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  • jen erso: jack can't have love interests
  • Lottie: nope
  • Lottie: they can't write them properly
  • jen erso: and when they do, they backtrack and pretend it didn't happen
  • Lottie: especially if their idea of love interests are angelica and barbossa's daughter
  • jen erso: whoops did my salt spill onto the table
  • Lottie: ^^
  • Lottie: lmaooo
  • Lottie: seriously according to them jack just goes around seducing people's daughters
  • Lottie: blackbeard's and then hector's
  • jen erso: lmfaooo
  • jen erso: lizzie: thank god i had a son
when ur husband's Petty™ af,,
  • viktor: yuuri, you're so handsome I love y—
  • yuuri: well that's not what you said exactly 4 years, 7 months, 21 days and 36 seconds ago when you called me piggy and said I needed to lose weight aND let's not forget that time when—
What to look forward to in 2017

Gintama Season 4 January 8, 2017

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen January 6, 2017

Kuroshitsuji the Movie: Book of Atlantic January 21, 2017

Marginal #4 January 2017

Kuroko no Basuke the Movie: LAST GAME March 18, 2017

Free! New Anime Project March 2017

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 April 2017 

Boku no Hero Academia April 2017

Berserk April 2017

Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys April 2017

Starmyu Season 2 April 2017

One Punch-Man Season 2

Touken Ranbu Project by Ufotable 2017


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says she has nothing to apologize for. Trans women say otherwise.

  • On Monday, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie defended comments she made to the U.K.’s Channel 4 News on the difference in experience between transgender women and cisgender women, the Guardian reported.
  • When asked whether a transgender woman was “any less of a real woman” because she was assigned male at birth, Adichie said that “trans women are trans women.”
  • Adichie went on to say that because transgender women once presented male, their experience is too different from cisgender women’s experience to equate the two.
  • Adichie stood by her comments two days later in a Facebook post to her author page, but the criticism was swift, especially from members of the transgender community. Actress Laverne Cox criticized Adichie’s analysis, saying it “isn’t intersectional” to believe that “all trans women transition from male privilege.”  Read more (3/21/17 4:53 PM)

It’s 4:20 and the church down the street just started playing REALLY LOUD bells for the whole minute, then stopped at 4:21

MM April Fools DLC Chat room/Call log

Here are the chatroom times and call log for the Mystic Messenger April Fools DLC when I played :) I might have missed some calls.

Call after the chat room

Chat room: 0:00 “Today is…”
Incoming: 707
Outgoing: Jumin, Zen, Yoosung 

 3:29 “Zen’s Birthday" 
Incoming: Yoosung 
Outgoing: None 

7:07 “Can’t leave!
Incoming: Zen 
Outgoing: None 

 10:26 “707, the cardboard ambassador" 
Incoming: None 
Outgoing: Jaehee

12:31 "This is all a dream" 
Incoming: Zen 
Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

14:06 / 2:06 “Cardboard 707 and cat owner”
Incoming: Jaehee
Outgoing: Jumin, Jaehee

16:21 / 4:21 “Suspicious Jumin”
Incoming: None
Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

18:13 / 6:13 “Travelling anarchist”
Incoming: Jumin
Outgoing: Zen, Jaehee

19:47 / 7:47 “Banned plaster bust”
Incoming: Zen
Outgoing: 707, Yoosung

Good Ending

21:19 / 9:19 “Messenger under maintenance”
No one picks up

23:50 / 11:50 “Prep birthday party”
No one picks up


But I’m Great At Writing Physical Love Letters 💌