4 christmases

Imagine ghost!Laurens spending Christmas at the Hamiltons’.

For the first few years, he just kind of observes and tries not to get too involved, but when Philip turns 4, he insists John HAS to participate.

Philip, having witnessed 4 whole Christmases (even though he was asleep for 2 of them), proclaims himself the official Christmas Connoisseur and takes it upon himself to explain every tradition to John. Most of them, he already knows about, but he lets Philip believe it’s all completely new and original.

Okay but Hide and Kaneki celebrating Christmas after being apart for 4 Christmases. Hide surprises Kaneki with 8 presents and they are for both Kaneki’s birthday and also Christmas. Kaneki feels so guilty cause he only got Hide one gift. Kaneki makes a grab for his coat and wallet to make up for it. Hide grabs him and pulls him into a kiss.

“One” *kiss*
“There. You made it up to me.”
“But Hide-”
“Besides, being with you is all I ever needed.”

Those gifts, in the end, never mattered. Holding each other was all they ever wanted