4 door jeep

“ For many Jeep enthusiasts, the idea of a 4-door Wrangler was utter sacrilege. But at the 2006 New York Auto Show press preview Jeep debuted the Wrangler Unlimited, boasting the legendary off-road capability of a Wrangler but with room for the whole family. And Jeep unveiled the new model to journalists in spectacular fashion – the Unlimited was completely buried in a mound of dirt, so Jeep had the NY Fire Department dig it out via their high-powered fire hoses. “

anonymous asked:

Is that NR jeep that shadi has it sure looks the same. Same color and same front bumper I thought I read he did get rid of it last summer so maybe to his friend which is very cool he seems to do that alot

Could be. Why do I think his had 4 doors. I want a jeep to bad the state of California says I’m not allowed to drive