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“Be nice to everyone,always smile and appreciate things, because it could all be gone tomorrow” -Cory Monteith
May 11, 1982- July 13th, 2013
Today is 4 years since the world lost Cory Monteith, but heaven gained a beautiful angel. My heart is with Lea Michele on this sad day, along with all of his family and friends who miss him dearly. Forever our quarterback, rest in peace Cory, you are missed.❤

Originals Season 4: Things I am So Not Prepared For

1) Klaus’s face when he sees his daughter for the first time in 5 years
2) Klaus’s face when his daughter doesn’t recognize him
3) Haylijah reunion
4) the Mikaelson family as a whole

Anyone else experience those 10 seconds of confusion where you thought clarke and bellamy hooked up off screen so now clarke has a child??!!

Are you interested in watching Adventure Time, but intimidated by the thought of watching 252 episodes? Have you watched the series before, but want to watch again without any filler episodes (unless it’s Bubbline, of course)? This is for you!

After seeing a request in the ATimers tag, I have compiled a list of all the Adventure Time episodes that contain major plot, important backstory, major characterization, and/or Bubbline moments. I have also included optional episodes that I think will increase your understanding/enjoyment of the show (I put the reason next to it; if it says something about being an arc, backstory, characterization, etc., be warned that not watching may make the major plot points of the show a bit more confusing for you). 

I condensed the show down to 128 of the 10-minute episodes (69 episodes if you don’t watch any of the optional episodes). Optional episodes are in italics. Episodes with Bubbline moments, characterization of Marcy/Princess Bubblegum (PB), or major backstory/plot related to Marcy/PB are in bold. Anything with a an asterisk (*) can be watched at any time (order doesn’t matter, though you may still want to watch it in the same season). 

I hope this helps someone out since I spent three hours putting it together! Without further ado… 

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7.13.13: the day you passed. knowing you’re gone, it hurts like hell. 4 years is a long time, and not seeing your smile makes it feel even longer. you will forever be missed Cory, you were a living angel on earth. it’s stupid that you had to go so soon. it’s not fair. people say, “only the good die young” and you’re a prime example of that. you were and continue to be so loved even though you’re no longer physically here. so, thank you for the smiles, laughs, tears, and everything in between Cory. thank you for changing the lives of so many people, especially lea’s. I don’t understand why it had to be you this day four years ago. But Cory, you are dearly missed and i’m not sure how we’ve made it this long without you. thank you for the memories and the time you gave us. it is all so precious and i’ll hold it dearly for the rest of my life. I also know without a doubt that i’ll be binge watching the quarterback today and sink into a puddle of my own tears like I always do.❤️😭👼🏻


I actually had a dream about them?? doing this?? last night?? I mean it’s not very funny but. there u go

hope you feel better anon!! ;v;