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Important Dates for the Signs in March - 2017

Z O D I A C G U I D E  / /  I G

Aries: 9, 11, 26

Taurus: 8, 18, 28

Gemini: 16, 19, 24

Cancer: 5, 16, 23

Leo: 18, 25, 27

Virgo: 4, 14, 29

Libra: 3, 13, 23

Scorpio: 5, 16, 31

Sagittarius: 4, 12, 25

Capricorn: 4, 15, 29

Aquarius: 2, 14, 24

Pisces: 5, 14, 25


18-3-10    23-10-20      17-23-11-19-5      23-6-19       17-6-19-23-4
                    22-3-4   5-11-23-12-12   4-16-15-10-17-5    21-23-10  16-23-2-19
   21-16-23-15-10         6-19-23-21-4-15-9-10-5.

T H E F I G U R E S K A T I N G E X P E R I E N C E™

youtube: vol. 1, vol. 2

a non-comprehensive playlist of definitive music and moments in the life of a modern skating fan

volume 1:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
chambermaid swing - parov stelar (5:44)
spider-man theme - michael bublé (3:04)
pchan raves about yuna - dj bijoux (3:30)
YeeeEEEeeaaAAAAaaaHHH - adelina sotnikova 2012-13 “burlesque” FS (4:12)
el tango de roxanne - moulin rouge soundtrack (4:43)
oooooooh - 2016 4CC replay music (1:00)
the sergei voronov experience™ - sergei voronov 2014-15 FS (4:41)
HEY! YOU! - ilinykh/katsalapov 2012-13 “ghost” FD (0:32)
feeling good - michael bublé (3:57)
million voices (eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah ah) - otto knows (5:57)
ROAR - scott moir, 2013 worlds “carmen” FD (0:06)
je suis malade - lara fabian (4:24)
ICEBERG! RIGHT AHEAD! - jorik hendrickx 2015-16 “titanic” FS (4:47)
i can’t dance - genesis (4:01)
the all-purpose rach 2 cut - sergei rachmaninoff (4:12)
LOCO LOCO LOCO - shoma uno 2016-17 “balada para un loco” FS (4:51)
hard rock operatic bolero - fuji tv (1:13)
the swag song - jusreign (3:28)
sweet baby - andy hamilton, lena fiagbe, steve byrd (2:05)
tatiana tarasova reacting to maxim kovtun - tatiana tarasova (0:12; source)

volume 2:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
dirty love - johnny weir (3:38)
chimes/technologic - boyang jin 2015-16 EX (2:56)
duetto buffo di due gatti (red cat) - giacomo rossini (3:19)
bahamut - hazmat modine (3:19)
legends (techno harmonicas) - sacred spirit (7:04)
i finally found someone - barbra streisand, bryan adams (3:48)
figga please - FiggaSk8ter (3:13)
yo soy maria - astor piazzolla, horacio ferrer (3:21)
lion king dubstep remix - max aaron 2016-17 FS (1:57)
lonely (bad remix) - akon (3:56)
cowboyang - boyang jin 2016-17 EX (3:04)
my heart will go on (recorder cover) - matt mulholland (4:16)
i put a spell on you - screamin’ jay hawkins (2:26)
the phantom of the opera - kanako murakami 2014-15 FS (4:12)
moondance - michael buble (4:12)
romeo & juliet/the nutcracker remix - denis ten 2016-17 SP (2:56)
sexbomb - tom jones (3:32)
i believe i can fly/what is love - moris kvitelashvili 2015-17 SP (3:01)
iphone ringtone (MetroGnome remix) - mark webster 2016-17 SP (3:19)
#jotem - lara fabian (4:22)
oh my god i hate this event - scott moir, 2012 WTT (0:04)

superchris64  asked:

Dear Lamus Dworski, My grandmother from North Eastern Poland told me about Pajaki. The basic form she mentioned is two pyramids that share the same base (the only webpages I've found with instructions are for these "basic" pajaki) but my grandmother recalls when she was little that several (maybe around 10 to 12) "basic pajaki" are joined to make a three dimensional star-like shape. Have you come across this design? I've been trying to find instructions. Kind regards, Chris

Hello! I’m trying to picture your description in my head. Is it one of those types below? They’re often referred to as the ‘star’ types of pająki.

