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Turning the bike lane into a second car lane during rush hour? Let me make your life a little more difficult

So I live in a very large metropolitan city, and I try to get out and bike after work and during the weekend. I’m able to get my ride started early enough in the evening, that by the time I am returning home, it’s between 5-6pm; aka rush hour traffic. There is this one road I take that connects my neighborhood with the major bike path out of the city. This particular road has a fork that I take to the right. Unfortunately, this direction gets really jammed up at rush hour, so there is this habit that people have to use the bicycle lane as a second lane to snake other drivers on the inside. So tonight, after bobbing and weaving my way through aggressive and annoyed drivers, I found myself between two drivers trying to merge in to the two lane road. To my left, the lady who had patiently waited her turn to merge, and to my right, the leader of the douche-parade. A blacked out Dodge Dart blasting loud music with his windows down, with a vanity license plate that read something akin to “douche tool”. As I weaseled my way in front of his super sweet 4-cylinder pussy magnet, my bike suddenly had “issues”, which required me to immediately dismount, and fiddle with my stem. I didn’t do it long, because I value my life, but seeing three cars who had waited patiently get the drop on all the cheaters made me feel a little better. When I finally did get back on my bike, I made sure to ride extra slow to keep the parade riding their brakes.

TL;DR use the bike lane to snake traffic, I’ll stop my bike infront of you so that people who follow the rules can snake you back ;)

This is the 1944 CJ2 AgriJeep serial #09 of 45 made. Notice the tool indents, MB grill, CJ2A style bow pockets and the brass JEEP markers on the hood and windshield(some CJ2′s had an AgriJeep marker added as well before they finally settled on the usual WILLYS stamped hood and windshield) The CJ2 was a prototype and development mule for the 2A that would be available after the war. They were equipped with the usual Go-Devil 4 cylinder, T-90 3 speed tranny but with column shifter, tailgates, and a pto.

Of the 45 CJ-2s Willys built, only serial numbers 06, 09, 11, 12, 14, 26, 32, 37 and 39 seemed to have survived. As of now, 09 shown above is the only CJ2 that’s been fully restored.


The custom-build Roadhog motorcycle, made around a Chevrolet 153 4-cylinder, 2,512 cc engine. The complete bike is 17 feet (520 cm) long and weighs 3,280 pounds (1,490 kg), and as such is deemed impossible to steer for most people until it reaches at least 15 miles per hour (24 km/h), and when at rest it is held up by hydraulic rams that are deployed by the driver.

Two units build by the american engineer and motorcycle enthusiast William “Wild Bill” Gelbke, between 1962 and 1965. 


You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. Who would believe this?

Whatever it was, it doesn’t bother a Volvo PV444 (444 means: 4-seater, 4 cylinder, 40 horsepower), a pre 1954 with split front and rear screen and roof side-mounted indicators. After 60 years, this old hunchback thing – actually known as Volvo’s peacetime car when first introduced in 1944 at the Royal Lawn Tennis Hall in Stockholm in hope for a brighter future when World War II was still raging  – has managed to cross the open border somehow. Who would believe this.  

i just wanna draw, why are u like this, tablet


(coincidentally, my car also busted 4 of its 8 cylinders last week after a long fight with Undiagnosed Transmission Problems so I’m thinking technology and me just aren’t doing the tango right)

So I was re-reading the new Thrawn book and decided to rewatch all the Thrawn episodes of star wars rebels when I noticed Governor Pryce is wearing a Grand Moff rank plaque. I find this strange since Wookieepedia has no mention of her being promoted. So what do you think is the cause? Is it just poor editing? Or was it done on purpose? Also regardless of her rank being governor or grand moff she should have 4 code cylinders but she only has 2. This leads me to wonder what that’s about. Mistakes like this can be seen in more than just one scene so that means it most likely isn’t a mistake but something else.


—– Porsche 904/8 GTS - 1964

Motor: Eight cylinder boxer engine.

