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According to University of Connecticut political science professor Jeremy Pressman, between 3.5 million to 4.2 million people marched in the United States alone today (as of 10:30pm EST on 21JAN). These are clearly the largest protests in U.S. history. With solidarity marches across the globe, Women’s March 2017 is without question the largest and most important—and peaceful!—protest march in world history.

Here’s a link to his up-to-date spreadsheet

7 Things You Need to Know About Small Satellites

1. Small satellites is the umbrella term for describing any satellite that is the size of an economy-sized washing machine all the way down to a CubeSat, which you can hold in your hand.

2. CubeSats come in multiple sizes defined by the U, which stands for unit. Making it the Unit unit. 1U CubeSats are cubes 4 inches (10 cm) on a side, weighing as little as 4 pounds. A 3U CubeSat is three 1Us hooked together, resembling a flying loaf of bread. A 6U CubeSat is two 3Us joined at the hip, like a flying cereal box. These are the three most common configurations.

Photo courtesy of the University of Michigan 

3. CubeSats were developed by researchers at California Polytechnic State University and Stanford University who wanted a standardized format to make launching them into space easier and to be small enough for students to get involved in designing, building and launching a satellite.

4. Small satellites often hitch a ride to space with another mission. If there’s room on the rocket of a larger mission, they’re in. CubeSats in particular deploy from a p-pod – poly-picosatellite orbital deployer – tucked on the underside of the upper stage of the rocket near the engine bell.

5. Small sats test technology at lower costs. Their small size and the relatively short amount of time it takes to design and build a small satellite means that if we want to test a new sensor component or a new way of making an observation from space, we can do so without being in the hole if it doesn’t work out. There’s no environment on Earth than can adequately recreate space, so sometimes the only way to know if new ideas work is to send them up and see.

6. Small sats force us to think of new ways to approach old problems. With a satellite the size of a loaf of bread, a cereal box, or a microwave oven, we don’t have a lot of room for the science instrument or power to run it. That means thinking outside the box. In addition to new and creative designs that include tape measures, customized camera lenses, and other off-the-shelf parts, we have to think of new ways of gathering all the data we need. One thing we’re trying out is flying small sat constellations – a bunch of the same kind of satellite flying in formation. Individually, each small sat sees a small slice of Earth below. Put them together and we start to see the big picture.

7. Small sats won’t replace big satellites. Size does matter when it comes to power, data storage, and how precise your satellite instrument is. Small satellites come with trade-offs that often mean coarser image resolution and shorter life-spans than their bigger sister satellites. However, small sat data can complement data collected by big satellites by covering more ground, by passing over more frequently, by flying in more dangerous orbits that big satellites avoid, and by continuing data records if there’s a malfunction or a wait between major satellite missions. Together they give us a more complete view of our changing planet.

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Today marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor which officially catapulted the United States into the Second World War.

This illustration from 1943 depicts Doris “Dorie” Miller (1919-1943), an African-American sailor from Waco, Texas during that fateful morning in 1941 as he defends the fleet at Pearl Harbor from the USS West Virginia. Despite not being trained on the .50 caliber Browning, Miller impressively managed to shoot down an estimated 3 to 4 Japanese planes until he ran out of ammunition. At that point, Miller began to help moving injured sailors out of harm’s way before abandoning the ship.

For his efforts on that day, Miller was awarded the US Navy Cross and was lauded as one of the first American heroes in Second World War (as the pin shows).

Miller would unfortunately be killed in action onboard the USS Liscome Bay during the battle of Makin Island 1943.

(US National Archives, USAmericana)

Hey! Let’s all engage in some positivity! Passing this on because we could all use a break from negativity and learn about each other. 😃

