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I took this picture a few months ago when I went to Littleton. I went to both Eric and Dylans houses and I took this picture at the Klebold family home. I was zooming in and out of the pictures a few weeks later and I noticed it looked like a shadow was standing in the window and I also realized it sorta resembled Dylan? I dunno if you can see it or not but I just thought this was something kinda cool to share with you all. Tell me if you see it!

Eric with Tiffany Typher. They went on one date which was to homecoming, freshman year

“Unfortunately for Eric, it wound up being their only date; she didn’t want to go out with him again after that. Eric was pretty bummed out, because he had liked her a lot. So he decided to play a prank on her as revenge.We decided to use some fake blood left over from Halloween to give Tiffany a scare. As the three of us were walking past Eric’s house, I started talking to Tiffany to distract her while Eric set his plan in motion. Then, once he was ready, he let out a scream. Both of us turned in time to see Eric lying on the ground with a bloodied rock in his hand. His head and neck were covered in fake blood, and he was no longer moving; it looked like he bashed his own head in.For a few seconds I played along, acting all concerned for my friend. Then I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I burst into laughter. Eric did too, chuckling hysterically as he picked his bloodied self up off the ground. Tiffany told him that he was extremely immature, and stormed off to her house. Needless to say, Eric wasn’t getting any closer to getting another date with her after that.” - Brooks Brown, No easy answers.