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roderich’s mansion would probably be a mess if he was left to his own devices, but it is usually in immaculate order, considering that he will find the smallest and most mundane of excuses to make ludwig come over (ie retrieving a jar from a shelf that is slightly higher than roderich is willing to expend the effort to reach). there is an austere atmosphere to the place, though it feels somewhat more welcoming when roderich is playing, or if he has been baking recently. there are beautiful views of the mountains from many of the windows.

if roderich had his way, his home probably wouldn’t even have electric lighting, but ludwig tries to drag him into the 21st century whenever it is pragmatic. it’s for this reason that the kitchen in particular is full of modern appliances, and he even owns a fairly new computer, even if he barely ever uses it.

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The New Crystal Gems

Well that was an okay episode !! I expected more from it at first, like an actual mission such as saving Beach City from a corrupted gem, but nah, just shenanigans of Connie, Peridot and Lapis (and Pumpkin?) trying to act like the Crystal Gems.

It could’ve been better…I feel like this episode will be one of those that quickly end up being overshadowed by the upcoming ones, which is sad.

It had decent comedy and a great speech from Connie about not having to copy others, good job Connie.

And Greg has a new personalized sign for his car wash !! Damn, expect to see that instead of “It’s a Wash!” from now on. It’s sweet that Lapis and Peridot made it, goes to show they apparently learned a little lesson after this.

Day 5 of FrUk Halloween Week: Asylum

(Warning: Blood? or red crayon -i don’t know how to draw blood)

Darling, this is what love is:madness and obsession, and believe me now that i got a sample of what love is, I am never going to stop wanting more of you!


Of course you need a daily dose of Hetalia musical cast’s selfies on your blog/dash (◡‿◡✿)

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