4 days in chains

Gruvia Love Fest Day 4: Chained

hi everyone, happy valentine’s day :)  
I’m crawling out from my rock to share a throwback story I wrote back in 2014 that fits this theme really well. some of you may have already read it, but for those of you that haven’t, I hope you enjoy!! take care everybody :) 


“I don’t like this.”

Gray frowned as the handcuff clapped around his right wrist, locking him to the bedpost. He jostled the chain as Juvia walked around the bed, chaining his other wrist to the opposite column.

“Stop thinking about breaking it, Gray-sama,” she said, noting the way he eyed his restraints with distaste. “Gray-sama promised.”

“Yeah, well, I change my mind.”

But his words lost conviction as his eyes trailed licentiously down his girlfriend’s body. She wore silk black lingerie, a black bra with bows rimming the edges and laces wrapping her stomach in an x-pattern. Tight boy shorts hugged her bottom, cross laces lining down her hips paired with thigh-high stockings. Gray almost smirked at the sight of her. He’d never realized how good she looked in black, how the dark tone accentuated the ivory of her skin and vibrancy of her azure eyes.

“Hm,” Juvia hummed, teasing a finger down his bare chest as she stood at the side of the bed. She’d left him wearing only his boxers—he’d initially stripped them off along with the rest of his clothes, but she made sure that he kept at least one article of clothing. He wasn’t sure why, but he didn’t think much of it. It’d come off soon anyway.

The bed creaked as she shifted onto the mattress, her legs hooking around his sides and straddling his hips. She leisurely glided her hand down his chest, smiling at the way his body tensed beneath her.

“Does Gray-sama really change his mind?”

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So  um i got tagged in this thing? by @anselbelike (thank you but bare in mind i dont talk to anyone on tumblr but u) soo diz da (cupid) Shuffle Challenge. I’ll shuffle through my musik on just my itunes songs (as i do 24/7) and as @anselbelike did, I’ll be extra and add my top played 

Let the Shuffle Challenge commence:

1. Raury ft. Big K.R.I.T - Forbidden Knowledge

2. Hyukoh - Simon

3. Drake - Own It

4. J.Cole - Chaining Day

5. Chet Baker - I Fall In Love Too Easily 

6. BTS - Bulletproof

7. Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping 

8. J-Hope - 1 Verse

9. Salt n Pepa - Whatta Man

10. Wu Tang Clan - Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’

TOP 10!!!!

1. Beenzino - Dali Van Picasso

2. BTS - First Love

3. Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

4. Xitsuh ft. Suran - 끝

5. Jack Garret - Worry 

6. The Game - El Chapo

7. Pharrel Williams - Come Get It Bae

8. Hyukoh - Wi Ing Wi Ing

9. Childish Gambino - Sweatpants

10. Osshun - Just Unique

um yeh that’s me (wow this got personal) sharing music already (aren’t we moving a bit fast) I tag @haute-klass @peachiebubs cause they de only ppl i know besides @anselbelike

How to Interact with Actors/Idols Appropriately on Social Media

Fellow 2.5D fans.  You may have seen this post floating around, about foreign fans replying to actors on social media in inappropriate ways.  I agree with pretty much everything that post has to say, but I’m not here to reiterate what’s been said before.

As inappropriate as they are, those tweets are sent by fans, right?  Fans who like the actors and want to support them, right?  That’s fine!  It’s okay to respond to them on Twitter!  But there are certain boundaries you don’t want to step over or you (or worse, foreign fans as a whole) will be seen in a negative light, canceling out the support you’re trying to send.

So today let’s talk about reply etiquette.

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Welcome to the first annual VaNoé week, a week dedicated to the ship for Vanitas and Noé!

April 22nd - April 28th

(You can choose one of the two options, or even do both)
Day 1 (4.22): First meeting//First date
Day 2 (4.23): Flowers//Cuddles
Day 3 (4.24): Cosplay//Laughter
Day 4 (4.25): Cat/Dog ears//Snow
Day 5 (4.26): Neck biting//Chains
Day 6 (4.27): Airship//Kisses
Day 7 (4.28): Tea time//Free prompt

• All fan works must be yours
• Early and Late works are accepted
• Please tag your NSFW and other sensitive works properly
• Use the tag #vanoeweek so I can easily track and reblog your works
• Submissions are accepted

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Today I finished my defense of Tyrion in ADWD, and I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out, both in terms of the essays themselves and the overwhelmingly positive response to them. Thanks, guys, ilu! 

