4 da fam


“oh my anak, your ring is gorgeous! ay jusko! you’re getting married!! i am so happy for you two!” Maricel squeals as she can’t stop staring at Luna’s engagement ring.

“my boy. Mi, i am so damn proud of you. look at you! you found yourself a worthwhile woman. and you worked so hard to earn enough for a ring you and i both know she deserves.” Milo chuckles and rubs his beard, “hence why i grew this damn thing out, the past few months i’ve just been going crazy at work to make ends meet while trying to save up for the perfect ring for her. and it was worth it, pa. it was so worth it.” 

a few feet away sits Abigail, Milo’s older sister and the eldest of the three Garcia kids. she brought her husband of three years, Warren, back home to celebrate New Years with her family. upon hearing the news she immediately faced Warren and jokingly said, “huh, guess Mel will be a fourth wheel forever.” Warren laughs and responds, “well, i’m happy for Milo.” she nods in agreement and is then startled by her little sister, Melissa, who starts screaming in excitement from the news. 

Melissa runs up to Luna and gives her a big fat hug and congratulates her. “i wouldn’t have imagined this is how i’d meet you for the first time!” she continues squealing and kisses Luna’s cheek, “i’ve heard so much about you, Milo is literally a non-stop romantic maniac when he’s talking about you, i am so happy to have finally meet you in the flesh, and let alone know that you’re going to be my sister in law!” 

Maricel sneaks back to be in Antonio’s arm as they both view their kids being reunited after awhile and knowing there will be another addition to their beautiful family. “Oh ‘Tonio, i can’t believe this! Luna has definitely proved us wrong.” Antonio makes a face at her. “us? honey, remember that was you that had doubts? i knew she was genuine and that she’d be somebody very, very special for Milo from the get-go. what can i say? dad knows best, you know?” Maricel looks up at him and pinches his nose playfully and disregards his sarcastic comment so they can bask in this beautiful moment for a few more seconds before dinner starts. 


Jay-Z::Beanie Sigel::Memphis Bleek::Amil //4 Da Fam

Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Amil and Beanie Sigel, photographed on the set of the music video for the underappreciated Roc-A-Fella Records posse cut “4 Da Fam” by Lenny “KodakLens” Santiago in 2000.

In his stellar verse Hov made reference to his impending fatherhood which would be, until Beyoncé’s pregnancy and the birth of Blue Ivy, one of only two references he made on wax to having a child of his own. After referencing his four nephews, who he has said numerous times he treated like his own children, Hov declared “I’m having a child, which is more frightening.”

Since 1997 Jay had been dating actress Rosario Dawson, and some say that their three-year relationship ended soon after she suffered a miscarriage. This, from a Vibe magazine interview conducted on the set of “I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me)” in November 2000: “Yes, he did have a child on the way as he rapped on Amil’s ‘4 Da Fam,’ but he stops short of giving a reason why that’s no longer the case.” In April 2003, nearly three years later, he would revisit this time in his life in an interview with Playboy magazine, explaining:The girl I was seeing about four years ago had a miscarriage. But I wasn’t sad. I didn’t even grieve. Maybe it happened because I wasn’t ready to be a dad.”

His other early reference to fatherhood was on “This Can’t Be Life,” where he talks about an unnamed girlfriend suffering a miscarriage. As the track was recorded shortly after “4 Da Fam” many assume it was a reference to the same pregnancy. However, in Decoded Jay explained that the miscarriage he was referencing took place in 1994—the year he set his “TCBL” verse. “This refers to something that happened to me around that time, 1994, when my girl of five years got pregnant and lost the baby in a miscarriage. Now, obviously, miscarriages happen everywhere, to anyone, but the point is that on top of the especially acute paranoia and disappointment and exhaustion I’m feeling from the street life, friends getting shot, your family being broke, I have to deal with the everyday tragedies that stalk everyone. And when that hits you, sometimes it becomes clear that you have to get out, that this really can’t be life, it has to be more.” 

The ex-girlfriend referred to is Stephanie, who he met in Virginia when he was in the state drug running. They dated for five years from 1991-1996, with Hov living between her home in Virginia and his apartment at 560 State Street in Brooklyn. Their relationship and the stress his early rap career put on it inspired “Song Cry.”


“4 Da Fam”(Freestyle)-Diggy Simmons 

While on Cosmic Kev’s Come Up Show Diggy came with some heat…believe that last verse was recycled, however…


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