4 alarm


Masha: So you’re saying that we, on that *points* we-
Ossian: -haaad sex. Yes.
Masha: Right.

Right?! Not right! What was this. She had mind blowing dream-sex and then it turns out it was real? With her roommate? Oh, wow this was not really what she had planned at all. Quickly running through last night in her head and she could pinpoint where she was and what she drank, then she danced, then drank, then danced, she fell at one point… or did she. She kissed a really hot guy and then they went back to her place and-

Masha: With you… *frowns*
Ossian: And you enjoyed it very much.
Masha: *covers chest* Stop staring!
Ossian: Hah! Way too late.
Masha: Oh shut up.

What now, what now, she thought. It could have been just a quick fling or whatever, right? But she really didn’t want it to become awkward… but she didn’t want to ignore it at all. She bit her lip, thinking.

Ossian: *smirks* I’m gonna take a shower.
Masha: Mhm.
Ossian: Unless you want to join?
Masha: Go!

Something woke Mike up.
The basement was completely silent, except for the quiet snores of Will, Dustin, and Lucas sprawled out across the floor in their sleeping bags and the crinkling of Mike’s as he sat up to look around for whatever it was that had woken him up. He squinted across the room at the glaringly red digits of the alarm clock: 4:58 AM.
He frowned sleepily and turned around to check on El, asleep in her fort.
Except she wasn’t asleep in her fort.
In fact, she wasn’t in her fort at all.
Suddenly wide-awake, he scrambled out of his sleeping bag and leaped toward the stairs, nearly tripping over Lucas’ sleeping form in the process. He’d made it halfway up the stairs before he felt the chill in the air. One foot hovering over the next step, he twisted to face the back door.
The slightly-open back door.
He crept back down the stairs and carefully picked his way over Dustin and Will. With one last over-the-shoulder glance to make sure he hadn’t woken them, he opened the door the rest of the way.
A pre-dawn breeze ruffled his hair and he hugged himself for warmth. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, unless you counted the El-shaped spot in the darkness sitting on the grass, which he did. Relieved, he ducked inside to grab a blanket and then zoomed out, swinging the door closed behind him. It slammed shut and Mike cringed. Eleven’s form stiffened and her head swiveled to the side, listening.
“It’s just me, El,” he whispered.
“Mike?” she whispered back, visibly relaxing at the sound of his familiar voice.
He closed the rest of the distance between them and sat down cross-legged next to her. “Yeah, it’s me. Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.”
“You didn’t scare me.”
“Okay, good. I, uh, I brought a blanket.“ He draped the blanket across their shoulders and for a brief insane moment, considered leaving his arm around her shoulders. The idea was quickly dropped when his facial temperature increased by roughly 1000 degrees. He felt a rush of gratitude for the cover of darkness.
"It’s freezing out here,” he shivered.
The blanket shifted as El shrugged. “It’s only fifty degrees. That’s not freezing.”
Mike grinned. “Touche, El,” he chuckled. “But it’s still cold,” he countered with a gentle nudge.
They passed the next several minutes in silence, watching the morning light slowly reach across the sky and turn the heavy blackness into downy blue.
In the dim light, Mike glanced at El. Her eyes were bright and wide-awake, eagerly scanning the horizon, or as much of the horizon as could be seen above the silhouetted roofs and treetops.
“El, did… did you sleep at all?”
For a moment, she seemed almost frozen, the breeze gently stirring her short hair.
Then she calmly shook her head.
Mike smiled softly. El, ever the night-owl.
As the sky continued to lighten, the temperature dropped. Even with her sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks, AND the blanket, El scooted closer to Mike for warmth, drawing the corner of the blanket tighter around her shoulders as she did (strangely, Mike wasn’t feeling very cold).
And then El sat up ramrod straight.
The air was still, the sky a pale blue, and there, just above the trees, was a faint golden glow. Not yet the sun, but rather its rays, testing the blue waters of the sky. Slowly, little by little, the sun made its gradual appearance.
Admittedly, Mike hadn’t been paying complete attention, what with El sitting so close to him, but that little bit of attention was lost completely when El seized his hand and glanced at him with a dizzying elated smile.
Giving his head a slight shake, he wrapped his freezing fingers around her own and, with a steadying breath, had to remind himself that the sun was in front of him and not sitting next to him.
Although the real thing seemed awfully dim in comparison.

(From a lovely conversation with the lovely @eggos-and-promises! ^_^)


4 Alarm Fire at 320 Eutaw Street, Westside, Baltimore, Md

I  C A N ‘ T

‘I told Amy 6741 was my favorite episode, the whole park scene and the pillow talk scene with Shaw. She said in the pillow talk they kept giggling together after every kiss (took a lot of takes) but she loved that scene because it was just lying in bed most of the time and they needed the rest. :)
She also mentioned they filmed more scenes like Shoot feeding Bear and Shaw asking Bear if he has been looking out for Root but it was cut because of time.
Amy signed my picture with ‘4 Alarm Fire’. Gave it to me then she hurriedly took it back and said she forgot something then i saw that she added and wrote ‘Stay with me, you are my safe place.’ ’

- A fan, after her meeting with Amy Acker at Dallas Fan Expo, June 4.

you know when you cry for two hours straight and you just want to keep crying but you have no more tears left, just this heavy sadness pulling at your heart? that’s where i’m at right now.

We all have that moment where we are in a hurry to go to school because obviously, we’re already late. So here are some tips that might help you so that you won’t be late for school!

  • Prepare your clothes/uniform the day before your school. For those students who don’t wear a uniform, this tip will help a lot. I know that it is a struggle to pick and mix and match clothes. So the day before your school, make sure to choose already the clothes that you will going to wear so it won’t take you a lot of time to prepare. 
  • Sleep early. One of the reasons why we’re late to school is because we slept so late at night. If you can’t sleep early, try to exercise before you sleep so you’ll be tired, try also to take a half bath or set aside your gadgets so you can sleep peacefully.
  • Set an alarm. This tip really worked for me. My class starts at 7:00 AM and I set my alarm to 4:10 AM. If you’re confused why I set my alarm so early, it is because I consider how many minutes I take a bath, how many minutes I prepare and fix my things, the commuting, as well as the traffic. And be that person who will get up immediately after the alarm rings.
  • Time Management. Right after you came home from school, do everything that is needed to be done; assignments, projects, school works, etc. Don’t procrastinate! It really feels good when you accomplish even a small task.
  • Set your goals. Goals will make you more motivated to go to school, even if it is to just finish rewriting your notes. Going to school extra early can also be your goal! Don’t be afraid that you won’t make your goal happen because there’s a lot of time to do it. Just set your goals, no matter small or big it is.

So here are just the tips that will help you to be early in class. I hope these tips guided you in some way. Happy studying! xoxo, Aqua.