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The Fucking Kardashians at the YEEZY SEASON 3 Show

Okay, Im sure most people are over the K family, but theyre always around and wearing something at least interesting.  In doing research for this post, I have learned that Yung Thug was a model, season 3 was a collaboration with Balmain, obviously, and also designer Katie Eary. 

This is apparently how you dance to The Life of Pablo

Lets start with Kardashian Number One: Kimberly

KimK was basically her Majesty at the show, with probably the best decolletage on this blog yet. Of course wearing her husband’s design. The affinity that Kim has for fur this time of year is Iconic (to steal their signature adjective). The coat was made custom for her by Yeezy season 3 in the collaboration with Katie Eary. I really love the skirt, the 20′s style fringe is stunning. This is a great look for her!

Kardashian numbero 2: Khloe

Yes. She brought Lamarr. Ok, moving on. KloKard wore this 2nd skin lijke bodysuit and slightly pink fur, and Lamarr was in Yeezy menswear, which is fucking incredible. I think its like a muted camo, but still camo, and its awesome. The Ye’ does make some good stuff. I think Khloe look amazing blonde. Not so much Kim, but its not my hair and thats all that matters.

3rd K and arguably the cutest: NORI!

Yeezy and Katie Eary fur and hoodie. She looked like a little angel! North is such a wonderful little girl.

Throw a little J in there: Caitlyn!

Im glad she chose the name with the C and also a Y. I had friends named Kaitlin and Caitlin and I could not manage to keep the friendship alive. Anyway, she wore Yeezy and now here comes the problem: some of the designs were made for a homeless person. I get ripped jeans, kind of, however this many rips makes it look sloppy. Hair nails and pumps on point though. Caitlyn is looking great!

Lets keep with the J and one of the only ones with a legitimate job: Kendall with a lil Nori (and her lolipop omfg shes adorable)

I am in love with Kendall’s season 3 boots. The pearl details? Stunning! Nice job Kanye and Balmain. Kendall and Cait wore the same dress- Cait opting for a longer layer.

Back to the Ks: Kourtney

This photo is fucking huge, but I wanted to show the detailing in her bodysuit. Oh my godddddd its stunning. Balmain strikes again. I really love the pearls and sparkle. I have nothing remotely terrible to say. I want it.


Again, I cant get over the skirt. Its really bad. I guess I like the rips are mainly along the trim? The shoes and top are gorgeous. I love the long fringe on the chest, so beautiful. It gives it a very delicate feel. She decided to be so not inspired by anyone but herself and wear a black beanie. Honey, dont wear a beanie with Balmain.

Anna herself showed, and looked particularly bored in this photo. This was beneath her, but West is a friend, so she’d stop by.



Fidy, Rocky and (if you can believe it) 2Chainz showing some support for Ye.

To close this post, Im going to present the most odd photo of the show, without comment.

I just saw this ridiculous meme posted on Facebook and it made me want to puke.

Wrestling fans who glorify The Attitude Era as if it was a 100% better product just because you could say “ass” all the time, girls were mostly naked, and you could make obscene gestures are definitely forgetful toward how… shitty it really was in general. I looked up a random episode of Raw from June 1998 to see the results and have a glimpse at the show. Here’s a snippet:

- The Rock defeated Vader in a King Of The Ring 1998 Qualifying Match (4:40)
- Darren Drozdov defeated Jeff Jarrett (w/ Tennessee Lee) (2:12)
- Val Venis defeated Chainz (4:35)

So, let’s review. The Rock defeated a former World Heavyweight Champion in less than 5 minutes when The Rock really wasn’t shit at the time, Droz (who was new at the time) defeated a multiple-time champion in Jeff Jarrett in JUST OVER 2 MINUTES, and we got a sweet little Val Venis Vs. Chainz match (which I’m sure was a real barn burner of a match) that lasted less than 5 minutes.

That’s BARELY past 10 minutes of wrestling within three matches. People who “prefer” The Attitude Era don’t seem to recall that the wrestling aspect of the show suffered terribly so characters (which, admittedly, were awesome) could be the focus. Attitude Era fans would rather have THAT than have wrestlers like Jericho, Neville, Becky Lynch, Cesaro, Kalisto, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Paige, Rusev, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles, etc. wrestle for 10-20 minutes at a time and put on mat classics?

….right on, I guess. Do you. For me? I’d rather watch wrestling shows for the actual WRESTLING. Was The Attitude Era cool? Absolutely… when we were 12 and everything was measured in nanoseconds. Today? Please, just give me something with a little more realism and a little less ridiculousness.