Displacement: 1,982 cc

Power: 240 hp

Maximum speed: 275 km/h

With the 904 GTS, Porsche led the field in cutting-edge car body design. The design was based on a box-section space frame and for the first time the body was fabricated entirely from GRP. The resulting structure was light and extremely stable. The 904 GTS was originally powered by the 4 cylinder “Furhmann” engine. Later, some of the cars were fitted with the 6 cylinder engine from the 911 model. This 904 GTS is the only example built with the Porsche 8 cylinder engine, based on F1 technology. —–

Alright, I have to talk about the gem of car finds. This is a really rare machine, a Kaiser Henry J. This is one of the most forgotten 1950′s automobiles from one of the most forgotten auto companies, Kaiser-Frazer.

Kaiser-Frazer was two big names in American industrial power coming together. Kaiser was Henry J Kaiser, American ship building giant and icon of World War II. The other was Joseph W. Frazer, a high ranking member of the boards of Chrysler, Willys-Overland and later Graham-Paige. Frazer’s fame included the creation of Plymouth as Chrysler’s low cost offering, developed the Willys Jeep and Americar. Graham-Paige wasn’t in good standing however, running off of modified Cord cars and desperate for new material.

Kaiser and Frazer decided to buy the company, as Frazer had become the President following his leave of Willys. They began working on newer cars such as the Kaiser Deluxe, Frazer Manhattan and the very famous Kaiser Darrin fiberglass sports car. But the issue was that all of these cars were very high end vehicles, and not much was around for the average joe. So they began working on an everyman car, making a Kaiser as cheap as possible.

And I mean cheap too. There was no trunk latch so you could only get to the trunk from the back seat, it only came as a 2 door sedan and the rear windows were fixed and there were no armrests, glove compartments, flow-through ventilation or sunvisors. And the only engine options were eithe a 68 hp 4-cylinder engine or a 80 6-cylinder borrowed straight from the Willys CJ. And it hit the market in 1950 and was a failure.

Now Kaiser-Frazer marketed the hell out of the car, tooting the “low MPG” horn more than modern manufacturers do. Now this was due to the Korean War starting up and fears of WWII gas rationing were beginning to set in, at least until the War Production Board ended it and gas came to a nice 27 cents a gallon. If that wasn’t enough, the new Chevrolet lineup for 1953 meant the super cheap 150 costed a few dollars more than the Henry J, and Nash’s new Rambler line included a similarly priced cheap offering, making the Henry J a moot point.

And the Henry J became a dead weight for Kaiser, making up only 1.5% of the market in 1950 and slowly decreasing until it reached a paltry .02% in it’s final model year 1954. The production line for the Henry J transitioned to the much more efficient cheaper car, the Willys Aero line. By 1953, Kaiser-Frazer had bought the failing Willys company and merged into Kaiser-Willys. By 1956, they dropped passenger car production to focus on utility vehicles like the Jeep and did this until 1970 when they were bought by AMC.

But there’s a somewhat famous twist with the Henry J, it wasn’t just sold by Kaiser.

It was sold by Sears.

Yes, Kaiser actually sold many Henry J’s to Sears-Roebuck for sale. With sales of the base car slipping, Kaiser worked out a deal with Sears to sell a special version of the Henry J as the Sears Allstate. Named after Sears in-house car parts marque, the Allstate was a Henry J with new hood ornament, grille, interior trim and Allstate tires and battery. This was the first time Sears actually sold a car, and at a low price. However this didn’t work out either, and the Sears Allstate was dropped in 1954 as well.

But the little Henry J is a really interesting car just in how rare they are. Only 2,500 Allstates were sold, alongside 131, 702 Henry J’s. This might seem like a large number, until I bring up that in 1953 alone, Chevrolet made 1,346,475 cars, and that’s only one year. Henry J’s are pretty reliable, although the engine’s are woefully inadequate for the car. But there’s still something interesting to the plucky little Henry J, it just looks cool.

‪My car might be a shitty little 4 cylinder but it can outpace just about any car from a stoplight 😂 I just beat a mustang down the main strip