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Cuddle Drabbles Part 16

Word Count: 882

Warnings: anxiety

Summary: Everyone is acting strangely. There’s more emotions flying through the tower than you’re used to. You go to Bucky, because he’s the only one who can calm you down anymore. 

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This was the fucking worst.

Out of nowhere, it seemed like everyone was sending you winks or smirks when Bucky entered a room. Tony’s favorite thing was to nudge you with his elbow every time the Sergeant was mentioned. Steve just beamed at you like a goddamn golden retriever– but then again, he had been doing that for a while, now. Bruce would just smile at Tony’s antics, and Clint would usually say weird things before he left a room, like, “We’re gonna have a talk about the birds and the bees later, Kid.”

What the fuck happened while you were in Wakanda?

You had half a mind to ask Sam and Natasha, suspecting that they were behind it; but you knew Sam was in Wakanda with you, and Nat would never give you the information you wanted.

Anticipation had been building up inside of you all day–all week, really. Everyone’s emotions were haywire. Usually, the tower would be a sea of calm and peaceful emotions. But, lately, the residents were everywhere. Angsty. Excited. Frustrated. Hesitant. Ashamed. Amused. Provocative. There was no rest for you.

You kick off your blankets and make your way down the hall to the elevator. You felt your pulse skyrocketing. You knew you needed to control this before it escalated. Pulling in deep breaths, you pushed the button to Bucky’s floor. As soon as the doors opened, you practically sprinted to his door, knocking hastily.

You really hoped he wasn’t already asleep. It was still early. There’s no way he’d be asleep. Right? Fuck, this is stupid. You should be able to calm yourself down! You shouldn’t have to run to Bucky every time your powers start surging–

Bucky answers the door, looking tired but happy to see you. His features scrunched with concern when he saw you were close to tears. He pulled you to him in a tight hug right there in the doorway. Your shoulders slumped as you released a breath you didn’t realize you had been holding. “What’s wrong, doll?” he breathes into your hair.

You swallow the lump in your throat, nuzzling into his chest. “My powers are surging. Everyone’s going haywire and I don’t understand why.”

He pulls you into his room and shuts the door. “What do you mean? They’ve seemed…” He stopped, everyone has been kind of weird, lately.

You took his silence as a reason to explain why you were here. “Their emotions, Bucky. Everyone’s usually so chill, but everyone has been feeling…everything.” Unwanted tears started pouring from your eyes. “I’m not meaning to pick it up, but it’s all so overwhelming–”

Bucky pulled you back into his arms and hushed you with a kiss to your forehead. “C’mon, hey, focus on me. Let’s start your calming exercises, okay?”

God, you were so thankful for Bucky Barnes. He went through your deep breathing exercises with you, and when he noticed that you were still anxious, he asked if you wanted to go down to the gym and take it out on the punching bag.

You smiled gratefully. “No, that’s okay.” The last thing you needed was seeing Bucky in the gym. You were trying to calm yourself, afterall. “Can I stay with you tonight?”

He licked his bottom lip before caging it between his teeth and nodded. “Yeah, of course, doll.” He intertwined his fingers with yours and lead you to his bed. You both got in and situated yourselves as Bucky spooned you.

You played with his fingers as he buried his nose in your hair. You always smelled like fruit and flowers. It was intoxicating to him. “You said everyone’s been feeling more than normal.” Bucky started. You turned so you could see his face and nodded. “Have they been asking you about Wakanda?”

Your eyes grew wide as your stomach fell. Oh shit. Fucking shit! This can’t be happening! You bite your lip, hoping you don’t look too freaked out. “Uh. What have they been asking you?” That was a safe question, right?

He clenched his jaw and glanced away before locking those steel blue eyes on yours. “Just how it went. What we did.” He wasn’t forthcoming. Was he blushing? Fuck, you were sure he could hear your heart thundering in your chest.

“Yeah, they asked me that, too.” You said quietly, staring up at Bucky. Emotions flowed and ebbed on his face. You could see the war he was having with himself in his head. He was trying to figure out how to tell you that he didn’t feel the same way you felt about him. You knew it. You just wanted a pit to open up in the earth and swallow you whole.

Bucky shrugged, then smiled at you. “They’re probably just being weird. Maybe they started some new game to ask us weird questions? They probably have a bet on who’s going to crack first.”

You smiled shakily, but you were unconvinced. Something happened. They knew that you were crushing on Bucky; and if they hadn’t already told him, they would soon.

You turned back around and laced your fingers with Bucky’s, calming some as he pulled you flush against him.

You needed to talk to Sam. You knew he was behind this.

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Dark AU sketch dump #23!

