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BnHA Senior Portrait #9: Special Edition Jeans!Bakugou

Artist: JBadgr


With the help of @poulerslashes, here is the hc behind this pic:

This is a photo commissioned by Best Jeanist to remind Bakugou of what an upstanding HERO should look like. Bakugou hates this photo. B.J. photoshops fake fashion ad campaigns and sends them to him daily. His mother has it plastered all over the house. It leaks to the school. UA advisories and student announcements are posted as blurbs on this photo. Kirashima and Sero have yet to stop laughing. It has been 6 days. Bakugou has destroyed 12 desks. 


BnHa Portrait Series: #1 Uravity #2 Bakugou #3 Midoriya #4 Todoroki #5 Tokoyami #6 Kirishima #7 Kaminari #8 Mina


7 years of Daenerys & Drogon

Drogo would be so proud