m exhausted from traveling so I think I’m going to hit the hay,” you wiggled to get out of the chair and Sebastian shot up to help you.

        “I think I’ll go to bed too. See you all tomorrow,” he said and walked to your room.

*Christmas Day*

        You woke up to the smell of bacon drifting from the kitchen. You and Sebastian padded down in your matching pajamas and greeted your Mom and Dad. Not even ten minutes later the kids had gotten up and woke everyone in the house up to open presents. You ate as the kids opened their gifts first.

        After they had gone through all their gifts from Santa and family they played gift givers and handed out the presents you and your siblings and parents had gotten for each other. “We’re going to hand our last gift out last,” Sebastian spoke up when your Mom noticed there was a box left under the tree from you and Sebastian.

        When everyone opened all their gifts and all eyes were one you two and your box Sebastian got up and pulled the little packages out from the box, giving one to your parents, and one to each sibling. He sat back down next to you, “Go ahead, open them,” you smirked.

        “Oh, my God,” your mom had finished unwrapping the gift first and looked up at you. One by one your siblings and their family smiled and exclaimed their happiness. “When did you find this out?!”

        You answered your mom, “We went to find out a few weeks ago and decided to tell you this way.”

        You and Sebastian smiled as everyone held the pink frame with either “Granddaughter” or “Niece” written on it.”

        “What’s that mean, Mommy?”

        “It means that you are getting a little girl cousin,” Elsa told India.

        “Yay! Another girl,” India ran and laid her hand on your stomach. “Will you name her India, too,” she asked.

        Sebastian grinned at his niece, “We will definitely think about it Indy.”

Adam Hills - Live In The Suburbs: Amazon.co.uk: DVD & Blu-ray

If anyone wants to make an addition to their collection of the boys’ DVDs, someone on Amazon is currently selling Adam’s first Aussie DVD for about a fiver!

Speaking from experience, it does look quite lovely next to his others… Also, it’s region 4 (Australia) so, you’ll either have to play it on a Blu-Ray player (better option tbh) or figure out the region codes for you DVD player (aka nightmare).

Dreams are more powerful than we give them credit for and more importantly it’s just as important to believe in yourself as it is to believe in your dream and I can speak for the fact that whatever makes you different is something you should cling to, you should never let it go. You should absolutely cherish what makes you different because it’s going to shape your life in the coolest way you ever thought
—  Hunter Hayes (Sydney, Australia 8/4/15)

HAPPY XMAS TO MY BEST TOMERS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! siobhanchiffon ppumpkinxo and kevin who doesn’t have a tumblr buT IT OK

This year has possibly been one of the best in my entire life thanks to you guys!!! ;v; Thank you guys for being there for me even though I’m a big weenie!! You guys are the most important people in my life and I wouldn’t trade you guys for anything in the worl ;~~ ;;;;!! I grew a lot as a person this year I think and thank u guys for pushing me to be a better person!

Siobhan: TY FOR BEING SUCH A GR8 BEST TOMER ;v; U are the nicest most amazing person i’ve ever met and such an inspiration to me!! Your art is so amazing and you’re so talented and i love ya so much TY FOR DRAWING W ME WRITIN AND PLAYING GAMES W  ME!!! I can’t wait for us 2 do more thing next year and HAVE OUR NEXT RLY AWESOME BOKKIE OUT >:3

Michell: qURL u da MVP FORREAL!!! You’re so beautiful and incredible!! you have such a good attitude and you’re so kind and I can’t even believe that people are shitty to you. YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE!! OUR friendship is now a freshman in high school and it will continue 2 grow ;v;;; Thanks for hangin out w me and driving me places!!!!!! u r 2 kind 2 me

Kevin: YOU HAVE BEEN AWAY 2 AUSTRALIA 4 too long, but now that you’re back i can’t wait 2 hang out more with u n michell >:3 Even though u were gone awhile but it seems like no time at all has pass bc u r still a gr8 best tomo!!! you r incredibly smart and I CANT BELIEVE U GONNA GRADUATE SOON ALREADY PLS REMEMBER ME N MICHELL WHEN U A FAMOUS SURGEON TY!!!!!


4 unread messages
4 unread messages

“Its one of those days were you feel sad and low. You feel like giving up, you hear your phone ring multiple times but you ignore it. You’re looking for a sign not to give up. You hear your phone go off again, you have 4 unread voicemails. You have no choice but to listen to them. You hear a familiar voice, saying to stay strong and everything will be okay. You can’t help but tear up and tell yourself that everything will be okay because 4 boys from Australia loves you!”

If you’re looking for a sign not to give up this is it! x