4 beautiful albums

Ode To Idaho is so beautiful… It gives off serious The Fall vibes.

It’s so soft and calm and really really lovely.

I wonder if maybe it could be part of that possible next album!

It makes me imagine Gorillaz in a long tour drive in the autumn, they’re all sort of relaxed and content and fiddling with instruments. 

It’s sort of sad but happy as well… I really love it. :)

ALSO. a head full of dreams and ghost stories are JUST AS GOOD as the old stuff!! okay!! yes the style is a bit different but that’s because there’s a fuckin 15 year difference between parachutes and a head full of dreams, people change and chris martin learned and grew and decided to let his music reflect his current self instead of clinging to the past and you know what?? i respect that a lot!!! also up and up is a DAMN GOOD SONG and i ams o heated right now 

It is love, that is the root of all evil
But not our tree
And thank you my friend
For trusting me
—  Hallelujah Money

they did not give me the usual four years to recover from their last album what do i do?