4 4th


Vmon’s 네시 (4 o'clock”) lyrics lockscreens!!

Photos by Vante (aka kim taehyung!!!)

I hope you can use these well!!

I’ll use them hehe

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hI SCHool is coming for me and im transferring to a Very Expensive School and also i’m too lazy to do commissions so i’m making adoptables instead


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the sister location tags have changed!

and guess what? the new additions are in zalgo.

Episode #3 tags on October 21st 2016:

Episode #3 tags today (3rd August 2017):

Episode 4 tags on November 4th, 2016 (this was the closest I could find):

Episode #4 tags today (3rd August 2017):

“pay attention” and “i grow stronger”… both negative connotations when it comes to anti. D:

fire works from Des Moines, Iowa!

Edit: would you guys like to see more? I have lots of videos and I have one I have reversed and it’s beautiful!

Today is the American “Independence Day” holiday so I’m going to be featuring a number of clips from US National Parks.

Cadillac Mountain in Maine’s Acadia National Park, a nice big chunk of granite, sees the first sunrise of anywhere in the United States, and a crowd often gathers to catch it. This panorama swings from the granites of the mountain out over the Harbor to the explosion of color from the sun.


To quote a previous tweet of Kaitlyn, “I’m crying laughing”!