4 elements


Lucina was about to join her sisters when suddenly her energy was drawn to someone else who was obviously hurting.

They’re going to die soon and what will they think of me? I’ve been such a disappointment. Lucina heard his thoughts easily, walked over and gently put her hands on his arms in comfort. Don’t think that way.

What? Huh? Did I say what I was thinking out loud?

Something like that. Who’s going to die?

My parents, this is embarrassing. 

I’m sure they won’t. Parents don’t look at their children that way and if you’re this sad you love them, a lot, and I’m sure they love you.

They do, I do, but-

Really, don’t think that way. Go spend time with them, make their last moments count.

That’s- a great idea, thanks! He pretty much ran out the door, and almost ran into her poor sister, Terra while doing it. At least he felt better, he was too cute to be that sad.

  • me:*plays video games constantly*
  • person:oh you game? what do you play?
  • me:*suddenly cannot remember a single game i have ever played aside from cooking mama*

Terra had technically dragged Aria to the cafe next door. The thought of trying something new and experimenting is actually what made her come, but as she sat across from the red headed man, she could have kissed her sister.

Hi, I’m Robert.

Nice to meet you, I’m Aria.

And I’m leaving, Terra said getting up and walking back inside the glass building.

But can we talk about how the titles of the books for ATLA and LOK, all go together? Not only is LOK a continuation of ATLA but the titles explain the duty of the avatar:

  1. Water
  2. Earth
  3. Fire
  4. Air 
  5. Spirits
  6. Change
  7. Balance

First, the avatars gotta master the 4 elements, communicate with the spirits, be the bridge, and help change and shape the world to help make sure it can be balanced.

Relationships: Pros and Cons
  • Fire + Fire:
  • Pros - passion and adventure
  • Cons - recklessness and impulsivity
  • Fire + Earth:
  • Pros - strenght meets steadiness
  • Cons - stubborness and frustration
  • Fire + Water:
  • Pros - passion meets emotion
  • Cons - ultrasensitive and resentful
  • Fire + Air:
  • Pros - action meets theory
  • Cons - instability and too much optimism
  • Earth + Earth:
  • Pros - stable and sensual
  • Cons - predictable and conservative
  • Earth + Water:
  • Pros - security meets sensitivity
  • Cons - one-sided and dependency
  • Earth + Air:
  • Pros - practicality meets theory
  • Cons - unemotional and distant
  • Water + Water:
  • Pros - emotional and deep
  • Cons - unpractical and toxic
  • Water + Air:
  • Pros - feeling meets thinking
  • Cons - unbalanced and confusing
  • Air + Air:
  • Pros - idealistic and communicative
  • Cons - uncommitted and all talk, no action

you are a child of sun. you are never still, you dance, dance, dance your way through life and love and people and baby, do you even remember what it’s like to stand still? you’ve never held someone’s hand without tapping your fingers on their knuckles; you’ve never kissed with your eyes closed and you can’t sleep in an embrace because it feels like a cage. you are a child of sun. bright, burning bright, brilliant. but baby, you need to understand that stillness isn’t death. and love does not love to be chased.

you are the one everyone counts on. you are the pillar, the calm one, the one who holds hands and offers shoulders and darling, have you ever held someone’s hand without it feeling like a burden? have you ever leaned on a shoulder? have you ever opened your eyes during a kiss? you think life is about reason and logic, but tell me - how do you measure the feeling inside your belly when you wake up next to the love of your life for the first time? how do you apply logic to love? tell me, how will you soar, if you refuse to fly?

you were born feet first and since then you’ve done things your way. you are the one wearing mismatched socks, the one whose keys are always lost, the one with 20 missed calls. your head is in the clouds, but baby, your feet have never touched the ground. it’s awfully lonely up there, inside your head. freedom must feel like a noose around your neck some days. the thing about having wings is - it makes it hard for people to give you a hug, it makes it hard for them to even keep up. you think you are weightless, but darling you are weight-of-the-world on your shoulders, no one to help you out - no human contact.

you are vastness. you are oceans and broken mountains and wildfires put to sleep. you are beautiful and magical and terrifying, so terrifying. you seem endless, you see, endless joy and sadness, and it’s so easy for them to drown in you, drown and disappear and baby - you wouldn’t even notice. you are your own world. your own battle. you change people in half and don’t see it as breaking. they fall asleep with a summer shower, and wake up next to a hurricane.

—  marina v., aether, pt.1