I’ve put up a permalink to the series as a whole in my header, and y’all can find below links to the individual essays. As promised, a similar series is coming for Davos’ own chapters in ADWD; Ima focus on my new YouTube channel for the next few weeks, so expect the Davos series to start in mid-late March. Thanks again for reading ♥

Tyrion in ADWD

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Let Us Drink And Dream

Part 3: You Do Not Know The River

Part 4: Keep Your Dragon Close

Part 5: Where Chains Are Cheaper Than Day-Old Bread

Part 6: Snarling In The Midst Of All

Part 7: Well Trained For Your Amusement

Part 8: Buying Steel Swords With Parchment Dragons

Part 9: Conclusion

OkiKagu Week 2016: Themes

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here’s the final line-up for each day during OkiKagu Week 2016:

Day 1: Cohabitation
Day 2: Boyfriend Clothes
Day 3: Breaking Up
Day 4: Timeskip
Day 5: Alcohol [OkiKagu Day]
Day 6: Chains and Whips
Day 7: Wedding Night

Tentatively, I’ve decided to do away with the week-long theme this year, but feel free to suggest otherwise if you think it’s still needed.

When Vixx MVs hit 1MIL views:

(This is “as far as I can tell”, YouTube doesn’t have specific dates like other sites :P)

Super Hero - 341 days

Rock Ur Body - happened as early as 1 year ago

On and On - almost at 1mil on 18 days

Hyde - 38 days

GR8U - 85 days

Only U - almost at 1mil on 175 days

Voodoo Doll - 9 days

Thank You For My Love - 425,253 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Eternity - 5 days

Error - 6 days

Love Equation - 6 days

VIXX LR - 8 days

Chained Up - under 4 days

fiercxlyhopxful  asked:


4 days with me chained to their bed

The werewolf looked unhappy about this idea. He had been chained to Cat’s bed to restrain him from attacking anyone on the full moon, and apparently it was a success. But he couldn’t imagine the things she might do to him when he turned human again. It was not his fault he wasn’t wearing any clothes at the time.

When Vixx MVs hit 1MIL views (Updated for Dynamite)

(This is “as far as I can tell”; YouTube doesn’t have specific dates like other sites, so I can only go off the comments and screenshots of others if I don’t have my own.)

Super Hero - 341 days

Rock Ur Body - happened as early as 1 year ago (* from Chained Up’s release, sorry forgot to update this!)

On and On - almost at 1mil on 18 days (* the MV was removed and reuploaded so the original views were lost ㅠㅠ)

Hyde - 38 days

GR8U - 85 days

Only U - almost at 1mil on 175 days

Voodoo Doll - 9 days

Thank You For My Love - 476,520 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (up 51,267 views since Chained Up)

Eternity - 5 days

Error - 6 days

Love Equation - 6 days

VIXX LR - 8 days

Chained Up - under 4 days

Dynamite - just over 3 days!!

Starlights, we set a new record for ourselves!!! Feel fantastic!

4-everinred  asked:

I freakin love the stuff u post on your blog. Can you tell me the order that the kingdom hearts games go in, cause I went online saw and bunch of different orders.

Well, you probably saw a list that orders them by release date and one that orders them chronologically. Here are those two lists, based off NA releases:

1. Kingdom Hearts
2. Chain of Memories
3. Kingdom Hearts 2
4. 358/2 Days
5. Birth By Sleep
6. Re:Coded
7. Dream Drop Distance

1. Birth By Sleep
2. Kingdom Hearts / 358/2 Days (simultaneous during Hollow Bastion section of KH1)
3. Chain of Memories / 358/2 Days (simultaneous)
4. Kingdom Hearts 2
5. Re:Coded
6. Dream Drop Distance

If this is your first time playing through, definitely play them in release order, since that is the way they were meant to be played (and the secret endings will actually make sense). Hope this helps, and sorry this response is so late!