1. Who are you named after?
There is a literally fascist administration in office in the United States.
2. Last time you cried?
Resist it, unfailingly, with all your strength.
3. Soda or water?
A woman, scheduled to be deported, attempted suicide in the airport. Two Christian families from Syria, who had already completed their visas, arrived in the US and were then put on a plane back to Damascus.
4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Donate to the ACLU.
5. Longest relationship?
Law enforcement is illegally enforcing the ban, even though a stay has been issued by the court system.
6. Do you still have your tonsils?
Soon, we won’t have the courts to depend on, either.
7. Would you bungee jump?
Get your news from anywhere but social media and cable talk shows; the BBC and The Guardian do good work, as do the LA Times, the Washington Post, and the New York Times.
8. How many years at current job?
Stand up for minorities and women’s health and freedom of the press.
9. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Make sure to take care of your mental health in this tumultuous and stressful time.
10. Roller coasters?
Punching unapologetic actual Nazis is illegal and you definitely should do it every chance you get.
11. Favorite ice cream?
Many of the Democrats are folding. Keep the heat on them, keep writing and calling them.
12. Favorite thing to do?
This is not normal. Don’t act like it is. You can’t ignore this.
13. Football or baseball?
Steve Bannon has said himself he is a Leninist who wants to destroy and remake society, and he is manipulating the POTUS to sow chaos as a pretext for crushing civil liberties and seizing permanent power.
14. Leggings or Jeans?
Install the Signal app to make sure your messages are end-to-end encrypted and stop using FB messenger, Google Voice/Hangouts, and texting, which are easy to spy on. It’s incredibly easy to install and setup, and you won’t even notice it once you’re done. Remember that unless both parties are using it, it won’t be secure.
15. What are you listening to?
Keep up with everything going on, do not let up.
16. Favorite Color?
Prepare for the increased repression of American citizens. It is coming.
17. Tattoos?
Keep in mind that he is constantly lying to us. Do not believe anything he says. If he says the sky is blue, look up and check it yourself, or save time and assume that he’s lying.
18. Married?
They still haven’t fixed the pipes in Flint, Michigan.
19. Hair color?
Stop being complicit.
20. Eye color?
Stop being obedient.
21. Favorite to eat?
Stop fooling yourself that you won’t have to fight somehow.
22. Scary movies or happy endings?
Stop being scared. Stand up for what you believe in.
23. Android or iPhone?
America is a country of immigrants. We are better because of our diversity.
24. Chevy, Ford or Buick?
We will not re-center the white working class at the expense of minorities, women, and LGBTQ+ in the hopes of poaching voters. Elevate people less privileged than you who are being actively repressed.
25. Favorite holiday?
It will get worse. You are stronger than you think, and you can take it.
26. Beer or wine?
You have to. We don’t have any other options.
27. Night owl or morning?
Your children and grandchildren will remember you by what you did during these years.
28. Favorite day of the week?
Dissent is American. *All* enemies, foreign *and domestic.*
Come on….someone do this with me. 😄 Let’s have some fun, take a break from negativity and learn about each other.
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Signs she's likely a Lesbian/Bisexual

1. She’s often wearing a snapback (she purchased herself that is not her boyfriends)

2. She has more than one facial piercing (if it’s an eyebrow, tongue, or lip the chances increase dramatically)

3. She’s tatted (and it’s not a infinite sign or anything smaller than a nickel)

4. She mentions or has seen The L Word, Orange is the New Black, Blue is the Warmest Color, or seasons 3 or 4 of Skins (UK version)

5. She knows what “Camren” is (shout out to my Brazilian gays)

6. She likes to shop in the men’s department (not necessarily butch but likes simple plain well made clothes)

7. She doesn’t talk about or share her tumblr in fear of people finding it and seeing all her reblogs of beautiful naked women

8. She wears a t shirt that says “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian”

9. She knows of Rose and Rosie, Shannon and Cammie (had mourned over their break up), Jelly and Day, Ally Hills, or watches any other lesbian Youtubers

10. She’s been to a Tegan and Sara concert

Wake Up, America! 1917. James Montgomery Flagg.

27 ¾ x 40 3/8 in./70.4 x 102.7 cm

In a memorable image directed towards public awareness, Flagg exhorts America – depicted as Columbia dozing in false security on a front-porch rocker – to rouse itself against the war’s threat to free civilization in Europe. One of the best and rarest of World War I posters.


an angry political punk playlist for all your angry political punk needs.

track listing: 













time for a little anarchy // a playlist for rebelling against an annoying orange

1. american idiot - green day 2. now - paramore 3. i am going to kill the president of the united states of america - leathermouth 4. bang bang (live from the amas) - green day 5. hallelujah money - gorillaz feat. benjamin clementine 6. million dollar loan - death cab for cutie 7. troubled times - green day 8. gun. my chemical romance

The sad truth about Donald Trump and the Paris agreement on climate change

In September the U.S. formally ratified the Paris treaty, an agreement between 180 countries that aims to prevent a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit increase over pre-industrial average global temperatures by 2100.

Exceeding a 3.6 degree rise would cross a threshold believed to make climate change and its dangerous consequences extreme and irreversible.

Now, the IEA’s new report predicts even those countries that try to follow the Paris agreement will fall short of what is needed to prevent global temperatures from crossing that threshold: If everyone does their part, the average rise is still expected to be 4.9 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100, the report finds.

