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could you possibly reblog/post the 911 transcript ✨

Sure! There are four transcripts of note here, and as you didn’t specify which one you’re looking for I’m just going to gift you with all four. ;) One is of the segment of the call that was released to the general public and that corresponds with the timestamped transcript which can also be found on pages 15,912-15,916 of the 11k. The second and third transcripts are more interesting by far, because they include parts of the call that were never released to the general public.

The fourth transcript is from an extended audio clip and is basically a collection of key phrases heard during the shooting:

I’m going to post the remaining three transcripts under a cut, because they’re superlong and I don’t want to clog up anyone’s dash with it..

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Oh, speaking of the meteor team, I had a thought the other day. We know it’ll take three years for the beta kids to reach the new session. It’ll even (miraculously) take that same amount of time for both the Trolls’ meteor and Jade’s battleship to make the journey.

But, despite being on a three year journey, the Alpha kids are only two and a half years ahead of them by conventional dates: 4/13/09 to 11/11/11. (I’m just going to ignore the oddity of Roxy and Dirk’s temporal position)

So that makes me think that the Alpha kids still have to wait a few months before the Beta kids arrive. Hopefully they have something to pass the time in their void session.

xxxx. november 4. első szülinapom 

2017.11.09. 18.40.  második szülinapom

Helló, éjjeli ücsörgés a korházi ügyeleten………ja! és én voltam a vétlen……


2017.11.09 👣😎 4 Mile Walk #MoveitNov

The pace/time on this walk is totally off because I stopped and watched the sunset and didn’t stop the timer, and stopped and took quite a few pictures along the way, too.

@gerinurse I tried Google Play music and got fewer ads than I had this weekend when I tried it. Funnily, the longer I listened, the more often the ads became. They started off about one every 4 or 5 songs, by the end, they were every. single. song. WTF? 

Anyway, a nice walk *not as slow as it seems* and a beautiful sunset. also, someone got married at sunset in that gazebo thing. They were just leaving when I got there, finishing up their pictures. They picked an amazing night for it! 

The Anatomy of Melancholy

(Now that I’ve got several chapters, I’m making a mobile accessible table of contents so I can consolidate to one link.)

Alternately, Anatomy can be located on AO3 here or on the side-page here.

Part One: The Cure for My Me

Before the war, the chemist Kara had a military contract that afforded him a place in Sanctuary Hills’s Vault 111. When he awakens from cryogenic stasis he hadn’t agreed to, he finds it’s been over two hundred years, and that he’s the only one who survived the freeze–if he can even call it surviving. With the end of the world already so far behind in civilization’s past, he struggles to find his place in the world again.

Part Two: An Equation Heaven Sent

When Geek seized control of Nuka World, Melancholy found his opportunity to join up with a legitimately organized raider group: The Operators, ruthlessly efficient goods traffickers and extortionists. His life was together enough after 210 years frozen in Vault 111 to be able to appeal to the faction’s leaders, the Siblings Black, as an invaluable chemist full of knowledge that died to the known world when the bombs fell. His tenure in the Galactic Zone, however, is short-lived, when he meets Nuka World’s very own flesh-and-blood boogeyman. (Set two years after “The Cure for My Me.”)

“I hope that when you look back at us, you won’t regret anything.” She said without looking back at him.
“I want you. I want to be with you.” He protested, but the girl that stood in front of him stopped him before he could say anymore.
“You don’t want me. What you want is someone that you can rely on. Someone who’s always there when you have no one else. And the only reason you’re here is because you know that I’d always be here for you. But you know what? I’m going to try and move on. I’m going to step away from my safety net and be my own person. I won’t need you to lean on and go every step of the way with me. I’ll be okay.” She replied, tears streaming down her face. “So you can go now.”
And she waited. She waited for him to object, to tell her that she was wrong. But after a couple seconds, she heard footsteps and soon enough, he was gone. And then finally, she crouched down on the floor and broke. She cried about everything, but mostly she cried about her heart that he had smashed into pieces in a second.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #2//4-17-16 11:09 pm

So, like months ago me huppupbup​ and ghostkitten69​ were discussing an idea. Thought i’d share it. (should shared it back then tbh)

[3:20:17 PM] Ecto: Oh man, what if some amateur ghost hunters went in Lew’s mansion before the gang and got EVPs
[3:20:17 PM] Ecto: Like lewis wasn’t aware they were there, so Lew was kinda mumbling to himself
[3:22:19 PM] Nam: omg
[3:24:04 PM] Ecto: But like these are actual EVPs like Lew being pretty much a normal ghost
[3:24:16 PM] Ecto: Mumbling something about revenge

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This is a list of pretty much all the Arashi-related translations I’ve done over the years over at say_it_again on LJ, from 2005 to present. They are divided into several sections and further listed in (mostly) chronological order unless they were parts to the same article/translation.

Please note that the further you go back the more likely there will be mistakes or awkward sentences! (Also, a few of these translations are incomplete as I never got around to finishing them…)

Last updated: 2014/11/18

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Sunday 26/4 - 11:09

My desk is a mess right now, I’ve been studying since 8:30 this morning haha. I only have four weeks left of school which means only four weeks left to study 💃 Right now I have to finish this essay about China (politics, ecology etc.) Happy Sunday!