The shape of the 2 joined pyramids which I’ll be calling a ‘diamond’ shape is always defined by the length of the straws. 

First of all, you should prepare at least 4 different lengths of the straws. Make them for example 4, 8, 12 and 16 centimeters. Their exact length isn’t really important here, it simply has to be 4 different length types. 

Prepare the basic forms of them: let’s call them the small, medium, big and large diamonds. Here’s a good picture where the ‘diamonds’ of different sizes are nicely visible:

Now, there are dozens of various types of those pająki with different levels of complexity. One large diamond makes always the centre part. 

Then, the big diamonds are tied to all its joints (sometimes you can pull the thread through an additional short straw that will make a prolonged vertical suspension for those diamonds). It should be 4 big diamonds tied to the side joints (the joints in the square base of the pyramid in the diamond) and one to the bottom joint - at least 5 big ones in total. Optional are the big diamonds tied to the large’s top joint: one above and one can be hidden inside it. 

Then, medium diamonds are tied to the side and bottom joints of the big ones. Last part is the small diamonds tied to the bottom joints of the medium ones.

The central part can be made of an elaborate, seemingly complicated construction where lots of the diamonds are connected together in a mesh-like form:

They look intimidating at first, but might be actually easy to make if you have enough patience. It can require days or even weeks to make. I made simple ‘mesh’ bases in the past and the most important key here, beside making sure to prepare all the straws of the same length for the mesh, is to keep an eye on the horizontal levels of the pyramids’ / diamonds’ square bases and just build new triangles and squares upon them. Heavy needles and gravitation helps with pulling the threads through the straws, especially when the ‘mesh’ becomes larger. If you’re interested, I could make a drawing as a tutorial for the ‘mesh’ construction of pająki in my free time - let me know.

There’s also a ‘star’ type of the pająki where the central part is flat made in an octagonal shape (such base is made of a stronger material than the straw, for example thin steel rods, and decorated with wool tied around the centre) and the ‘diamond’ sections are tied to its 8 joints.

I don’t think there are many good tutorials online, never came across any describing the complicated types of pająki, but here’s a simple video where you can see how the bigger and smaller diamonds can be tied together:

Try to observe the photographs carefully. When you ‘get’ the idea behind the geometry of pająki right, it becomes very simple. I learned how to make them without any tutorials :)

(photo sources: 1,2,3)

For those who feel like no one listens because they’re “too young”

“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.“ 1 Timothy 4:12.

These words were written by Paul to Timothy. Timothy was a very young leader in the church at Ephesus. Just like we constantly are told by those older than us, Timothy had his fair share of “What do you know? You’re young and inexperienced.” Paul saw this. What did he do? He encouraged Timothy to continue doing what he was doing. He encouraged Timothy to be an example to everyone.

When it comes to God, your age doesn’t matter. He has great plans for you and wants to see you accomplish great things. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young. Be an example to everyone. Show them God’s love.

These words got me through some tough times at the end of my time at the church I grew up in. These words still help me today. Because, no matter how old I get, someone is older and thinks they know better than I do (Which is sometimes the case. I’m not going to overlook wise counsel. I just don’t want to hear things like “You’re just a kid. You have no clue what you’re doing.”).

Just remember that there’s a difference between wise counsel from those who have experienced what you’re going through and not listening to you because of your age and/or inexperience. Soak up the wisdom of those who have come before you like a sponge. Wisdom and experience are important. But don’t listen to those who wish to discount you and what you’re doing because of your age. 

You are important. You matter. God loves you. Unlike people, God looks at your heart (1 Samuel 16:7). It is God we should aim to please, not others. If you show God to others through your speech, love, life, etc., He will see what you’re doing and reward you (Colossians 3:23-24).

I’ll repeat it because I know I need to hear it as well:
- You are important.
- You matter.
- God loves you.