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At the end of petals to the metal what had bane done that was so suspicious that they didn't drink the toast? After they don't drink he starts to get annoyed but why didn't the drink immediately after they toasted?

… I’m not sure. Have this huge ass excerpt from the first The The Adventure Zone Zone that I just remembered existed that explains it!

Travis: Can I- can I say my favorite moment out of The Adventure Zone so far? Out of playing it? I loved Petals to the Metal. I loved the- the– [crosstalk]

Griffin: [crosstalk] Yup.

Clint: [crosstalk] I agree.

Travis: –the concept of. My favorite moment was when the three of us were in Captain Captain Bane’s office, and he handed out drinks, and there was no editing in this, there- n- we- the three did not discuss it, we all independently decided that we weren’t going to drink the drink.

Griffin: Yeah.

Clint: [Wheezes]

Travis: And it was, it was- like, I’m not even joking when like, I got chills in the moment because it was this very, like, you know, like, sympatico moment of, picturing this scene, and not trusting what was going on.

Griffin: And I think what was really great about that is it doesn’t come out of rolls, you weren’t doing- you could’ve done…this is- this is that- that scene I haven’t really thought of it that way Travis but it’s a perfect- it’s a perfect sort of, uh, like it’s a perfect little capsule of what this show is–

Travis: Yeah.

Griffin: –which is you guys- you could’ve rolled an insight check. Merle you could have used that- that earring that you bought in that first arc that gives you advantage on insight checks, to do an insight check on this dude to see if he’s on the level, offering you these drinks. You could’ve done an investigation check. You coulda done a nature check? To see if like, you could identify the poison in the- you didn’t do any of that, we just talked. Like I was doing a character, and you guys your characters, and we just talked, and in that conversation you came to the decision not to- not to– [crosstalk] drink it.

Justin: Well I- well I think that you also got a- a- a very strong- to give credit where credit is due, it’s a good example of, um, like, storytelling–

Travis: Yeah.

Justin: –by implication, like, why, like we’ve seen enough books and movies, like why is this guy tryna to get us to drink something. Like–

Travis: Yeah.

Justin: –and it- and honestly that attitude gets us into trouble with this show–

Travis: [crosstalk] Yup.

Clint: [crosstalk] [Laughs]

Griffin: [crosstalk] It do- you can’t- you can’t chalk that up to that because like, literally every other time, that I’ve set a trap, you’ve fuckin’ fell into it. I- like, I keep the kid-gloves on a lil’ bit ‘cause I don’t want you guys to die, ‘cause I feel like from a storytelling perspective that’s, just not interesting. Uh, but like, I- this might be rough for you to hear Dad, Merle didn’t need to lose his hand. Like, I was fully- I was 50/50 on whether or not you would grab that crystal. I was literally- I literally did not know which way that was going to break. Um, [crosstalk] so like–

Clint: [crosstalk] Good. I’m glad you didn’t know.

Griffin: –you guys all realizing not to do that was like- that was really powerful, for me.

Travis: ‘Cause here’s the thing, frankly, I play Magnus in such a way that I’m perfectly willing to accept the fact that he will probably die. Like, I- I- I am not protective of Magnus ‘cause I don’t- I don’t feel that that’s a good way to play a fighter whose main characteristic is that he rushes into shit.

Griffin: Yeah, sure.

Justin: Yeah.

Travis: So but like, there was something in that moment that it was just like, yeah like I think we were all on the same page, not in the same room, like we’re not like side-eyeing each other and kinda going ‘I don’t trust this’–

Justin: Yeah.

Travis: –like we all just kind of went like, ‘Yeah, no, we’re not gonna do this.’