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What's do you think it would be like if Daisy and Robbie met pre-series? Before powers, training or demonic possession? Homeless orphan meets orphan living with brother and uncle.

This is honestly my favorite Quakerider AU idea! <3 Are there any fics like this already? Because there should be!

As we all know, Daisy used to live in L.A. before the series started and she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Not only that but, according to the pilot in the scene where she films Mike saving that doctor lady, she seemed to be hanging around East Los Angeles (aka Robbie’s hometown!). I know L.A is a big city, but those two must have crossed paths at least once! Maybe she had trouble with her van and took it to Canelo’s to be fixed ;)

We all know how Daisy/Skye was at the beginning of the series, and we’ve seen in the 4x06 flashbacks that Robbie used to be a little cheeky, rambunctious scamp. Pre-series them would be such a menace together, oh my goodness! 

The first time Robbie and Skye meet they have this instant chemistry and attraction (mentally they’re like “daaamn he/she is hot”), but Skye has a boyfriend (Miles *cough*) so they agree to be just friends. Still, the two become as thick as thieves, always borrowing the Charger to go on crazy adventures in L.A. together like they are rebellious teenagers. They have a very casual flirty friendship.

Eventually, they begin to be more open about each other. Skye reveals that she is a hacktivist for the Rising Tide which Robbie finds to be a little “tin-foil hat” but he thinks her hacking skills are so cool. Robbie eventually properly introduces her to his brother and uncle. Gabe and Eli have already heard a lot about the infamous “Skye” Robbie’s been hanging out with lately and are really glad to finally meet her. She and Gabe hit it off right away and Eli is pleasantly impressed by her sassy wit and tech prowess (“Honestly, what’s a beautiful, smart girl like you doing hanging out with my knucklehead of a nephew?” Eli teases.)

Eventually, Robbie and Skye spend a night chilling in the Charger and talking about their pasts. They already knew that they were both orphans, but they never went too far into it (too painful). Robbie tells her how he and Gabe struggled for a bit after his parent’s death and how he had to drop out of high school to help. Skye tells him all about her various orphanages and foster homes and admits that she only became a hacker and joined the Rising Tide in order to find out any information about her parents. They talk all night until they realize that the sun is beginning to rise. After that, there is this new intimacy to their relationship that just goes beyond a simple friendship.

Months after they first met, the two are basically hanging out almost all the time. Everyone thinks they are dating, but the two constantly remind everybody that they are “just really good friends.” After the hundredth time saying it, though, they both become a little unsure. It’s obvious that they genuinely love each other, but did they love each other that way?

Then, the Chitauri Invasion at New York happens and the whole world is changed. Robbie insists that Skye stays over at his place for a while instead of her van. L.A. has never really been safe to begin with, and he knows that she can take care of herself, but now, with aliens being an actual possibility, he is uncomfortable with the thought of her being on her own. Skye refuses, but eventually gives in after Gabe and Eli also urge her to stay for a few days while this alien situation is being figured out.

She ends up staying in Robbie’s room while he takes the couch. One night, he wakes when he hears her sounds of distress. Robbie rushes to his room where he finds Skye having a nightmare. He quickly wakes her up and comforts her. It turns out she wasn’t having a nightmare about aliens, but it had been the reoccurring nightmare she’s had ever since she was little about her parents. Skye asks for him to stay with her for the night. Robbie doesn’t hesitate as he lays down beside her and holds her close. He stays awake long enough to make sure she falls into a more pleasant sleep before he drifts to sleep, as well.

The next morning they wake up basically entangled in one another. It’s awkward, but it also just feels right. Gabe catches them leaving Robbie’s bedroom together and he shoots them a look ;) They both know nothing actually happened between them, but they’re both still a blushing mess.

Even though Skye eventually moves back into her van, she continues to spend a lot of time at the Reyes household. They become the first real family she’s had in a long time. Eventually, she decides to break up with Miles in order to explore whatever this unspoken thing she has with Robbie is.

TL/DR: Basically, this long-winded post is just to say the homeless rambunctious orphan is able to find a family, a home, and love with this other rambunctious orphan xD (I never meant for this to get so long!)


Mayson: Dada, what that?

Jules: That heir, are your fellow siblings. They will compete with you for the position of future Dark Lord after my long, decades long reign is over. 

Mayson: Mayo no longer heir?

Jules: You are but you are also not. It depends on your deeds in childhood and adolescence which will determine your place!

Mayson: Dada confusing. 



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