Doodles here, doodles there, doodles everywhere! (*ˊૢᵕˋૢ*) ♡

Rinrin has a couple of itchy friends that love biting his fluffy ears and cute chubby baby butt! ٩(*ゝڡ◕๑)۶♥ Uncle Kishumi is to blame… him and his wild outings brought back a couple of friends that found Rinrin’s baby meat quite delicious! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

More reverse Dark AU! (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡ We now get to know an itsy bitsy more about this chubby precious mummy! Apart from loving Rin’s tail (his security blanket), this little guy loves to SLEEP!  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Click images for captions~

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because i’ve been itching to do a writing meme, and i really like the prompts over at lj (for all those cool kids who remember doing theme tables there!), so here’s 30 wounds.

1. “It’s just a flesh wound.”

2. sharp tongue

3. killing blow

4. take it like a man

5. catscratches

6. die for you

7. sadomasochism

8. whipped

9. black and blue

10. hospital

11. bandages

12. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”

13. if looks could kill

14. last one standing

15. worth dying for

16. “You’re bleeding.”

17. “I fell down some stairs.”

18. kiss it better

19. go down in flames

20. infection

21. accept defeat

22. let me see your scars

23. bloodstains

24. stabbed in the back

25. will to live

26. die by your hand

27. battle fatigue

28. paper cut

29. drunken brawl

30. heal

how to be happy
  • <p> <b>1:</b> drink water<p/><b>2:</b> eat fruits<p/><b>3:</b> take a walk in the forest<p/><b>4:</b> drive to the beach<p/><b>5:</b> and swim in the ocean<p/><b>6:</b> smile to strangers<p/><b>7:</b> don't worry about little shit<p/><b>8:</b> learn new stuff<p/><b>9:</b> read read read<p/><b>10:</b> find new music<p/><b>11:</b> and go to concerts<p/><b>12:</b> watch the sunrise/sunset<p/><b>13:</b> breakfast in bed<p/><b>14:</b> be thankful for little things<p/><b>15:</b> write down what annoys you<p/><b>16:</b> dance<p/><b>17:</b> paint<p/><b>18:</b> talk to old friends<p/><b>19:</b> make new friends<p/><b>20:</b> be brave<p/><b>21:</b> save money<p/><b>22:</b> and just spend it for things you really need<p/><b>23:</b> or for pizza<p/><b>24:</b> do more things alone<p/><b>25:</b> reblogg this<p/><b>26:</b> just kidding<p/><b>27:</b> remember that i love you<p/></p>
Things I'm going to do to make myself happier

1. Drink more water
2. Read more
3. Exercise daily
4. Spend less time on my phone
5. Talk to a different friend every couple of days
6. Write down things that make me happy
7. Make a scrapbook
8. Keep a loose diary
9. Write notes
10. Take more pictures
11. Work more
12. Eat more fruit
13. Eat more yoghurt
14. Cut down on sugar
15. Turn off my phone/laptop an hour or so before bed
16. Drink herbal tea
17. Cook more of my own food
18. Focus on the positives
19. Keep my bedroom tidy
20. Write more poetry
21. Listen to my record player when burying myself in a task
22. Plan road trips for the future
23. Plan holidays for the future
24. Save my money
25. Get my sleep routine in check
26. Wake up at the same time (roughly) every day
27. Explore more
28. Walk further every day
29. Get dressed as soon as I get up to feel more awake
30. Smile more

A summary of Hamilton disc 2

1. Sweet Tunes
2. Talk about those siCK BURNS
3. Little Phillip and gorgeous Schuyler sisters #1 and #2
4. Why can’t I say no to this fucking song
5. Leslie Odom Jr Voice Appreciation Time™
6. Wow look at that bitterness
8. Hey more bitterness and sweet tunes
9. Bye George we love you
10. Fucking King George I swear
12. Confess your sins child
13. Foreshadowing
14. You fucked up son
15. Sweet Cupcake Eliza did not deserve this
16. Phillip “Lady Killer” Hamilton and George “Asshole” Eacker
17. Crying
18. Crying: The Sequel
19. You go T.Jeff
20. Passive Aggressive :)
22. Burr no stop plea- FUCK
23. Harmonious regret

Proving Them Right (17/?)

All the previous chapters/installments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

(You can also read the whole thing over on my AO3)

Summary: There’s some kind of bet that Beca and Chloe are going to end up together, and, with CR’s wedding on the horizon, our favorite duo decides to make some moolah by pretending to date. Also known as: that fake dating trope that we’re all trash for.

Chloe understood Beca. After four years, she learned the intricacies of every single look Beca sent - every twitch of her fingers, every sniffle of her nose. Their senior year, she used to know when Beca would get sick before Beca did, hounding her with cups of tea that went untouched because she could hear the slight change in Beca’s voice that came with having a cough. She’d learned early on how to attach meaning to the silence in Beca’s conversations, and it was easy enough now to make sense of whatever storm tended to brew in her eyes. 

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