4 and 7 pls

10 Faves from 10 Fandoms

Tagged by @mego42 a million years ago! Thanks for tagging me. I actually spent a really long time thinking about this because I usually ending falling in love with a lot more characters than just one!

These are in no particular order. I decided these by thinking about some of my favorite characters of all time and those in recent memory.

1) Abby Griffin - The 100
2) Sameen Shaw - Person of Interest
3) Jade Curtiss - Tales of the Abyss
4) Kanna - Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
5) Shannon - Umineko / When the Seagulls Cry (i need the last 4 books nao pls)
6) Cordelia - Angel (samesies!)
7) Jessica Jones - Jessica Jones
8) Leliana - Dragon Age
9) Tohsaka Rin - Fate/stay Night
10) Yoosung Kim - Mystic Messenger

I just realized at the end I only have 2 dudes. Whoops. Guess I’m a sucker for badass ladies ;) (Kanna is just super cute tho)

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Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to! List 10 faves from 10 fandoms and then tag 10 people (so I tagged 11, sue me)!

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4,7,9 fr risky asks pls! thanks :)

damn u greedy <3 (i loves you so much)

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

Hah N O P E! I have an aesthetic/kpop blog though :) 

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

OH OH OHKAY SO ACTUALLY the past weekend before I got deathly sick I was at an award ceremony for getting the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Award. I had an absolute gorgeous floor long floral gown and my outfit was on point. There were a crap ton of dignitaries and corporation leaders in technology. So you know like those cute little cloths you put over your lap when you’re eating? I had that of course because it was dinner. Then I remembered I had to ask the head coordinator about something so I got up and went there. BUT THE SILK CLOTH STUCK TO MY LAP AND I DIDN’T KNOW FOR THE WHOLE CONVERSATION UNTIL one of the girls was like PSST LILY LOOK AT YOUR DRESS. AT IT FREAKING LOOKED LIKE I WAS WEARING A DAMN APRON. I almost cried since I was talking to a leader in technology the whole time and walked through the ballroom like that ARGH.

9.  what was your first blog URL?

linndariel (it’s an elvish name for the fandom Tolkien blog I used to be)

send me risky asks!

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Favorite flower: Sunflowers, yo

Favorite scent: Banana Bread
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Favorite animal: Pangolin
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: yes pls
Average sleep hours: 4-7
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kaity’s rwby relationship week:
    day 5: penny and ruby rose  (nuts and dolts)

for rwbyrsweek!! :0 i was slow putting it up bc i was busy during the week. the week that i decided to host rwbyrsweek. frickin’ incredible, kaity. but yeah lmao i’ll be uploading days 2-4 and 6-7 whenever i get the chance lmao
watch in HD pls :0

I finished s3 of OITNB

And I have a few things to say.


1) I miss Nicky so much omfg
2) I love Stella and idc
3) WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED WITH ALEX??? Is she okay??? Did she die???
4) I want Stella to get out of the max with Nicky and them be bffs.
5) why was Stella in prison?? What is her backstory???? Can she be in season 4 as a regular pls
8) Suzanne and what’s her face are so cute together
9) I ship Poussey and SoSo
10) I hate that donut guy and Healy
11) Protect pennsatucky and SoSo
12) what the fuck happened to Bennett

I think that’s all for now