4 drawings in one night wow

So there’s this “What paladin are you?” test on the Voltron site..

That seems to give you some info about the characters.. And I found some of the stuff very interesting, so I’m just gonna share my thoughts here. (answers colored according to the paladin)

What I love about this is that Keith maybe isn’t very passionate about flying even, and is still like the best pilot of their generation. While Lance probably loves it so much but just sucks at it. 

I think we all can identify with Lance there haha.

(Keith is that artist with no formal education that draws freaking awesome art and is like “meh just a lil doodle I did in 2 minutes” and makes everyone go “Holy shit that’s amazing!” while Lance is there sweating, practicing day and night, spends 4 years in art school, reads all the tutorials online, and it still takes him 6 hours to draw a stick figure and he’s so proud of it and he goes to show it off to everyone and everyone just go “wow, you suck Lance.” haha. Hang in there Lance, we believe in you!!! You’re gonna be great one day!)

Probably my favorite part about this whole quiz.

Shiro’s fear is regret huh.. This connects to what he said to Pidge when he quoted her dad “If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something great”. 

I wonder if Shiro did something or didn’t do something that made him feel regretful in the past. This is very interesting actually, cause it makes it seem like Shiro is the kind of person who just goes “YOLO” at things haha, or maybe someone who’s really afraid of making mistakes and has to force himself to go “YOLO” at things. (I just wanna see Shiro going YOLO at everything haha)

Pidge’s fear is failure. Not sure if it’s just related to finding her family or something deeper.

Hunk is.. well not much to say about that.

Lance! Losing... So like, a self confidence problem? My guess, and you can see it very clearly in the show I think, he probably doesn’t think much of himself despite how he acts and talks.

Keith, wow, I… I dunno where to even start on that one. Just gonna say, buckle up! Cause we’re probably in for a very emotional ride there with Keith. 

That boy is gonna feel so much. 

I wonder though, is he scared of feelings because maybe he considers them a weakness? Maybe because as a freedom seeking person he’s scared of attachments? Is it because he experienced something very painful that made him not wanna feel anything ever again?

Also ok, we definitely see something that looks like feelings there atleast when it comes to Shiro… (Not that much with the rest yet. yet.) like you know, the kind that I think Keith is afraid of.. So now I’m even more curious about what the hell that’s about, and I really wanna see how it’s gonna develop.

Well not much to say here..

So, why I haven’t seen any fan art of the paladins with their official animal yet? Where it’s hiding?


Another installment of my Professor Layton au!

Eren has recurring nightmares, and has trouble sleeping. Levi had no idea until they had to share a room at an inn while working on a case, and he woke up when he heard Eren crying. Levi didn’t hesitate to crawl into Eren’s bed and pull him into his arms and murmur reassurances, much to Eren’s surprise. Since then it’s become normal for Eren to wake Levi up in the middle of the night needing comfort, and Levi never denies him.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, so I’ll say it now, but Levi took Eren in when he was 15, and Eren is 16 now when all these comics take place, so no romance yet. (Edit: I should add, too, that Levi is 34 in this au)

I explained Eren’s nightmares here

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

I dreamed of a Batman 4-panel comic one night (not even dreaming of the plot——I literally dreamed of these panels and style and actual comic) and woke up in the middle of the night thinking “wow that made so much sense but I’m too tired to get up so if I still remember it in the morning I’ll draw it”. The first thought I had in the morning was “Batman comic” so, here is the Batman comic from my dreams.

  • okay, so its about midnight one night and there’s a crazy bad thunderstorm going on outside
  • you’re cuddled up in your blankets, about to go to sleep when you hear noises in you kitchen
  • you decide to go check it out so you grab a desk lamp for self-defense purposes and tiptoe downstairs, look at you, you intrepid adventurer
  • anyway, you poke your head into the kitchen and you see someone rummaging around in your fridge, and like, they have a tail ?? and big fluffy cat ears ??
  • he turns with his arms full of your food and sees you standing there
  • he drops it and tries to make a break for the window but you beat him there and there’s no escape
  • you look at him and the poor thing is soaked and shaking and miserable-looking
  • you feel bad so you say he can stay until the storm is over
  • he is about to say no but at that moment lightning crashes loudly and he jumps out of his skin and says that maybe one night wont hurt
  • but your house is so warm and wow there always a lot of food plus you smell really good so one night turns into two, and then three, and before you know it he’s a permanent resident
  • so imagine this:
  • one day you’re babysitting your neighbor’s 4-year-old daughter and yoongi’s hiding on the stairs because 1. he’s grumpy that someone else has your attention, 2. he’s actually a shy little bean
  • but he’s watching you two and pouting
  • he sees the little girl showing you the drawing she made and you praising it and you hang it on the fridge
  • after the girl’s mom comes to pick her up you come back to the dining room to clean up but you don’t notice that some of the crayons are missing
  • the next day you come home to find your couch all scratched up
  • you go to confront yoongi about it, but he was napping in front of the heater and you woke him up, so he doesn’t even acknowledge you, let alone apologize
  • you stomp off to your room cause you’re sick of his attitude
  • you don’t see him for a couple of hours
  • later that night your sitting on your bed on your laptop when you hear your door creak open
  • he creeps up beside you but you’re still ignoring him
  • without saying a word, he lays a paper on your lap
  • you sigh and look at it
  • it’s a little crayon drawing of you two the night you met and your just like ‘?? how can I be mad when he’s so cute???’
  • he’s not happy until you get up and hang it on the fridge tho asdfghjkl he’s such a baby
  • after that you find new ones every day after work\
  • he’s too shy and too proud to give them to you directly tho
  • so he hides them in the weirdest places for you to find
  • like, there’s afew in you bathroom cupboard, under your pillow, in the laundry basket, under the kitchen sink, or in your cereal box
  • also, he will never acknowledge you if you bring it up (but you can see the blush on his cute little cheeks asdfghjkl)


conclusion: he acts grumpy and disinterested but he’s actually a sweet little bean bun (he’ll never admit tho)


Days 1-14 of Inktober! Wow two weeks down and 7 drawings to show for it, uni is ruining everything haha 😅 (I post one every two days because of uni commitments)

Right to left:

Day 1&2 - Strix (commanderholly’s character from the d&d stream Dice, Camera, Action!)

Day 3&4 - Cecil Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale)

Day 5&6 - Rick and Morty

Day 7&8 - Blue (Danger Days)

Day 9&10 - Morty Smith

Day 11&12 - Rick Sanchez

Day 13&14 - Gerard Way

I will be doing more colour pieces soon!

arachnid-kid  asked:

for the identity asks: 4, 11, 17!

4. do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better?

Well the name I use on here is actually my middle name and I like it more than my first name. So yes, also no. lol did that even make sense??

11. describe your ideal day.

Oh wow um going to bookstores and coffeeshops and sitting in parks taking pictures and reading and singing to music and writing and drawing then going home and snuggling up to a movie/movie night and falling asleep and that’s just one example of a perfect day

17. would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the “real you”?

Yeah. My blog is all about the Holland boys + Harrison and honestly so am I irl but I can’t talk about it irl bc where I’m from no one really knows who they are. I’m a lot more depressing irl though

Identity Asks!!

liberlux submitted:


That was my fav scene :D

Also, i gotta tell you that i started reading the fic way back when it had only 4 chapters. I didnt really like it, but the other day i decided to give it another try and OMG I MARATHONED THE WHOLE THING IN ONE NIGHT holy shit im so glad i didnt pass it youre an amazing writer and this fic is fucking fantastic!”