4 days after the accident

Bethyl Beginning Musings

Long before I really had a concept of what Tumblr was or even visited any blogs here, I was part of Bethyl at a Walking Dead forum. I remember how excited we all were for the Season 4 DvDs of TWD to come out. It had been the summer of Bethyl, everything was perfect, Beth was being promoted to no end, Bethyl was all but promised through the various summer engagement posts AMC/TWD was releasing in regards to Daryl finding Beth. Daryl and Beth’s storyline was important enough that “Still” received two commentaries, one with Norman and one with Emily, on the DvDs. It was such an exciting time. I can’t help but revisiting this…a post I made on that forum-some of the things I thought immediately following my rewatch of “30 Days Without an Accident” on DvD and experiencing it for the first time with the commentary with none other than Scott Gimple and Greg Nicotero. This has been on my mind a lot this summer.

So, I was new to the world of TWD back during Season 4. Season 4b was the first portion of TWD that I watched live. I binged TWD after the Christmas following 4A. I felt Daryl and Beth so hard (I started writing my fanfic after binging). Through Season 4, I could see all the moments that meant something about what I thought would be Beth and Daryl’s future relationship. I felt it and was just waiting for everyone else who didn’t see it to catch up (those non-shippers and future Bethylers who hadn’t seen the light yet). To be honest, there was a tiny part of me that worried I was seeing things that I wanted to see…mostly because of all the constant barrage of hate and negation that certain facets of the fandom threw at us. Then…come to find out…according to TPTB and the DvD commentaries, the viewers were supposed see those things…even starting with the prison hug…how it foreshadowed what was to come in the second half of the season. After watching episode 4 x 1, “30 Days Without an Accident”, I went back and listened to the commentary, and it really solidified just how much we were right to believe in our ship all along.

There isn’t really much more to be said about the hug that hasn’t been said before or that we have heard TPTB talking about. It was beautiful; a point that we can really reference back to as the start for Beth and Daryl’s relationship…the beauty in that moment when the camera was supposed to get a close up of Daryl and Beth’s faces during the hug, but TPTB decided to keep it a wide angle shot because it was the moment where Daryl didn’t exactly hug back…but he cradled Beth’s arm…a man who didn’t touch touched that girl, a man who didn’t allow affection allowed himself to be hugged because he needed it…*sigh*

So, besides the prison hug scene, there are two scenes in “30 Days Without an Accident” that together with their commentaries see as really crucial to Daryl and Beth’s blooming relationship…well, perhaps just for Daryl’s blooming feelings. Both scenes are scenes shared between Daryl and Zack.

1. The “Damn Romance Novel” Scene.

2. The “Bigspot” Scene where Zack tries to guess what Daryl was before the ZA. (Just go with me on this one)

I don’t get out a lot on Tumblr or have a lot of time to read everything that has been said, so I don’t know…these might be topics and discussions that have been encountered over and over again, but I still can’t believe how much these scenes along with their corresponding DvD commentary and conclusions I personally drew from the commentaries still hit me in regards to setting up Bethyl.

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~So…this post is dedicated to my favorite Elvis Movie onscreen couple Judy Tyler and Elvis in Jailhouse Rock (1957). Judy had such a unique beauty that was such a wonderful match for Elvis’s unusual but of course handsome looks. Their chemistry was heartfelt onscreen though off they were the best of friends sharing a lot of laughs and fun together. I am still so upset by the fact Judy would never be paired with Elvis again after passing in a fatal car accident on July 4, 1957 just days after the finishing production of the film. Jailhouse Rock being my first Elvis film with my grandmother I hold it dear and is my second favorite Elvis Presley Film, a lot to do with this coupling.~