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What's maximum hydration

It’s a seven-day method of creating higher porosity hair and defined curls in 4/c low porosity hair WITHOUT relaxing. It’s also temporary, but with consistent care can be long term and leave your hair very hydrated!!

I was on day 4 but Im skipping today and doing day 4 tomorrow, giving me three more days. (this isnt me or my hair but someone who has completed it)

Spotlight On 4 Type Hair 

Learning about your hair type is a great way to get a better understanding of what your hair can do and simply can not do. The sooner you learn the truth about your hair type your hair will be better suited for styling and product selection. 

Coily 4type hair is very prone to damage by nature because of its zig zags or Z formed bends and curls. If you have this particular hair type you may find yourself suffering from a lot of unwanted breakage and dryness. 4 type hair is very fragile and delicate because coily hair has a small amount of cuticle layers so, it provides very little protection against damage stemming from flat ironing , blowdrying, brushing, and combing. Coily hair must be babied and shelter from dangerous styling methods and chemicals to remain resilient and beautiful. The number one thing coily hair needs is moisture, moisture, moisture. Constant washing and styling only rips the life right out of your hair so it needs more moisture and less manipulation.

Do’s & Don'ts for coily hair:

Protective styling at least 80% of the time- braids, twist, finger coils, comb coils, bantu knots, french braids, and french rolls

Air drying- this method of drying will free your hair from being manipulated as much because you will be skipping heat, combing, and brushing

Add Ins- Adding oils and honey to your deep conditioner, conditioner, and leave in conditioners is a great way to infuse your hair with added moisture.

Combing- Always use a wide tooth comb on damp or fully moisturized hair. Never comb your hair while it is dry this will only cause your hair to snap and break off.

Brushing- If you are going to brush your hair use a boars bristle brush. These brushes are by far the safest brushes on the market.

Heat- Use as less heat as humanly possible 4 type hair is no friend or fan of heat. If you are going to use heat limit your use to once or twice a month if that. 

Chemicals- 4 type hair lacks the layer of protection hair needs to be able to go up against relaxers and hair dyes and have successful breakage free damage free hair outcome. Limit your relaxers and try to stretch them out as long as possible to avoid over processing your hair. The same goes for hair dyes instead of commercial box brand dyes opt for plant based dyes like henna or indigo. These natural dyes won’t only give you a color payoff they will also provide your hair with strength and conditioning that will leave your hair in tip top shape. 

Products for 4 type hair:

*Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel

*Raw Shea Butter


*Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Cold Pressed Castor Oil

*Coconut Oil


*Heavy Leave In Moisturizers 
Type 4: Kinky
It has extremely defined curls which are tightly coiled. There are also three varieties: K4a, K4b and K4c.

- K4a has a tightly coiled “S” pattern to it.
- K4B/C is more wiry with a zig-zag pattern.
- Kinky hair is driest of all types.
- Ii is most fragile of all other types.
- Has very little elasticity.
- It breaks very easily.

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