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Drawn on the train ride to Maryland, he’s ‘bout to BLOW this party!

This isn’t for the 200 followers, Mod Fenton is working on another comic thing for that. I just like Negaduck and was presented with the rarity of available time.

-Mod Bulb

skeletorific  asked:

Yooooo my dude! If possible could I maybe get my icon in I'm Not Alone (Yet)? Been a while since we were up at the same time

Here ya go bro (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ahhh finally finished this today, damn this took way too darn long but gosh finally it is done! and it turned out pretty good, just some minor stuff I could had put some more effort in but otherwise it looks good <:


Brother and sister for life ❤️❤️❤️❤️


they are honestly one of the nicest people ever & i could talk to them about some stuff i don’t feel comfortable telling my other friends (as they wouldn’t understand blahblah),, it was really nice!!!

hopefully we’ll meet up sometime again !!BUt goSH I can’t belieVe I G0T TO MEET ONE OFMY INTERNET FRIENDS IRL !!!!!!!!!!!

Luck and Fortune Spell Jar

A recipe for a spell jar I made to bring good luck and good fortune 🍀


Use at least 2 of the ingredients listed below, you don’t need all of them:

Dried Honeysuckle - for luck and wealth

Dried Thyme - for luck and wealth

Dried strawberry - for luck, good fortune, and success

Dried Clover Leaves and/or Dried Clover Flower - for luck

Sunflower Seed - for protection and wishes

Dried violet- for protection

Dried Chamomile or Chamomile Seeds - for prosperity and reducing stress

Dried Strawflower Petals- for luck, protection, and to make a spell last

Aventurine Crystal Chips - for luck

2 Amethyst Crystal Chips - for turning negative energy into positivy energy

Needed to do the spell:

Salt or Sea Salt - for cleansing, purification, and protection

Small Jar

Glue or candle


0. (optional) Place the ingredients in a dish in the sun with larger pieces of clear quartz and aventurine to charge them. Make sure the amethyst is at the bottom, under the other ingredients (It fades in the sun).

1. State your intent. “I wish for this spell jar to bring me luck and good fortune whenever I choose to carry it with me.” or something similar.

2. Sprinkle salt over the ingredients. State that you would like for the salt to cleanse them. Charge the ingredients however you want if you’d like to.

3. Place the ingredients in the jar and state your intent again afterwards. You can state your intent for each ingredient while you add them if you’d like to.

4. Put your finger over the top of the jar to close it, then shake it to mix the ingredients around.

4. Thank the earth or whatever deity you worship, for giving you these ingredients, and state that the spell will be activated when you seal the jar.

5. Seal the jar using the glue or melted wax and wait for it to dry. 

6. Say “The spell is complete.” then wash your hands.

7. (Optional) Leave an offering for the earth or whatever deity you thanked for your ingredients.

8. It’s done! Carry it around with you when you’d like some good luck or good fortune. 🍀


she pretends his band is lame but really she sorta kinda digs it.

plus bass players are supposed to be sexy or something right

i bet alec likes holding magnus’s hands a l l t h e t i m e

like imagine at the downworld meetings, when they get to sit side by side, alec will just reach over under the table and intertwine their fingers, occasionally playing with his rings, and magnus just tries to hide the grin that’s fighting it’s way onto his face

and when the meeting is over, magnus will just turn to him and smirk saying, “so much for professional, huh?”