And what if President-elect Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris agreement? The cost — human and financial — of climate change would be even worse. The IEA report details three possible scenarios.

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my future baby: m..ma…

me: mama? come on u can do it! say mama!


The “Pray for Betty White” movement is cute and all, but I think the person who really needs our prayers right now is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a liberal member of the United States Supreme Court. Being a Jewish woman and a big advocate for women’s rights, her presence on the Supreme Court has really helped American law move towards equality. For example, Ginsburg is the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a same sex-wedding, is a big advocate for equal voting rights, and as a feminist, her voice and vote in the Supreme Court has helped protect women’s reproductive rights for years

The problem is, Ginsburg is 83 years old (the oldest member) and a cancer survivor. If she passes away, Trump will be in charge of replacing her presence on the United States Supreme Court, and you can be sure that he’ll replace her with somebody who is against everything she stands for.

At the moment, the Supreme Court consists of 4 liberal members, 3 conservative members, and Justice Kennedy, who is a conservative swing (a conservative member that occasionally sides with the liberals). The confirmation of Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch would give conservatives a potential edge of 5 to 4, which means conservatives could control what cases enter the Supreme Court for a vote, as well as the results. It only takes a simple majority of 5 votes to overturn a case. Nevertheless, we have fared well in a 4 liberal, 4 conservative, and 1 conservative swing court before. It’s not good, but not the end of the world. 


Ginsburg’s passing would give the conservatives a concrete 5 votes, and a potential 6 votes, which would give conservatives the ability to overturn any major court case, including Roe v. Wade (abortion rights) and Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage).

On top of that, Supreme Court justices serve life terms, so you can bet Trump will elect a YOUNG conservative, meaning conservatives have the potential to completely control the Supreme Court for GENERATIONS to come. 

So pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg y’all.

The CalExit Plan

1. Let California secede after their secession vote

2. United States then annexes all of the counties in California that voted to stay. The most likely outcome (judging by the governor’s race and which states went red) would result in the vast majority of agriculture and resources back in the United States. Call it the ‘New California Republic’.

3. Offer incentives for anyone in Old California to back to America with special emphasis on businesses and anyone with military or police background.

4. Embargo Old California. Intercept any naval any or air traffic going in or out without express permission.

5. Enjoy progressives losing every presidential election by huge margins.

6. Wait for Old California to crawl back to America and treat them as a territory for ten years before readmission to the Union.

This will turn out good for everyone. (Except old California).


How to take down Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the racist misogynist demagogue denounced by all former Presidents but enthusiastically endorsed by the KKK, is going to be the President of the United States. His collective of 500 buiness entities, The Trump Organization, is valued anywhere from $3-$10 billion. The Trump Organization is being put into a blind trust. As President, it is a conflict of interest with political and legal ramifications for Trump to manipulate the trust through the entire length of his term.

That’s 4 years to destroy the Trump Organization while Trump is incapable of doing anything about it.

In that time, you could hit all his businesses and we’ll bankrupt him (again). And there’s nothing he can do. He said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and still get elected, but now he’s no longer dealing with voters but the law. As he has successfully gamed the system, we can in return game him. If he improperly runs his business while President, his lost-the-popular-voters can’t help him. He’ll be impeached and jailed.

Here’s a thought experiment. A five point plan to bring Trump down. This is essentially a hack into the fundamental weakness of Donald Trump as President and break his dangerous con - he has a business to run that conflicts with running America.


Right now in New York, the block around Trump Tower  headquarters has been barricaded as protestors disrupt the area. That’s bad for business inside the tower. Residents are inconvenienced, businesses within it can’t operate normally. Protest there for 4 years and force businesses and residents to leave. Others may replace it but at much lower rates.

He has properties ranging from towers to golf courses all around the world. Protest at everyone of these properties. Make the name Trump synonymous with PROTEST. Rich people will prefer quiter properties for their vacations and meetings. Investing partners will distance themselves from the toxic baggage of his name.

Keep the protests going for his entire term. Fund these protests. Kickstart them. Whatever it takes. Be relentless. Kill his profits.


The core of Trump’s business is his name. He doesn’t even own many of the properties with his name on it, often just licensing his name for millions. Make his brand worthless.

Let’s be clear about this, everything I am saying should be legal. So hotel critics legally write a legitimate review of how terrible his hotels are, which they are. Wine critics legally write about how terrible and cheap tasting his wine is. Customers legally buy his ties but return them online after you test them because they’re horrible and legally make them pay for shipping. Let’s reveal how horrible this name is to the licensees and distributors and then boycott these crappy products, so that no new licensees would dare take him on.

Meanwhile anywhere Trump moves organize a protest. Literally anything he does, protest. The name Trump should be associated with protest. While a President may survive 4 years of protests, a business brand cannot.


New Balance shoes issued a statement 6 hours after Trump was elected praising him and shading Obama. Boycott them and any company that supports him. His supporters will promise to buy any product that we boycott, but we hold the advantage. They have to spend money, we don’t have to do anything. And he’ll only gain a small fraction of alt-right Republicans inside America while the rest of the world joins us. And the more companies we ban, it will be basically a ponzi scheme for his supporters that doesn’t pay them back. New Balance and Home Depot are a good start.

Total destruction of the economic ecosystem that feeds him.


She’s gotten a pass. No more. She is not a friend of women or minorities, otherwise she would have denounced her racist, pussy grabbing father with 20 current sexual assault lawsuits. She was used as a humanizing tool in the Trump campaign to soften his image, and she was complicit in this deception. Every argument how someone could vote for a racist misogynist xenophobe without being one themselves applies to her. She knows how insane her father is and chose to get him into the White House instead of psychiatric counseling. She didn’t sit by, she actively campaigned in the ugliest Mexicans-are-rapists campaign ever. 

Shut the backdoor entrance to normalizing this family. They’re Trumps. They’re all rotten. Boycott all her products. Spray it with Raid. Complete the absolute and final extermination of brand Trump.


This is where it all pays off. Journalists, DO YOUR JOB. Even without this theoretical riff, get those tax returns, report his lies, report his shady ties with Russia, and we wouldn’t need 1-4 anyway. But we’re here, so as his empire gets squeezed and create losses, they’ll need capital. They’ll need financing from foreign banks, and this is where the conflict intrinsic to the Presidency will come in. There will be no more scrutinized business on earth than The Trump Organization over the next 4 years. Every influx of capital to cover his losses is open to investigation, lawsuits, and blocks from the Justice Department. We’re shaking his rotten sandbox and his hands will be tied as his Trump Organization gets exposed. As we disrupt it into major losses and the brand goes to shit, Trump will be faced with a real question - does he want to be President, or billionaire?

4 years or less and he’s out.

Hi y’all, I’m a new studyblr!

Hello! My English name is Claire and I have been stalking studyblrs online for quite some time now, and I have finally decided it is time to make one myself!

Why am I doing this?

1) To keep on top of my studies and stay motivated.

2) To help develop my studying skills.

3) I really need a hobby 😂.

A little bit about me.

1) I am South Korean, living in the United States for highschool. I have dual citizenship in these countries, and love them both in different ways.

2) I am 16 (today is my birthday🎉) and a sophomore at a private catholic high school (I’m atheist, though I don’t have any problems with religion.)

3) My favorite subject is Chemistry! I am madly in love with it!

4) I play sports. I am captain of the cross-country team, and I do cheerleading and distance track as well. Sometimes it’s hard to balance sports and school.

5) I’m a lesbian, but happily single. I’m not really interested in dating during high school, or in America for that matter. I’d much rather focus on my studies!🤓

Some of the studyblrs that inspire me are

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GREECE. Athens. November 15, 2016. Riot police fired teargas at protesters demonstrating just a few miles from the presidential mansion where Greek leaders were hosting a state banquet for visiting U.S. President Barack Obama. The visit comes only two days before the anniversary of a bloody 1973 student revolt that helped topple the 1967-1974 military junta, which was backed by the U.S. government.

Obama, who will be succeeded in January by Donald Trump, arrived in Greece on Tuesday on his last foreign tour as president of the United States.

(1) Protesters hold anti-Trump banners during a demonstration against President Obama visit. Gerasimos Koilakos/NurPhoto via Getty Images

(2) (3) (6) Police and leftist demonstrators with anarchist and communist groups clash. Yorgos Karahalis/AP

(4) (5) Riot police walk along a street bearing “FREE ATHE[NS]” before clashing with protesters during a demonstration against the visit of President Barack Obama. Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

The Scorch Trials; was released on September 18, 2015 in the United States by 20th Century Fox. The teen dystopian franchise continues to play rough, and now even rougher, with satisfying results, some critics considered it to be an improvement over its predecessor, highlighting its action sequences and performances. The film was a commercial success grossing $30.3 million on its opening weekend, making it the ninth-highest grossing debut in September. The film went to the number one spot at the box office during its opening weekend. As of January 4, 2016, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has grossed $81.6 million in North America and $230.6 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $312 million, against a budget of $61 million.